Eric’s $100K Night! | Wheel Of Fortune

Eric’s $100K Night! | Wheel Of Fortune

(Ding) – Eric. – White house tour. – That’s it. You got it. (clapping) A thousand bucks for Eric Se-ver-iss. [Alex] What do you do back in Maryland? – I am a traffic engineer
for a local jurisdiction, and I deal a lot with pedestrian safety. (ding) – Eric. – Busy intersection. – Yep, that’s it. (clapping) Kind of appropriate, isn’t it? [Alex] And, you got a wild card. – T. – [Alex] And you get to
pick the wild card up. There are two t’s. (ding) Look at that! – R. – [Alex] Wow, four r’s! – [Eric] I’d like to solve the puzzle. – [Alex] Okay. – [Eric] Strawberry shortcake. – [Alex] Yeah, wow! (clapping) Nice going. You know, we work hard putting
these puzzles together, and if you just zip
through them like that, it just makes us look silly. Uh, you won $14,000 that round.
– Wow, thank you. – And he already got both toss-ups. You’re at $17,000! (clapping) That means we’re going to give
away a lot of money tonight. (rewinding) That means we’re going to give
away a lot of money tonight. (ding) He likes those big numbers, doesn’t he? – L. – [Alex] Yeah, two l’s. – [Eric] Hub, baseball, knee, gas. – [Alex] You got it, wow. (clapping) I usually try to be even
tempered with players, but we’re not made of money! – I’m sorry. – Uh, $6,750 that round. He has $23,750. (clapping) – G. – [Alex] There’s one. – D. – [Alex] Two. – H. – [Alex] And a vowel. – A. (ding) – [Alex] Yikes. Well, not much, huh? It’s a phrase. You have 10 seconds, talk it out. Good luck. – I found out. – [Alex] Yeah. (cheering)
(laughing) – Thank you. – And he won $100,000. (screaming)
(cheering) (laughing) (soft music) – You made quite a mess out here. Good solving. – Thank you.
– We have a little tradition on the wheel, hang on, for
big winners who do this. Hold on, I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere. (laughing) Don’t just stand there. Get to work, go ahead. – Alright. – We’ll see ya next time, so long. – Bye, everybody! (cheering)

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  1. That was so cool!! I had the puzzle right too, and I also called that he got the $100,000!! Too bad I didn't bet anything. :/ But my expression was hilarious!!

  2. What a way to end an almost skunked week, and after that grand prize disaster just last week this was so awesome to see.


    Wheel of Fortune airs on weekdays on ABC at 6:30 PM in Anchorage, Alaska.

  4. I know Eric Sideros win $100K. Male contestant first $100K at 36th season of Wheel of fortune but male contestant not have pickup million dollar envelope on bonus round (current). Nitika pickup MDW and win solve the puzzle on 3rd RDS but she not going to MDBR with MDW. Eric Sideros never pickup MDW after Nitika already pickup MDW but not going to MDBR with MDW. But male contestant not have pickup million dollar envelope on bonus round (current). I say still waiting for male contestant pickup million dollar envelope on bonus round at Wheel of fortune first time. Because male contestant from several cities have still question about possible require MDW w/o bankrupt until going to MDBR with MDW and possible pickup million dollar envelope on bonus round at Wheel of fortune episode future.

  5. At 2:30 when Pat walked over to the car to get the broom that Eric had to use to clean, I literally thought he was going to drive the car around the studio! That would've been hilarious if he did.

    But it's awesome that Eric won the big one of $100K, I haven't seen a bonus round won in a while and man, did he ever break that streak in style!

  6. I kind of iigured he won a big amount of cash just because of the way the audience were just whewing and going crazy. I have a question though. How do they shoot out the confetti? Do they shoot it from a confetti cannon in the ceiling or something? I know that sounded a little dumb, sorry about that.

  7. I watched this on TV. It was on a Friday. And if he got the million dollar card through every round, he would’ve won a million dollars.

  8. This season, The man is winning One Million Dollars on the bonus round wheel to solve the puzzle on January 30, 2019 or March 2019.

  9. $100,000 wins are the best the $1,000,000 bonus round is a real loser unless they need to rethink their strategy.

  10. winning money is easy by solving puzzles is a good thing at this time it's what you do better in this game and win prizes in this game show.

  11. he shoots and he scores to win $100,000 on "Wheel of Fortune!" And I also that I will say Pat and Vanna how are you doing tonight?

  12. I am 9 and i have been watching the show since i was a toddler SO congrats to eric and congrats to pat for his guniess world record

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