Etrusco Motorhome T6900DB – FULL REVIEW [CC]

Etrusco Motorhome T6900DB – FULL REVIEW [CC]

Hello and welcome to this the full
review of the Etrusco T6900DB [music) Now, as I’ve mentioned many times before
this is a 2018 model that we’re looking at, a German specification, but what I’m
going to be talking about in this review is a 2019 UK spec. Now, I’ve been using
this motorhome sometimes on my own, sometimes with my pal James, for two
weeks on what’s turned out to be a very hot trip down to Italy, so bear that in
mind as I go through this. And I’ve decided to shake up the format a little
bit this time and rather than go through good points, bad points, niggles, breakages
and failures for each section in turn, what we’re going to do on this review is
basically go through the motorhome, talk about it, and as we talk about each
section I’ll talk about things to look out for, things that work really well,
things that don’t work quite so well, and anything that might have failed during
the trip. So we’re going to go through an overview (the price and the weight and so
on) then we’re going to go through the exterior, the driving and the cab comfort,
the daytime comfort and practicality, the nighttime comfort and practicality, the
kitchen washroom heating and hot water, the electrical, and then finally a
conclusion – a little chat about how the whole vehicle has performed. So let’s
kick off with the overview. As I said, this is a 2018
Etrusco T6900DB and the 2019 UK spec version of this particular motorhome
will be going through the tills at £51, 473. That pitches it at an entry-level motorhome. It’s certainly…
although it’s a lot of money still £51,000…
it doesn’t pitch anywhere near the luxury sector. This is what you would
class as an entry-level motorhome. With 20 litres of water in the tank, a gas
cylinder, a mains lead, and 90 percent of fuel and a driver, the MRO (the unladen
weight) of this van is 2,888kg. Now it has a Maximum
Technical Permittable Laden Mass of 3,500 kilos. That gives you a payload of
612 kilos. The great thing about the MTPLM of 3,500 kilos is that you don’t
need a special license to drive it. Anyone with a full driving licence in
the UK can drive this with no need for any specific further exams or licenses.
And then a payload of 612 kilos is phenomenal, it’s really good. Now, it is
possible if 612 kilos of payload isn’t enough for you that you can actually
upgrade the MTPLM to 3850kg. Do be
aware that if you do that, which you can do, you will affect things like how much
toll you’ll pay if you take it on a toll motorway overseas, it might break the
commercial vehicle barrier for things like ferries and you might end up paying
commercial rates on ferries, and of course it could even affect the resale
value because there’ll be fewer people who could drive this van with that
MTPLM so think carefully before you decide that 612 kilos isn’t enough payload for
you. And in specifications; this van is 696 centimetres long 232 centimetres
wide and 290 centimetres high. Personally I have found this to be
probably the largest motorhome I would be comfortable driving. As I
suggested at the beginning of the video, this test is all about summer use and I
think that really that’s what this van excels at. As an example, because this is
an entry-level van at a great price, you only get Grade 2 insulation, which
is fine for most people’s needs. If you were, say, to go full timing or you wanted
something for really heavy Scandinavian use you would want Grade 3 insulation.
But for the odd week in the Alps snowboarding or something like that, Grade 2 is absolutely fine. But that’s just one of those concessions you make to
the entry-level price. So that’s the preamble that’s the
overview, the spec. Now let’s go and take a look at the outside. OK, so starting
with the exterior. First thing to note is that this particular model has been
fitted with the Chassis Comfort Pack that will set you back an extra £1232. It will give you sixteen inch alloy
wheels, black framed headlights, and a black radiator grille as well as a few
tittivations in the cab which we’ll go into later. It’s very smart looking
Motorhome. Do be aware that some commentators have noticed that this
little ledge over the windscreen, as you can see, it attracts the Flies… so we have
an impressive fly collection collecting there. It can be a pain to keep clean.
It’s just one of those little things to be aware of. Another thing to notice is
that there are no fog lights on this particular motorhome and neither are
they an option. So I’m sure a Ducato dealer – a Fiat dealer – would be able to
sort that out for you but they are not currently an option on Etrusco UK models.
Now, when we took on this motorhome there was some damage to the graphics on this
side of the van and only on this side of the van. These were replaced by the
factory earlier this week so now they look all nice and shiny.
