Evap Canister Purge Valve Solenoid Operation, Diagnosis and Testing Procedure

Evap Canister Purge Valve Solenoid Operation, Diagnosis and Testing Procedure

hey how’s it going do it yourselfer’s, today
as a follow-up to my previous video on how your evap vent solenoid works today I’m going
to show you how your Evap Purge Solenoid works and operates but not just bad we’re also going
to go over to the car and show you how it looks on the car itself and we also cover
some testing procedures and symptoms of a bad purge solenoid as well now before we go
into this video i just want to clarify something in my previous video I use some foul language,
I believe I said f*** sh*** B****and crack most of you OK with it but some people complained
and to those people I just wanted to first say that I’m not sorry and second if you don’t
like it you can get out because there’s going to be more from where that came from Plus
maybe some obscene hand gestures alright so with that out of the way let’s get back to
what we were talking about and what are we talking about we were talking about the purge
solenoid alright so the job of your evap purge solenoid is to open up when your car’s PCM
commands it to and allow for the hydrocarbons or fuel vapers that are deposited into your
charcoal canister from your fuel tank through this line to be directed back into the engine
through the vacuum that’s inside your intake manifold so here’s a look at our charcoal
canister and right here where it says tank is where this line that comes from your fuel
tank which caries fuel vapers and hydrocarbons into your charcoal canister attaches to and
this one where it says purge is where the line from your charcoal canister to your purge
solenoid which carries the stored hydrocarbons from your charcoal canister attaches to as
mentioned in my previous video this one where it says air next to it is where the line that
goes to your vent solenoid attaches to on your charcoal canister all right now let me
show you how the purge solenoid looks on this 2004 saturn ion alright so here is a look
at out purge solenoid on this car this piece right here this is the line that goes from
our purge solenoid to our intake this is going to be hard showing you guys but see that line
that goes from underneath into the solenoid that’s the line where it comes from your charcoal
canister now just to clarify your purge solenoid is usually in the closed position unlike your
vent solenoid that’s usually in the open position and it’s opened periodically by your PCM when
your car is warmed up properly in order to the purge the charcoal canister of hydrocarbons
that have been deposited there through the vapers that come from your fuel tank now the
way your purge solenoid is switched on and off is very similar to the way that your vent
solenoid is switched on and off and that it has constant battery voltage from your fuse
or junction box supplied to it and the switching is done through a ground wire that that comes
from your PCM so this solenoid is usually in the closed position but when your pcm decides
to activate it is simply supplies a ground through this ground wire and that activates
the solenoid and opens it up as far as what are some symptoms of a bad purge solenoid,
first obvious one is going to be a check engine light with the code regarding your purge solenoid,
I’ll put a list of these codes that could potentially mean a problem with your purge
solenoid at the end of this video if you’re interested but as far as what are some engine
performance symptoms if you have a bad evap purge solenoid go there first one is going
to be having a hard time starting your car especially after you fill up your gas tank
and that problem usually means you have a purge solenoid that stuck in the open position
see when you fill up your gas tank you’re gonna be pushing all these vapors out into
the charcoal canister and that from there through this line and then since this solenoid
is stuck open these vapers are simply going to find their way into the intake manifold
and then from there to your combustion chambers and then when you start your car you’re gonna
be running very very rich and that’s why you run rough in the beginning or you simply going
to have a hard time starting your car also if you’re purge solenoid is stuck open basically
means you’re going to have a vacuum leak your engine is going to suck in unmetered air and
that’s also going to cause your engine to run rough also this line that comes after
your purge solenoid, if it gets cracked it’s going to be a vacuum leak as well even if
your purge solenoid works properly because when it’s closed again your engine is going
to suck in air unmetered air, through this line after your purge solenoid and that’s
going to cause your engine to run rough so it’s something you want to check and keep
in mind as well Now as far as hwo you can test one of these to see whether it’s deffective
or not if you can test these on the court but if you are outside the car and you suspect
that stuck in the open position first thing you can do is simply try to blow through it
since without the voltage or ground this should be in the closed position you shouldn’t be
able to blow through these solenoids, and since this is brand-new I’m unable to blow
through this so it passed the first test now a more bulletproof test to see whether this
solenoid is completely closed without voltage or ground is a simply pull a vacuum on the
side that goes to your intake manifold so your intake manifold is going to be pulling
your vacuum under normal circumstances from this side so you want to make sure you connect
your vacuum pump to the end that goes to your intake manifold and then you can just simply
apply about 15 inches of vacuum to it and then you want to wait and make sure that it
holds vacuum next after you have made sure you can hold vacuum you want to supply it
ground and voltage through the connector and this should open and the vacuum should go
all the way down to zero there so with that said hope you enjoyed this video if you did
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  1. I love the fact that guys like you post YouTube videos that I can reviewif I'm not sure about an issue with my car. Recently I had a low engine oil pressure light that would come on even after replacing the oil pressure sensor, turned out it was the Evap canister purge valve that was the culprit. No more lights and gas guage gives accurate reading

  2. I changed my purge valve on my 2015 Ford Edge and it still isn't starting after putting gas. Anyone have any ideas of what it could be?

