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  1. This isn't a review. It's more an infomercial than a real review. I have the same mat for the rear in a Toyota Sienna and it looks like a pork rind by the edges with only 4 months of use. You didn't mention that the mat IS NOT stain resistant and it will look VERY old after a month of use, specially the grey color. Another thing, it doesn't fit as advertised (laser technology) to the floor. I am very disappointed for paying so much for a product that costs twice as much as a standard mat and that at the end does the same thing. When I called WeatherTech to report this issues they told me that the rear mat is thinner than the front ones so it can be folded… I guess folding for shipping because since I place it, I never had a use for folding it again. Over all, I am pretty dissatisfied with this mat and I will be sending photos to WeatherTech today to get some kind of solution.

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