When it’s a year old like this, you just don’t know what the history is and why
those graphics were peeling. Were they picked off? Or was it a case of a bad
batch because there was no problem with the graphics at the (other) side. Just to make
you aware that that was a problem. You may see in some previous videos some
picked off little bits of graphic which is now all been replaced and hopefully
that should not be an issue. What might be an issue for some people
is the height of the electric step… which is, and I have
measured it but I’ll show you again, it’s about 12 inches or 30 centimetres… And
the same again getting into the Motorhome. If you’re agile that’s not a
problem. If you’re less than agile it could be a problem because even if
you’ve got – oh hello Dougal – even if you’ve got a little step to take away
some of the climb here you still have the 30 centimetre 12 inch step into the
Motorhome here. Just be aware of that. Another thing here is your electrical
inlet which is on the awning side of the motorhome and again, I just prefer those
to be on the non awning side. Another thing to be aware of is that your toilet
emptying point is also on the awning side of the motorhome, but what I am
pleased to see is there is a light and that is standard fitting; a light so you
can see getting in and out of the motor home at night. As a former train guard I
really like to see that. However do be aware that UK models will also have the
door on this side of the van so if you are pulled over on the side of the road,
this door will open into traffic. There are many people who have motorhomes,
caravans… I have a caravan with a door on the offside… that is something for you to
decide whether or not you’re happy to deal with. It’s not really an issue with
me. If you’ve got children or animals that are maybe not quite as well behaved
as Dougal then you might want to give that some serious consideration.
Now the awning is a cost option. This is the 3.5 metre long awning – you can also
get 4m or 4.5m. 3.5 metres, even on a 5.9 metre motorhome, is is really
more than enough I think and it’s a cost option of £734. Personally, my purely personal opinion, I think it is worth every penny
especially when you think that this motorhome really is aimed more at summer
touring than winter touring. Let’s have another look inside the garage… I did
show you this on a previous video so I won’t linger here. A few things to note;
first of all you do have a light, you also have a mains socket down there
which could be handy if you’re charging things… your gas locker is here so just
to reiterate that the locker is sealed against the garage because the garage is
actually open to the interior of the Motorhome and you do have safety drop
out vents at the bottom of the gas locker. We did have a little leak when I
picked up the Motorhome… that joint there which in my opinion was down to lack of
preparation by the depot and not an integral fault of the motorhome. So as you
can see because of the rubber sealant around the door here the drop out vents
there was no danger of any gas entering the accommodation. You can also see there
is an outlet for the hot air heating in here which you can close off if you don’t
want. Again, that’s great to keep this at a reasonable temperature to stop things
freezing up if you’re using this for your winter touring…And you have these
really neat accessible places up here to put your wedges, your electrical cable,
store items…kitchen roll things like that. This here is your, apparently, Get
Going Kit for if you have a puncture so be aware to that there is no spare wheel
provided with this motorhome. You get this sort of…let’s have a look at it
actually. Alright so in that box is just the
jack to jack up the motorhome. I was told that there is a Get Going Kit somewhere.
I’ve not found it and I can only guess that
get going here is a can of goop. Personally if I was buying this
motorhome I would be investing in a spare wheel which I would strap into the
garage. Also worth noticing in the garage which you could see in the video before
I filled it with my junk is a track system on both sides of the garage and
you do get these securing bolts which are included in with the van. And you
also notice there is a door on the other side. Let’s go and look in on the other
side. But in the meantime on the way around
we’ll have a look the rear and you can see here, we’ll talk about this when we
talk about the cab, is the camera – the reversing camera. Now one thing to note
while I am unlocking this garage door is that the garage in every Etrusco
motorhome has a weight limit of 150kg. That is not a huge amount if you
want to put a motor bike in here. You might get a light weight scooter, but the
total payload of this garage is 150 kilos and it is not upgradable. It’s fine
if you want to chuck a load of sports equipment in like I’ve done, things like
your bucket and all that, in fact it’s more than enough for things like that.
But be aware if you want to take a motorbike you might end up getting a
trailer and then of course that’s fine until you want to reverse or turn around!