  3. Hello, I was hoping you could help me out. I have a 06 Chevy trailblazer. I had a code of p0443. I wasn't getting any voltage at the solenoid plug. So I replaced the wire from the fuse block to the solenoid. Now I have battery voltage at the plug. I always had voltage at the fuse. The problem I'm having now is that I have battery voltage at the fuse and solenoid even with the key off. And its causing my battery to drain overnight. Any help and time will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you.

  4. i have problem in my alway missing .when i unpluge pipe purge i saw there come petrol all other car comes only air .when i unplug that pipe my car woks ok but when plug again my again missing

  5. Great video, clear to the point and perfectvfor diagnostics. Only question I would have is what should the resistance be on a good one?
    Thanks again!

  6. hy from ROMANI,
    can cause a startup error (after the car has been stationary for more than 12 hours) this valve? I have a problem at fiat 500 gasoline, after 12 h the first key starts and stops in second sec. The petrol pump has been changed (with unisens valve), the injector ramp is changed.
    Can you help me with tips on what to look for or where to look for?

  7. I just had my cannister purge valve replaced due to check engine light however it keeps on clicking rapidly is it normal????

  8. What could be the reason for pretty frequent opening and closing of the evap valve? It's a petrol engine but sounds like a diesel.

  9. (Liked and subscribed)
    How would I know (besides the clicking) if my problem is the purge solenoid or the PCM incorrectly telling it to open and close ?

  10. Thanks for sharing, just wondering if a P0446 would be this part.cel came on and was told most likely this was the reason..thanks

  11. So will this cause a raw gas smell? Will it cause the secondary air injection to cycle on and off? Will it cause poor gas mileage? Where would this piece be on my 99 clk320? I replaced the one that ticks on the front driver’s. Is there a second one by the gas tank or underneath one of the wheel wells?

  12. Hello thanks for your video. I have a 2012 Mazda 5. Engine light on with an Evaporative Emission Leak detected (small leak).
    What is the most likely probable cause Thanks.

  13. My check engine light just came on after having my 06 g35 for 3 years at 89k miles and was really curious what it was. I havent noticed any symptoms just yet except the idle sounding off a tiny bit and come to find out autozone said it was the canister purge valve and this made me understand it alot better, thankyou for your help and knowledge!

  14. That was very informative. Had a check fuel cap light on. Very easy to install. That explains why my car had a rough start when cold sometimes. Part only $17 on ebay. Thanks!

  15. It is my understanding that Hyundai's and Kia's can show codes 2187/2189 as well with a bad Purge Valve. Have you seen this?

  16. I've watched several videos on how to change the EVAP Purge canister. There's quite a few good ones out there….BUT…..you explain the whole system and how it works from gas tank on through the charcoal canister et Al.
    The white board drawings are awesome!!!
    I've subscribed and look forward to being further educated on my POS car….lol
    No apologies on the POS as I'm glad you didn't 😂 apologize 😂 for your choice of words.
    When people are CONSTANTLY having their cars in the shop, we have to start doing the work ourselves…. well, some anyhow. Water pump on my 2013 Chevy Sonic, I will leave for my trusty mechanic….whom is HONEST. Don't find many these days that's for sure.
    Keep up the good work young man. This old lady is learning more because of you.

  17. My purge valve is always open, I dont have a code for evap, but get a really bad whine at idle. I know it's from unmeter air getting into the intake, (had an old mustang and made mistake to attach an open catch can and run it back to the intake lol) can that be causing m issue? I take the sensor off its closed and stays closed no vacuum but once I reconnect it it's always has vaccum. It's a 2017 mustang gt

  18. Swearing is a big part of real life! Live it or go back to sheltered inviroment for answers. Don't bite the hand that's feeding you the answers.

