Every Car Needs This Mod

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna
show you how you can prevent people from hitting you and prevent yourself from
hitting other things when your driving your car by what’s in this little box
because inside this box are tiny little super-bright LED backup light bulbs
realize that these backup lights serve two purposes one at night when you put
it in reverse and back up they throw some light out so you can see
a little bit better but more importantly they serve to warn others that you are
backing up now of course at night most people are gonna see it because even the
stock ones are relatively bright but in a daytime they might miss these that’s
where these handy super-bright LED bulbs come in you can see that the stock bulbs
put out a reasonable amount of light but these ultra bright leds put out a ton
more first we’re gonna measure what comes out here with a light meter simple
device you just turn it on measure what’s coming out it’s five thousand
seven hundred and thirty seven Lux Lux is a measurement of light now in a lot of
cars you just pop the bulb in and out this one’s a little more complicated you
gotta open the trunk and I’ll take this little cover off so we have some working
room inside here then we check out this little panel and on this design you
can’t reach the back up like bulbs from the inside you got to take the whole
plastic assembly off it’s not that hard but you do have to have a deep well ten
millimeter socket to get over the giant rod that has a ten millimeter bolt that
you can unscrew as you go inside here you can see there’s one of them there’s
three of them you gotta take off there it is right there you just put an eye
and on balton then after you remove the nuts inside the whole thing comes out
here’s a backup light bulb so we’ll flip it over it’s hiding inside here so we
twist it out there’s a backup light bulb and we merely check out the ball plug in
the other one there it is done that one really goes back into it’s a little hole
and clicks in now it’s in there then the hole somebody goes in you can
see there’s the rods that go in the holes sometimes you gotta wiggle them a
little bit, they’re always fun getting in start on
the bottom and work your way up there it goes then before I put all that together
we’ll plug the electrical connection in the back which is right here that’s the
easiest thing to do of course they got one hand on a camera one out here it’s a
little harder there we go then we’ll start off the car and put it in reverse
and see if the lights working and indeed it’s working and here you can
see the new one is so much better than the old one
let’s measure it as you can see it’s 6447 lux and as you can see with the
human eye it’s more than Lux the LED it’s so much brighter to the human eye
then that incandescent bulb is there’s really no comparison you’re gonna see
this I’m much better than you’re gonna see that so of course now we have to do
that side but first we get the nuts and put this side in tight so it’s tight and
that’s a water seal too, you want it nice and
tight cuz you don’t want water leaking it done we’ll pop the cover on the
that side then go on the other side to that side
same routine pop off the cover unbolt the nuts and wiggle the whole thing off
off it comes then get your new bright LED one then reach inside they got the back
of light bulb plug it in just like the other one and snap it in hole make sure
the seal is clean you can see there’s some dirt on this you want to wipe the
seal clean so grunge doesn’t get in the way then we just plug it back in so
we’ll do the bottom one on the right then the top left sometimes they’re hard
to get in and out, there goes and yet again before we put it all back together let’s
snap the electrical connection in there’s one end yeah and we’ll start it
up and as you can see now both sides are nice and bright warning backup lights I
know we can finish both it all up with a little light so we can see where
everything goes and put the panel back in now you have super-bright backup
lights so people can see that you’re backing up backup lights help you see at
night yeah but their main purpose is to keep other people from running into you
because they don’t know you’re backing up even in bright daylight you’re gonna
see these ultra bright LED shining in their face so they’ll have no excuse if
they run into you saying oh I didn’t know you were backing up these babies
shine and since this is mechanic Monday I’m giving away a set of these
ultra-bright LED backup bulbs to have a chance to win place a clean non
offensive comment on our YouTube comments below and the winner will be chose
at randomly by computer to get ultra bright
backup lights so peeople will no longer run into you and you’ll
be able to see better at night when you’re backing up, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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