Finally with the exterior you can see here is the water filling point so you
can see even though it’s in the shade it’s got some blue there with a little
tap on – You do not put diesel in here! And finally the under here is your drainage outlet to the waste water tank. You need a
key to operate the valve, that can be a bit of a faff, but I suppose it stops
people operating it without your consent. Finally the waste water tank is not
insulated. However insulation is an option. Sadly I don’t have how much that
would cost you, but you can get the waste water tank insulated at cost if you so
wish. So there you go that is the exterior of
the motorhome, now let’s go turn our attention to the driving. So what’s it
like to drive? Well in standard guise you get a 130 bhp Fiat Ducato engine and
that’s what this particular vehicle has, with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Now you
CAN pay to upgrade to either a 150 bhp even a 180 bhp engine. A 180 bhp upgrade
will cost you in the region of £3700, so quite a lot. And then of course
you can upgrade to automatic transmission and that will cost you £1760. However in this particular guise this
vehicle has the base engine, the 130 bhp, and I have to say I do drive with quite
a light right foot, it’s been absolutely fine.
I’ve never felt it to be underpowered or anything like that. We’re currently
cruising at 100 km/h, so about 60 mph, which is
absolutely fine. I’ve been cruising about 110 on occasion so about 65 so I’m sure at 70mph
you’d be fine. You’ve got to remember too, that because this vehicle is 2.32m
wide you’re not going to take it on narrow winding mountain steep roads as
you may remember we were hoping to go over the San Bernardino pass in
Switzerland, and we didn’t, because we were 2cm over. So you have to
think what you’re going to use your motorhome for. And I find the 130 bhp engine
is absolutely fine. If you’re going to be towing a motorbike or something like
that then yes, you might want to think about the 150 upgrade, and if you’re
going to be towing a trailer or a caravan then yes of course you would
probably want to think about the 180 bhp upgrade. But in its basic 130 bhp guise it
is absolutely fine. If I was buying this motorhome and I wasn’t towing
anything with it, I certainly wouldn’t bother going for any engine upgrades. One upgrade that this particular vehicle has had has been the
dealer fit of the X-cent camper sat-nav system and also the reversing
camera which is integrated into that. So at the factory they have to install
wiring for the reversing camera, I think that’s about £130-140, and then the
actual X-Cent Satnav itself, which is a dealer fit, will cost you in a region of
£1200. Now when I was in Milan looking to the campsite there, I missed
the turning and the sat-nav was brilliant because rather than take me
round narrow roads it literally took me three kilometers down the road to a
roundabout so I could turn around, (and) three kilometers back. There was also the time
on the San Bernardino Pass that it warned me that the pass was narrower
than the van. So all in all I have to say that I think if you’re going to use a
Satnav, the X-Cent dealer fit Satnav has been really good. I think together with the
reversing camera which I always think is pretty much a necessity on a vehicle
of this size, I think that is an upgrade, £1200, that is very well spent.
Now it’s comfortable to drive on long distances. I’ve said before though I am
NOT over keen on these captain chairs. I find them a little bit… I could do with
some lumber support. However James, he has a different story… ANDREW: You see I’m not a huge fan of the cab seats but you love them. JAMES: Yeah yeah I I think
they’re really comfortable I mean I come from kind of small cars which are not
comfortable over long journeys. That for me with the double arm rests feels… feels
really really nice so yeah, interesting that we didn’t find the same I guess ANDREW: Now I reckon
that most of the population are fine with captain chairs it must just be me
who’s a bit awkward and I think if I was buying a vehicle like this I would get
one of those lumber supports to go in my seat for my for my awkward back. So
comfort pretty good! Now one of the best aspects of the driving of this
particular motorhome or anything with a Fiat Ducato base has got to be the
turning circle! I am so utterly impressed with the
turning circle of this van. I can’t give you any details or specifications and
maybe I’m over-impressed because, as I’ve said before, I drive a Nissan Navara d40
which has the turning circle of an oil tanker! This you can turn…I’ve turned around
many times on a three-point turn especially doing photography with James,
we’ve gone up some winding mountain roads and I’ve had to turn around in rather narrow places. The turning circle is brilliant. I really really rate it.