  19. ok.. i'm sure you've seen the vid where the guy built a special little chamber somewhere near up by his radiator to make the gas vaporize much quicker? Somewhere on YouTube.. He gets some crazy gas mileage mainly cause he states the liquid form of gasoline isn't as um.. well, the gas vapor is much more adequately used when it ignites saving you even more gas because it just doesn't go out the ass pipe.. (Sorry for the language.. lol) Anyway, I own like a 1996 F150 4.9L i6 and it seems as though Ford already knows all these tricks of the trade like HHO systems and using gas vapor.. But since it's in the car business, it is within technological restraints as the gas industry owns everything and wants to milk the shit for a freaking millenium cause they all a bunch of elite bastards that wanna dominate it all.. Well, glad that shit is finally coming to an end with Trump.. Anyway… Looking around, I put an HHO in my truck then realized, the smog pump would be awesome for that.. So it now doesn't push exhaust, it pushes clean HHO into the into the heads now.. Since it ignites the fuel close to 100%, no need for smog protection.. Funny how technology to get out of using gas is actually way more "greener" than any of that hooplah crude mass they try to keep as relevant.. They can eat a dick.. Now, I'm looking at the vapor thing which if I find the video I was watching, I'll come back and post.. But this evap system on the ford is like, well, it's just that but it's not that.. it's like using it all the wrong times.. and why not let is just continue running off it.. Well, seems like the way it's implemented is about like bringing bottled water to a natural springs park or something.. Guess you can dump that out and reuse the botle filled with the better stuff.. I mean.. I don't know the full vapor complete setup just yet but I'm thinking hmmmm.. when I'm done, my f150 might get like 200 mpg and still spin out at the light and will pull a full tree root right out the ground if need be.. Would be nice.. Anyway, I'm seeing this Evap redone to do just that on the vapor.. That only leaves me that EGR device that tends to fill my throttle body with carbon soot far too often and well, that system by the other two being installed is about mute of a unit to be needed.. but it almost seems there is something I probably can find to actually reintend it's purpose as I did the first one with the smog and and soon to be evap gone vaporized.. Anyway, if you have any information or pointers.. HMU caused I'm seeing potential craziness by trials end on this project truck looking to be my main all time during any event no matter where driving pleasure.. Thanks for the vid.. Really Top in every class.. Learning a lot from your vids.. 🙂

  20. Great video, my purge valve solenoid my car 1997 Toyota corolla ,part number 192000-3042 ,am I right? Anyone could help me please.

  21. Is it worth trying to clean it with some spray? Something like MAF or throttle spray? Meanwhile, great vid, I'll do the vacuum test with a brake line pump and the elec test. Thanks!

  22. I like how the hand gesture is the thumbnail for the video!

    You show the fuse in this diagram and the previous video, but I can't seem to find anything pertaining to the EVAP system in the description of any of the fuses on my Toyota Matrix. Do you know which fuses I should be looking for?

  23. I need help if someone can chime in. The code that came up was p0171. The dealer said that the issue was a bad "purge valve" and not covered under the "emissions warranty" for my 2016 chevy sonic. The covered parts says the electronic evaporative control system is covered and specifically lists the "canister solenoids and valves" as well as "plus miscellaneous items used with above components". The "purge valve" is not specifically listed. What's the difference between the purge valve and the canister solenoid valve???

  24. Thank you for your videos, it helps me a lot , I was wondering if you would be able to make a video about scanners and how to use them, like how to get the electricity brakes ready to replace new brakes, and how to understand BMW codes because it can be so confusing sometimes I'm just so lost haha

  25. I understand you ! But we have many our children watching this video ! Please avoid F Language ! I love your video anyway !

  26. I f**** swear all the time when working on a car wife hates it, but then she appreciates it when the car gets fixed. Does the purge solenoid sometimes not open, and how do you tell? Thought about spraying WD-40 to loosen it up and then dry it out…

  27. 0:43 RACIST! He's throwing a "White Power" symbol at 0:43 . I always knew he was a "White Supreme-isist". I'm so triggered. I'm not sure, Was the OK hand symbol racist in 2016?

  28. When should the solenoid be open?the evap solenoid clicks when my car is in idle,poor idle also,I had the evap solenoid out an blew into it,air doesn't come out,,should I buy a new one anyways? as the solenoid is 14 years old,

  29. In normal operation, can the PCM command both the vent and purge to either be open together, or closed together ? Or is it only  allow if 1 open other must be shut and vice versa ? Thank you.

  30. I do not normally swear, but boy when working on an old car there are those times when I may break a bolt, loose a bolt, or break something else while working on my car. At those times I have been known to drop some curse words with exuberance. BTW nice video!

  31. What would a video be with a few shitters without a shifter!! Shitty Shifters !! Lol. Enjoy your funking videos Wrenches n Ratchets . 😂

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