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  1. he says he was a warrior. no he wasn't . he was a terrorist. Warriors fight for GOOD CAUSES, not for GREED AND POISON THAT DESTROYS LIVES.

  2. Against the absolute misuse of Life, there is no forgiveness, there is no mercy. For to forgive would be also to endow that creation with a permanent place in God’s own being. But this perversion of God cannot dwell in God. And therefore it cannot dwell anywhere!. No man can serve two masters…

  3. Probablemente se arme nuevamente el cartel de Medellín en el más alla. Deben estar en este momento a plomazos con los ángeles para que no los extraditen al infierno, solo que allá no hay a quien sobornar. Entiendan todos los que admiran e idolatran a este vómito indigesto que Popeye era y siempre fue un bandido. Que no se les olvide que Popeye fue un asesino despiadado e implacable que nunca mostró compasión por ninguna de sus víctimas. El arrepentimiento de Popeye es el mismo de Hitler, Benito Musollini y el de otros tantos bandidos más. Su arrepentimiento me lo paso por las huevas. El mundo debe entender que el comportamiento de este señor fue inaceptable. Era un sociópata, un verdadero psicópata. Para Popeye él matar a una persona y comerse una fruta eran la misma cosa. Nuestra sociedad no puede seguir idolatrando a personas como está. No se puede seguir haciendo una apología al mal. Todos los que lo admiran y lo idolatran mas bien Identifiquesen con las víctimas que cayeron por causa de su fusil. Ahora le llegó el momento del crujir y rechinar de dientes, ahora llego el momento en se lo llevó el mismísimo diablo. Su pena será el tormento eterno y muy bien merecido se lo tiene.

  4. This dude him and ALPO nd to have dinner about what was their best kills since they both got only 23 for mad body's dam what this world is coming to

  5. good things he live in 🇨🇴,killing 200+ people’s only serve in jail for 23 years,in my country,even u kill 1 person and u can say good bye to this world,death penalty..

  6. Crazy how people are considering criminals as heroes now and taking autographs.

    Real heroes are the policeman who saved asses. Go take autograph of that police lady rather than this scum.

  7. this popeye thinks because he spent 23 years in jail thats it he paid his dues,,, bullshit he should be in chain gang work to death in some coal mine,,only given bread & water , till the day he dies… just a monster that thinks hes a movie star ,,, .. well to day 8-2-2020 hes dead 7 in HELL …………………

  8. Great news! The bastard is dead! Hopefully an agonizing death because that's what such a fucking monster deserves.

  9. he killed thousands of people and is wondering why people want him back to jail, I do not know if that could be possible in States or in European country?

  10. So he died. Let's hope he died of the most painful, slow, cancer possible. Hope he suffered beyond comprehension, just like his 1000 victims and their families.

    And let's throw a bomb on the columbian brain dead inbred trash that worships this scum…

  11. Like anyone in pablo gang's wanted free earnings like tgis your father orpolice or government officer's wanted free earnings like these gang's which thirsty make them to take risk so dont take your anger out for good

  12. Man do I love Colombia, but the only reason this stuff happened and all is because of the corruptness.
    This is history

  13. for all you people calling him a monster and etc … you are all wrong he’s a hero same as Pablo Escobar and many more from the Cártel de Medellin they were the Robin Hood of that time they helped out many people the poor class turned into middle / wealthy class! Do you want to know why Pablo and the rest didn’t like seeing people poor and with out anything he literally gave them money just to help out the “Poor class” J.J and Escobar helped a lot of people out many of you didn’t know that because you do not know the whole story of him and the Cartel they literally wanted to pay all of Colombia’s debt but the government declined because it would look bad on the Country’s and Governments end. But anyways he is not a monster I know I have many friends that lived in that time period and I am colombian and respect for what he did they killed all the corrupt governors , mayors , and politicians thank God …. if those politicians were not killed they would’ve made Colombia worse and horrible ! That’s all I have to say I respect and love what they did for our country ( Yes I am colombian and have pride for our country and its history )

  14. He died on February 6th 2020 due to bowel cancer. A week before Narcos Mexico Season 2 aired. That cannot be a coincidence.

  15. so he got like one year jail time for every ten people he killed. what a forgiving country😇 literally a safe heaven for criminals and killers

  16. Colombia needs Russian cops. They will break his bones first and then throw him into the black dolphin prison where cannibals will eat him.

  17. Until popeye had a choice kill Pablo's ex girlfriend or him self he wasn't scared to kill her like he killed and ordered 3000 killings everybody is treating him like he's a god or celebrity in Colombia I'm glad he'd dead justice was served with pablo in hell lol ha ha

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