And of course finally on the subject of cab comfort as I mentioned when we did
the First Look in this particular van, we have cupholders! YEAH!!!! So one of my
commentators has said: ‘Oh, you’re not allowed to take a drink now on Europe’s
roads, it’s not legal so I don’t know why they put cupholders in.’ I’ve asked for a
source of that information, I didn’t get a source that information forthcoming, so I’ve not heard of this law that you’re not supposed to have a
drink while you’re driving in Europe. If it exists then it exists; I’ve never
heard of it. And then just finally, as I mentioned in an earlier vlog, if you
listen there are no squeaks or rattles which is incredible. It’s been really
well put together the cabin of this motorhome, no squeaks or rattles. It’s
made for quite a relaxing driving experience. I really like it… yeah, very
good. So that is the overall driving
experience, now let’s look at the interior comfort starting with the
daytime. Right let’s move on to the daytime comfort and practicality. Now
this particular motorhome is in the brown ‘Andorra’ upholstery, but many of
them at the shows you’ll see are in the cream Piemonte upholstery which looks
amazing, and we should have had the motorhome with the cream upholstery. I
have to say that although the brown looks just a little bit… well, brown… it
has been fantastically practical and I do wonder how long the cream upholstery
will stay looking cream especially if you have one of these! Yes we’re looking
at you Dougal! Another great thing here is you’ve got this sunroof in the cab.
Obviously you can pull the blinds down while you’re driving. But one thing I
have missed if I shut the door is there’s no window here on this side
of the motorhome, there’s no window in the door. I’ve missed that both for
general nosing purposes on site so I could see what’s going on. Of course it’s
helped the fact that the door has been open most of the time. But also while I’ve been driving. For
junctions however, that won’t be such an issue on a right-hand drive motorhome.
As far as comfort goes I’ve actually found this bench seat quite comfortable.
You can see what I’ve done this time is I’ve brought cushions of my own, and I
think a few cushions of your own will certainly go a long way to making this
far more comfortable. And the great thing is I could sit on this seat sideways
with the cushion and it’s fairly comfortable, my legs aren’t dangling too
far over the end. Also just to note there is an extension to this table, an
extension piece that goes in at the end. It pulls out if you are sitting five at
this table. Now while we’re focused here Dougal is bringing our attention to the
mismatched floor tiles. There’s one here at the front which Dougal doesn’t look
very excited about at all. ‘You’re not pleased with that mismatched tile are
you, Dougal?’ No, I can tell from the First Look video I did, a lot of other people
are also not too impressed with these mismatched tiles. I’ll just get my… so you’ve got one at the front and one at the back Now the good news is folks now if you want this motorhome does come with a
carpet, so if you put the carpet over that, that’s going to solve everything!
It doesn’t really worry me that much but it has worried a lot of people. Storage
all around is brilliant, is really good. It would be even better without this bed
because you’d have lockers all the way across. One of the best bits of storage,
most useful, has been this magazine rack where I’ve just thrown the keys and the
dog lead and stuff when I get in. If you look at the First Look video I made I
went through all the storage in more detail so I’ll put a link to that in the
description below. As I say there is storage everywhere, that’s a great place
to put your shoes, so I found storage has been terrific. And then finally one last
little comment about daytime living space and practicality, and that is, the
design of the kitchen here in the middle means that when they were two of us, when
James was here and if I was working at the kitchen I could stand and James could
pass to and from the washroom and he had that cupboard, so again you’ve got this
fairly practical layout apart from the two steps. You’ve got step there… and
you’ve got a step here… but apart from the two steps it’s a really practical
layout for more than one person of moving up and down the motor home.
Finally above the kitchen you have a midi-Heki roof light. So that’s your
daytime comfort and practicality, now let’s move on to the nighttime comfort
and practicality. It’s not nighttime yet, Dougal! OK, so nighttime comfort.
