Every New Ship and Vehicle from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Every New Ship and Vehicle from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story introduced
us to seven new ships and vehicles like the U-wing and the TIE striker So in this video I’ll be covering what we know about all of those new vehicles Some light spoilers from the film are included, so be warned First up is the U-wing or the UT-60D support craft It was designed as a troop transport to deliver reinforcements to battle As such they were more heavily armored and shielded When their wings were placed in the defensive configuration the size of
their deflector shields was increased They were able to carry two pilots and
eight passengers In addition to troop transport it could serve as an improvised gunship providing close air support with two forward-facing laser cannons and side-facing heavy ion blasters Developed by the Incom Corporation, they never saw a full production run and were a rarity among the galaxy The TIE/sk atmospheric fighter or TIE striker was an experimental design developed on Scarif Although it was capable of suborbital flight it was meant for low to high atmospheric defense and was much more effective in atmosphere than a standard TIE Conversely the striker was a poor space fighter The articulated wings were tipped with laser cannons and two more were mounted on the front In addition to the pilot, an optional second
crew member could serve as a bombardier or gunner as the fighter came equipped with a bomb port loaded with proton bombs or mines Krennic’s shuttle was a
Delta-class T-3c By the time of Rogue One they were far less popular than the similarly designed but more versatile Lambda-class shuttle Krennic preferred the delta for its bold architecture This is consistent with his penchant for older designs, which can also be seen in his custom, non-regulation DT-29 heavy blaster pistol In fact, the T-3c was a concept ship never meant for release but Krennic became so enamored of the design that Sienar Fleet Systems pushed it into production Despite the craft becoming outdated, he
kept it for more than a decade Krennic is such a hipster But for specs on the shuttle: It was armed with two twin laser cannons and three wingtip laser cannons It was crewed by two people and could carry 15 passengers The cargo shuttle seen flown by Bodhi was the Imperial Zeta-class transport It was developed by the Telgorn Corporation with some help from Sienar Fleet Systems So it shares some resemblance to the Lambda and Delta-class shuttles The cargo pod was modular and could be quickly picked up or dropped off without requiring a full landing The shuttles were armed with multiple paired laser cannons two mounted on the wings and three mounted on the hull The all-terrain armored cargo transport was of course very similar to the standard AT-AT They were not built for combat but were still equipped with two heavy laser cannons to protect their cargo They were over nine metres taller than the normal AT-AT, but less heavily armored They could hold thousands of tons of raw materials and knee joints were supported by electromagnetic fields Ion blasts to those field generators could weaken the joint to the point where it would no longer be capable of supporting such a heavy load Moving on to the TX-225 Occupier combat assault tank They were utilized on Jedha to protect cargo deliveries of kyber crystals They rarely came equipped with shields but were heavily armored They were crewed by one commander, one driver and one gunner They were armed with three medium double laser cannons, one in the middle and two on the sides that could rotate The model seen on Jedha utilized tracks to move but another model used repulsor lifts and was dubbed, ‘The Hover Tank’. Which can be seen in the Han Solo comic The final ship I’ll be talking about today is the Profundity The MC75 Mon Calamari cruiser commanded by Admiral Raddus Like other Mon Calamari capital ships, it was originally a passenger liner that was converted into a warship The profundity was one of the first completed It had a crew of 3225 and was armed with 20 laser cannons, 12 turbolaser cannons, 4 heavy ion cannons and 12 proton torpedo launchers Measuring at just over 1,200 meters, it was nearly as as an Imperial Star Destroyer That’s it for today If you haven’t already please like and share this video, subscribe to the channel to see new Star Wars videos every day Follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook and consider checking out my Patreon page As always, thanks for watching and May the Force be with you

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  1. I think we have seen the U-wing in the original trilogy. Taking a closer look at the front of the U-wing specifically, it looks like the front end of a snowspeeder. I think it is very possible that the rebels cannibalized any U-wings out of commission. Thoughts?

  2. i never understood the at-ats. i mean, anti gravity technology is rampent in the star wars universe. why use an at-at when one jump on a ship and be any where in a few seconds or mins?

