Essential Mods for Xioami M365 Electric Scooter – In ENGLISH

Essential Mods for Xioami M365 Electric Scooter – In ENGLISH

today it’s slightly different I’m
opening a new section on the site about gadgets today is not particularly now me
n 365 seems very very well made if you look down here welding down here that’s
extremely good the motor in the front wheel which you can see there a nice big
keep always if you can see this but it’s a good quality plastic thing a kickstand
which is quite robust and then around the back here you can see it’s got a
disc brake which is very good and a little really tight quite simple
controls just one click for all and you can see the four lights come on you pick
again you get a light coming on the sponsor and you can see that but there’s
the light and in fact light having on the back as well if you put the brake
light on then tap it twice quickly green light is the economy my which means
accelerates a little bit slower the spells are locked into the civil peace
on the mudguard here which you can see and when it falls it helps you carry the
accelerator which doesn’t go into a scooter section first thing is yeah this is the problem
this joint now it looks pretty solid you can see you’ve got that the headset here
and got a couple of screws and you’ve got this lever here which is which is
activated from the Seletar down here now the problem is that this area here gets
a lot of wear and tear if it starts vibrating underneath this is live it
starts to slowly wear and vibrate more and more what happens is it’s actually
locking underneath this metal lip so put a metal to metal contact
why no from the forum’s is that over time it starts to get very very loose
and although you can adjust you route of adjustment very quickly and you still
get the vibration there is a fix for that I’m gonna show you that fix first
because that’s one of the most important things to do there is actually serve
diagrams of how to extract these on a 3d printer now I don’t have a 3d printer so
I just was able to buy it because Russia seems to be very theistic about these
scooters and those shops that actually sell spare parts it comes in two sizes
this one happens to be a point four millimeter one which is good for new
scooters with very little wear and it also comes at a point eight millimeter
one if you’ve got a little bit more wear and tear on your scooter long ends go
backwards to follow contour thing push it down and then we just lift up a
scooter walks in it very nicely no that’s locked
in and absolutely rock saw it nothing happening there at all that should save
a lot of problems in the future its problem you may have and we’re gonna fix
today what happens is underneath this cover there is a wire that runs
underneath this mud guard this is quite flexible and as it flexes and bounces
against the tire it actually rubs and over time this wire
under here can wear through and cause you problems so again there’s a fix the
rear mudguard is secured by three screws they should all be covered by these
little covers here and unfortunately when mine was delivered one of these
covers was missing but I’m gonna put some silicone on that just to protect it
anyway so there you can see what I mean by this
problem this was just exposed and put in rubble very easily against that way I
think in the mudguard off if you see here there’s a little clip on the bottom
here you just basically have to squeeze it from the other side walks into quite
fiddly well so here are two pieces the mud guard thing here and the actual
protective thing here right so the best way to do this is to actually the screw
in first as a guiding spoon and sort of smuggling this mud guard thing
underneath this it just only has one screw hole I think that’s why cuz just
going into plastic but that’s pretty good and that as you can see now
protected and then it’s just a question of reassembling so we’ll go back to do
that now let’s just tighten up these talks and that’s get done right now the
biggest problem with the scooter actually lives in this section here
which is where the batteries are couple of things happened one was a fuse
problem which has been cured by software upgrade to be the firmware and to the
controller but the second is a little more serious and is to do with the
shocks of a tree game I hope you can see it this is a plastic plate is quite thin
plastic is held with 18 screws it seems like this doesn’t give sufficient
protection to the battery the battery rattles around a bit and the batteries a
number of smaller cell you’re going to see but it kind of got
soldered connections and they get rattled and some of those connections
gets charred off not impossible to fix but it’s quite an ugly fix because the
batteries encased in plastic in you have to cut it out so what I know that a
company here is produce not saying – link I’m not sure they send them
overseas well they’ve done is upgraded it from this rather flimsy thing which
you will see it offers very flimsy to a much more high density it’s a type of
alpha themed plastic it has two things one the battery sits on these cushioned
grips and because this doesn’t move so much hopefully it doesn’t get someone
shot the second thing this does to the surface which is great for the company
that makes it it’s supposed to be much more scratch resistant and slimy than
the one that comes with the scooter and therefore it should to protect the body
as well the final thing is if you put silicon seal on that Ridge which I’m
going to do you should get a hundred percent water protection home of the
battery compartment of the ingress of water through this joint here is still
supposed to be a bit of a problem on some scooters so hopefully we should
really solve most of the battery problems the other Achilles heel is the
charging port but I’m not going to do it’s incredibly Finzi it does have a
little like gas there’s no protection at all here you can see how much this bends
compared to a new one now see the various components here’s the main
battery quite big as I said and these silver points that I’m pointing out here
these are the connections ago and it’s gen read this guy that always goes much
more sturdy and look he’s a little protection for
the circuitry of the that’s the power management board and then we’ve got
these wonderful strips to protect the battery I’m gonna need to apply some
silicon seal there it is you can see it’s got clear silica on it you don’t
have to be too careful there’s nothing in here that’s gonna be hurt by a little
bit of silicon with and it’ll dry off and you can just scrape it off later and
then just use the supplied longer screws and whack it in which is even less just
this one extra strip so that’s it done didn’t take very long a simple job jobs
are good so there you have it you want to do something about the battery
protection bottom plate the origination you might want to investigate whether
you all take should go into the lighter weight water and put some supporting
tape onto that have fun highly recommended it’s a great last kilometer
again duty

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  1. Here is a link to the 3d printer files for the parts and a few more that may be useful for you

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