This is the rear bed and I have been sleeping here for two weeks. I found it
really comfortable; there are two things missing: Either a shelf or a pocket for a
mobile phone so there’s nowhere to put a mobile phone at night, and also there’s
nowhere to stand your cup of tea in the morning so I’ve been sitting up at the
dinette if the bed hasn’t been down at the front. But when James was in the bed
at the front there was nowhere to put my tea, and as I say a couple of pockets wouldn’t go amiss either to put your phones in. But you can see I can sit up here at
the rear bed, it’s very comfortable. Another thing to be aware of is that this
bed is again for the agile. It’s a good step to get into the bed but you have to
obviously (step) climb in and climb out again. Not so much an issue if you are
the person sleeping on the outside or on your own like me, but if you’re the
person sleeping on the inside you’re gonna have to climb over the person
sleeping on the outside and then try and line up with the step to get out. For
most people there’s not a problem but you’ve got to be aware that you are
gonna wake up and disturb the person sleeping on the outside. And don’t forget
you are both open to the washroom. If someone’s using the washroom
and someone is in bed. There are different layouts available with
different bed configurations if you would prefer. However this is THE layout
for tall people because this bed is 7ft1 long, that’s 216 centimetres,
that’s huge! And it is 4ft7 wide, so that’s 140 centimetres wide, so size wise
it’s a really generous bed. Now let’s go back to James and see what he has to say
about the optional drop-down bed at the front. JAMES: The drop-down bed in particular
blew my mind a little bit, it’s such an efficient use of space and I think
typically in my experience when you’ve got something that’s that efficient a
use of space, it’s not all that good at doing its primary job, where is that, that
bed is really really comfortable. It’s huge, comfortably capable of having two
people, and yeah, I’m a big fan of that. ANDREW: So to lower the bed is really simple, you just pull on that
catch, and you pull down. It’s cantilevered so you don’t take a lot of
effort… and that’s it, that is it! Now you have a ladder that you can attach to it
or what James used to do is he simply used to spring off the front seats here
and climb in from the front. Right, let’s get the tape measure and see how
big this bed is. Right, so it is six foot three long which is 190 centimetres, and then width is four foot six wide, 138 centimetres. Now one thing I’ve
been really curious to know about this bed (because James slept in the sleeping
bag he took his sleeping bag off in the morning and stored it in the cubby hole
over the cab) I want to know is can you leave your bedding on here during the
day? Let’s find out… and by the way folks I forgot to mention
there is a roof light over the optional bed for ventilation.
OK so moment of truth I think there’s your answer, the answer is no. So that
would be a pain let’s just get rid of this pillow to start with, see if we can
lock it without the pillow. No it won’t lock even with a duvet.
I’d imagine it’d be okay with just a sheet on there but that’s something to
be aware folks, is the way you can probably leave a sheet on here, you’re
going to need to take the duvet off during the day. And that, my friends, is
a faff, because it won’t fit in these lockers either. You can barely do it with the curtains that are supplied so it’s either sleeping bags or you’re gonna have to strip the duvet off every day
and probably store it on the back bed. Just something to be aware of. Now, the
lighting in this motorhome is really good, really good lighting. There’s one
dark point which is this sort of central corridor here, there’s no lighting above
that. Other than that there’s great task lighting in the kitchen; you’ve got both
ambient and task lighting in the main lounge area, and then finally just be
aware that the curtains to the cab are not lined. This is just another
concession to the Etrusco’s price tag so just be aware
of that. You may want to invest in some thermal screens, or even better ask your
dealer if they could fit you some Fiat Ducato cab blinds which are very swish,
but you’ll be paying for those! So there you go that is the nighttime comfort and
practicality. Moving on to kitchen washroom heating and hot water. We’ll
start with the kitchen. Now, don’t pay too much attention to this part of the
kitchen folks because for the 2019 UK models you will have a combined oven and
grill here with spark ignition, so this will be slightly change. The oven and
grill here, probably a cupboard below that, and then you’ll have your cutlery
drawer here above the cupboard here. However one thing is staying the same
and it’s probably my least… one of my least favorite parts of this motorhome,
and that is this hob. There are two things that really bug me with this hob:
Number one, there’s no spark ignition. Hello! It is 2018 and there’s no spark
ignition to a hob! You’re not telling me that’s going to cost a lot of money to
put in. The second thing that really bugs me with this hob is that all three
burners are the same size. Now, my espresso maker, my little coffee pot, is
tiny and my frying pan is huge. Now why they can’t install three different sizes
of burner I really don’t know, and I don’t think it would add that much to
the cost of the motor home. So I have to say it’s ok, you know it works, you need
matches and it does the job. It just doesn’t do the job as well as it could
and it wouldn’t cost a lot of money to make that a far better hob. So that,
I have to say, I’m afraid is just a niggle that… is really… it really gets to
me you can tell! Over to the washing-up area and this is
where we had one of the only failures of the trip, and that is the micro switch to
this tap failed. It’s quite annoying, it was a niggle, but to be fair, these
taps they’re fitted to a lot of motorhomes and caravans. It’s not really
an issue with this particular Motorhome. I just put that down to one of those
things. The layout of the kitchen is pretty good; I’ve been using this cooker
top to do the drying up, nice big spacious sink, and then an option if you
want it is an extractor fan. That is a cost option. We didn’t have it on this
motorhome. As well as giving me one of my least favourite parts of this
motorhome, the kitchen has also given me one of my total favourites and that is
this fridge freezer. It is phenomenal because not only you see… Hellooo! Not only
is it huge but you have a separate door for the freezer and the fridge which I
rate highly. I can’t even begin to start filling this fridge. It’s been really
efficient, really cold. One thing to be aware of though folks is that I can
imagine this has consumed a lot of energy because obviously all that space needs
cooling, that will take a lot of energy. It’s not been an issue on this trip but
it has kept things really cool even when the temperature has got up to 39 degrees.