  3. What about that TIE Striker personal transport thing we see?
    It's in the opening when we meet Cassian, and the ship that takes the Death Troopers into battle

  4. Please someone tell me which is the ship on the top left corner at 4:23… there are 3 scenes with it and I couldn't identify it!

  5. He missed one some time of drop ship with tie streaker wings, the ship that deliver the deathtroopers into battle on scarif.

  6. I c a certain ship named the "ghost" over in that one picture in space, so will star wars rebels finish there? :3

  7. I wonder if we ever get a future star wars comic or game that features At-te that have been commandeered and modified by the Rebel alliance with up to date weaponry and shielding.

  8. Hey Alex. Do you think the Delta class shuttle's design may have had partial influence on the design of the First Order's Upsilon Class command shuttle. Just a thought

  9. The awkward moment when you realize that this movie set in the time of the original trilogy has more new stuff in it than TFA which is set 30 years after the original trilogy.

  10. Guys, the dropship that was being escorted by two Tie Strikers and deployed Death Troppers at Scarif is…


  11. Not mentioned in this video:
    1) Imperial Turbo Tank (transported prisoners to the imperial labour camp on Wobani)
    2) The cargo-shuttle looking thing near the Scarif shield gate that was big and had about 8 wings
    3) The TIE Reaper: Transported Death Troopers during Battle of Scarif and bore close resemblance to a TIE Striker
    4) Blue squadron X-wings. These weren't technically new vehicles but blue squadron had not been seen before, only red squadron had (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong)

  12. if you read catalyst , Krennic before he became involved in Empiral weapons development ,he was an architect ,which makes sense why he liked the bolder design

  13. So what about that other imperial heavy tie we see above the streets before we meet Cassian? It's also seen very briefly on scariff. I can't find anything on it!

  14. explain why u wings spread their wings out. so far I only no that they do that whenever they leave an atmosphere

  15. My AT ACT can carry stromtroopers and it its used for attack purposes not defence. it also has tougher armour btw.

  16. not mentioned:
    1) Juggernaut Prisoner Transport
    2) TIE Reaper
    3) Theta-class cargo barge
    4) Hammerhead Corvette (appeared in star wars rebels but not in a movie before)
    5) Blue Squadron – I believe it's a new x-wing squadron? correct me if I'm wrong
    6) TIE Lander – a TIE Bomber like thing seen for the first time in a movie escorting Darth Vader
    7) The Ghost – from Star Wars rebels but also seen for the first time in a movie
    any I missed?

  17. For those wondering what the Death Trooper dropship was:

    It is called a TIE Reaper. It was in two scenes, obviously the Battle on Scarif, and at the very beginning during the Ring of Kafrene scene.

  18. What about that shuttle above the shield in the battle of scarif, the one that looks like a zeta class but larger and double the wings?

  19. Ok… you missed the Tie Striker variant seen at 1:48 and 46 seconds. Instead of the Tie Pill Pod design the Striker had, this variant had a sloped front and elongated forward cockpit while the back of the ship kept the rounded pod design . Also on the back 3rd wing panel section on both wings are connected by a square panel seemingly keeping the two wings locked in position. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?? It looked as if this Striker Variant might be possible of space flight instead of sub orbital and atmospheric flight. I don't recall actually seeing it in combat action but we got a nice view of it with the other Strikers in the time stamp above. I would like to find out what these additions were meant for… I almost thought that this could be a striker bomber but like Alex said the striker already had a 2nd seat for a bomber so I do not think that they needed a dedicated bomber when it fulfills both roles. So I don't think they'd need in a whole new ship. Someone please educate me on this. Because really I am just to lazy too research it on my own. haha jk………………..ok i just saw the death troopers land and pop out the same ship.. Im gonna call it the…..Death Striker???

  20. You forgot the Tie Striker-looking troop transport, also seen on Scarif.

    It has the same wing configuration as the Tie Striker, except there's an extra panel joining the wings together behind the cockpit and the cockpit is far larger and more rectangular. 👍

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