Episode 3: French Classic Car – 1964 Citroen 2CV AZAM

Episode 3: French Classic Car – 1964 Citroen 2CV AZAM

Hi everybody so we’re on board Babette
my 1964 2cv deux chevaux AZAM which is a special model quite rare here in England
you don’t really see them very often and I’ve had Babette for two years now and
it’s the first time that I take her out now for a month after a few problems
the battery and couple of bits and pieces that were not wanting to
cooperate Originally the 2cv was a… it’s always
been a car of the people but it was designed for farmers, at the time in the
late 1940s there was no such thing as a car for farmers that was affordable but
also could… you know… could carry farmers around places sometimes with sheep at
the back and it was just it could go anywhere and it was efficient as well it
was fuel-efficient great car and it evolved as decades went by and evolved
as a more of a car for the young people because it was just a great car to get
you anywhere and you could travel all across continents across
countries some people drove as far as to Afghanistan, China in 2CVs and they yeah
they work very well they can really really stand the test of time. We still spot a lot of 2CVs in England but I think as far as I know there are four of
this model left in the UK, she’s a really rare little baby. I’ve gotta
be a little bit careful because I don’t have the meter, the gage for the petrol doesn’t work and I’ve gotta just
remember to fill her up regularly otherwise I’ll get caught up So Babette is my… we’re just passing
someone gonna try and squeeze. Babette is my second 2cv but at the same time I’ve had
plenty more in my family. When I was a kid, probably four years old, and my dad
used to have a 2CV Van and drive us all the kids at the back of the van and each
time we’d take a big bump you’d have all the kids in fits of laughter literally
pissing their pants in laughter. That was really good fun. And in… was it in… yeah I think it was in 2000 mum had also a 2CV van and she came to pick me up, I was living in London
already at the time, she came to pick me up and we drove all the way from London up to
Scotland for a deux chevaux meeting it was great we had about two miles of queues behind us because we were going so slow up the hills
but it was really good fun unfortunately on the way back we broke down and I had
to go back to work so I took the train back to London and I let her sort of get
away with it along with it and it was a bit of a nightmare for her. You may not know.. well I’m sure you
know I’m French, half French half English and I lived 20 years of my life in France
and then for the last 20 years I’ve been living in England
mostly London. I had a two-year break during which I decided to leave London in 2001 so
that I could recharge my batteries I’d say I moved to Montpellier, South of France,
beautiful student city in the sun, a good break from London and I had a red 2CV, a
Dolly, and I absolutely loved it and actually drove it all across France from pretty
much North Center France where I’m from, the Loire Valley, and drove it all
the way down to Montpellier it was a great drive. You always get the same reaction from
people it’s very difficult not to get a smile from
people when you drive a 2CV, the ones who don’t smile I mean you know I guess
nothing can make them smile. Yeah she was such a great car unfortunately she had a bit of
a chassis problem so I had to sell her because she was just not really safe
to drive anymore. Took me 12 years before I got a new 2CV
or deux chevaux and god I really missed it and I’m the happiest man right now with Babette, she’s the best the most beautiful 2CV I’ve ever seen I bought her in Preston in England and as soon as I saw her I knew it was she was
the one for me I mean even when I saw her in the advert online I knew she
was the right one for me just a beautiful beautiful car and so
far so good here touch wood, for two years of really driving really lovely
really nicely the only problem here is we’re in Dorset
and tiny little lanes so you pretty much shit yourself each time that you pass
another car or any turn really because the roads are so narrow and also
it rains all the time in this place and it’s really rain is not really a
very good thing for 2CVs you know they’re really rust-prone
so I try and get her out only when it’s dry but God you know if it’s if you wait
for it to be dry it’s just never happens here I just washed her last time we just
took her out now and within five minutes she’s covered in mud which is a bit
depressing but you can’t stop yourself from getting the car out otherwise… she’s
meant… (blah) she’s meant to be driven mud mud mud everywhere as you can see
can’t keep her clean it’s driving me a bit crazy I know keep talking about the mud
but look at this I watched a video recently by Chris
Harris he’s one of the Top Gear presenters many of you know and he
has a passion for the 2CV, he owns a very old very old
2CV and it is pretty cool video it just goes about goes on about his passion for
it and it says a lot really as this guy drives supercars all the
time and really fast cars very expensive cars and in the end one of his favourite cars is a very
simple minimalist french icon. right well that’s it I hope you all
enjoyed the ride please make sure that you follow Babette on Instagram that’s
where it’s all happening some beautiful photos ideally I try and do it on there
on a daily basis and yeah keep following this channel make sure you follow this
channel and there’ll be plenty more videos of 2CV rides and different
things happening in Babette’s life. See ya! gonna talk you through www.greatthingstodo.co.uk

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  1. A great video. I really enjoyed the ride 👍 Babette is a beauty and you live in a beautiful place💚 Your fuel gauge problem can be an easy and cheap fix. My friends father both a 2CV last year and his fuel gauge didn't work. So after some measuring (I'm an electrician😉) I found out that there was a bad ground wire on the float in the gas tank. And the float was a 12 volt model instead of the 6 volt like the car battery. So I ordered a new 6 volt float at http://www.advdhorst.nl/ for less than 30 euro's and put on a good ground wire and now it works perfectly. http://www.la2cvmania.be/images/technique/jauge2cv04.jpg

  2. Great video! Mine's a white one with a brown roof, a much later 2cv special, but my daily driver in the uk. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful car, I have a 1957 2cv AZL which I use almost everyday, it's completely original and has a maximum speed of around 85 kmh (50-55mph) but that's plenty fast enough for me, are you a member of 2CVGB?

  4. This is the perfect colour in the perfect shade. Vert Embrun (AC511) if I'm not mistaken. It's a shade I'm considering for my 2CV, which is currently sporting Vert Bambou (AC533) and Blanc Meije (EWT). Gorgous looking car you have.

  5. Nice video, beautifully edited. I really should make something similar with my '71 DS 😉

    I think the AZAM is the pinnacle of the 2CV range — the most advanced 'luxury' A-series within classic features.

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