So you’ve got one of the best parts of the Motorhome, the fridge, and one of the
least best parts of this motorhome which is that hob. Sorry to go on about it but
you tell I don’t like it JAMES: The fridge freezer is, no joke, probably 40%
bigger than mine at home, so that’s a big plus for me ANDREW: Now let’s
move on to the washroom and first of all I want to talk about this shower cubicle
because it’s brilliant! It is a terrific use of space. So you’ve got a little drop
down rail here… get rid of my towel… got that drop down rail there. During the
day I’ve been using the space just to store some bags so I’ll get rid of those
and show you how it turns from daytime space into a shower cubicle. As if by
magic the bags have disappeared and the way we turn this into a shower is really
simple. Lift out the floor which reveals the duckboard…. Oh dear, it needs a bit of a sweep out! So you can see this is great
the shower, has two drains… I have used the shower when I used the Area Sosa.
It was absolutely fine and the great thing is this door swings like that and
then this door is a bifold door, makes the cubicle like this and you will
be pleased to know folks that when I took a shower in here not only was it a
very comfortable good shower but there was no splashing around whatsoever.So
there was no water got out of any of these seals because if it had, it
might have made the bed wet. But it didn’t, they managed to contain all the
water no problem at all. But I’m just showing you the base of the shower tray
in more detail. This is fantastic, the shower tray, if you can see if the camera
is picking that up… is a moulded unit with a great lip at the bottom here, so there
is no chance of water getting into the fabric of the motorhome because you’ve
got this lipped tray at the bottom and then the panels are overlapped so that
you will not get water escaping into the fabric of the motorhome. So that is top,
absolutely brilliant! And then moving over to the other side of the washroom…
First of all I will just remark once again that the door separates off the
rest of the motorhome. You’ve got these great towel rails on the door as well. A
little gap above… So that will make the toilet and obviously shower and washbasin
open to the bedroom. Now, if you are sharing with a partner, that won’t be too
much of an issue. But if you’re sharing one of the single bed models that we
should have had, the T7400SB, or even if say for example when I was sleeping in
this bed James was in the front bed, there was a ‘no using the washroom policy’ for
James because of this lack of privacy. If I was sleeping here and he was having a
tinkle here, even with this curtain it wouldn’t be terribly private. So it’s
just something to be aware of, whether or not that suits your needs. It
was fine for us and obviously it’s fine for a single person. The only other thing
I wanted to mention about the washroom I don’t think I showed you this cupboard
last time which is terrific. Sorry, couldn’t do a review without a ‘Hellooo!’…
the only thing I’ll say about this washroom (great sink… little cupboard
below) is the fact that if you are not on the mains, the toilet flush is quite weak.
If you’re on the mains it gives it a bit of a boost. So you can see I’ve got a
washing up liquid bottle of water there just to help the flush when you’re on
the road, you’re not on the mains, or you’re on an Area Sosta and you’re not
hooked up. This is also worth bearing in mind, this is a mains socket, we’ll come
to that in the electrical, and obviously that may not be fitted to UK models to
comply with NCC regulations. Moving on quickly to the heating and hot water.
Heating and hot water… now ignore this old-fashioned control because I’ve been
assured that for 2019 in the UK we’re going to be getting Truma i-Net ready digital displays also we will be getting the Truma 6E combi
heater, so that will work off both gas and mains. So we’ve blown air heating
and a 10 liter hot water tank. Excellent! An option you can have though
if you want it is underfloor heating which is electric and that will set you
back an extra £440. But it’s great news that in the
UK we’re going to be getting that dual fuel Truma combi heater for your hot
water and your blown air. So just to quickly sum up, kitchen washroom heating
and hot water: hob could be better, the fridge freezer is awesome, and yes in the
UK we’re going to get a dual fuel electric and gas heating and hot water
system! Now let’s move on to the electrics in
this motorhome…. Now, as I’ve mentioned this has been a warm weather test so we
haven’t put it through its paces in the cold and on the nights I’ve spent
off-grid away from a mainshook up, the battery has never got to below 12.3v, that’s even using the laptop all evening
using the inverter off the battery… it’s never dropped below 12.3v… so that’s been great. I would always recommend if you’re going to use
a Motorhome like this in the winter and off-grid, to get a second battery; that is
an option to get a second battery. Also if you’re going to use it off-grid in
the summer I would also recommend a solar panel which would be a dealer fit
option on this motorhome. But we’ve had no problems at all on this test.
Now speaking of using my laptop as I said I used it with an inverter. Your
only 12 volt socket in the accommodation is here under the cooker, so I’ve had to
trail my inverter and rest it on the kitchen worktop and then trail a
trailing socket over the top here to work at my laptop at the table. I think
that 12 volt socket is in a terrible place, it’s really been put where it
suits the manufacturer not where it would suit the user, so I’m not terribly
impressed with that. However the mains sockets are a far happier story. We have
a mains socket here under the hob, we have another main socket here under the
kitchen cupboard, we have another mains socket you can see here under the table,
I’ve plugged to my trailing socket into that at the moment, and then as I’ve mentioned in
tours earlier, we’ve got one in the garage and then there’s one in the
washroom but as I said for the UK models I could see that being blanked off to
comply with NCC regulations. Now this motorhome
has a double USB socket and that is in a terrifically useful place right by the
table where you’re going to need it, so even if you’ve got one of these stingy
little Apple leads to plug in your iPhone or your iPad you can still sit at
the table and have it plugged in, that is terrific! Now if only they could have put
the 12 volt socket next to that, that would be perfect because as I say the 12
volt socket is in a quite an impractical place in my opinion. But they’ve more
than compensated with the USB socket which is here right by the table where
you gonna need it. Top marks! And that is the electricals So there you have it, that is the review the results of two weeks living with
this Etrusco T6900DB. So just to recap: the best bits have definitely been the
layout, really worked for me and James with especially with the optional
drop-down bed. The fridge which is just phenomenal, and the general use of space –
it’s comfortable yet it’s not too much stuff, it’s really… the use of space is in
my opinion spot-on! What’s not been so great really has been the hob I think it
could be vastly improved and it wouldn’t cost a lot more to put in spark ignition
and get three different sized burners, and the location of the 12 volt socket,
again it’s just been put where it’s been simple for the factory rather than where
you would use it. Other than those two little niggles and then just those
couple of minor failures with the micro switch and some graphics coming off in
the extreme heat which as I said they could have been picked off by previous
users we don’t know, other than those minor niggles I think this is an
absolutely terrific Motorhome and if any one of my friends said to me I’m
thinking of buying an Etrusco I would say ‘Spot-on, well done!’ I’ve really
enjoyed my time with this motorhome I think as long as you’re aware of the
shortcomings with things like the bathroom that’s not
personal to the bedroom and the fact that this is an entry-level motorhome,
you’ve got things like curtains in the cab you haven’t got cab blinds… if you’re
happy with all those kind of things, you want something to go off and go on
holiday with, this is absolutely terrific! And yeah I really really really like it!
So I hope you found that review useful. Whether or not you’re going for an
Etrusco Motorhome, whether or not you’re going for this layout, I hope you found
this useful in general if you’re going to go and look for a Motorhome.
Unfortunately Etrusco will not be at the NEC motor home and Caravan show in
October 2018 because the first models will be arriving in the UK at the end of
October.So what I would advise that you do is that you follow
Etrusco UK on social media channels Twitter Facebook Instagram… I’ll put
links in the description below this and they will announce when dealers are
getting stock and if any dealers around the UK will be hosting shows when they
get theirEtrusco motorhomes in stock. So please give Etruscoo UK a follow to keep up
to date with when we’ll be seeing these lovely motorhomes in the UK. A huge thank
you to Etrusco UK who have actually sponsored this whole trip but they do
not interfere with the content and they do NOT interfere or influence these
reviews in any way shape or form. They take the criticism on the chin just as
well as they like to hear the good stuff. And I have to say, hand on heart,
this is a really good Motorhome I really like it as you may have noticed… I might
have said that once or twice! Right, come on Dougal… hup hup hup! Right, I couldn’t sign off without
the star of the show. So it just leaves me to say from Dougal and from me Thanks for tuning in! Right, d’ you like this motorhome as much as I do Dougal? Yeah? You like?( Despondently) Yes??? He never smiles. Are you excited about the road trip? And off we go again [music]

About the Author: Michael Flood


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