Everyone Laughed at this Bus, Until They Looked Inside…

Everyone Laughed at this Bus, Until They Looked Inside…

Everyone knows that one of the best symbols
of coolness is an awesome vehicle. From celebrities, millionaires to youtubers,
so many people show off their wealth, opulence and creativity by buying an epic sets of wheels
or big bodacious boats. However, sometimes a souped up sports car
straight off the lot or a sophisticated megayacht just doesn’t quite do it anymore, and because
of this, some eccentric vehicle lovers with deep pockets take it to the next level entirely
with crazy spins on custom vehicles. Today we’re going to be taking a look at some
of the most unusual and unique vehicles the world has to offer. Let’s get it on! Bentley UltraTank! If I told you to guess in which country someone
converted a luxury car into a makeshift tank, what would your first guess probably be? You got it. Russia of course! And thankfully they put it all on YouTube
for the world to marvel at. The Bentley UltraTank as it’s known, was made
by the huge Russian youtube channel AcademeG by taking an older Bentley Continental GT
and reengineering it from the ground up to be able to drive on two massive tank treads,
lifting it more than 2 feet off the ground. In order to make this insane Frankenstein’s
monster of a machine, the team took apart a Bentley GT and added a souped up 4.3L V8
engine, then rebuilt it around a custom made frame and threads so that its steering wheel
could actually control the tank build. Since this was a totally custom job, it took
a little while to work out all the kinks on the first test run, but once the AcademeG
team figured out the right settings, the Bentley UltraTank really took off, reaching speeds
of up to 62 miles per hour and conquering off-road terrain like a champ. It even managed to almost go completely airborne
when seamlessly zooming up the side of a step hill only to land perfectly safely back on
its threads and keep on truckin’- uh, tankin’, I guess. Imagine pulling up to a luxury car show in
a tank, that’ll surely turn some heads. Seabreacher! Going out on the water is always a fun experience,
especially if you’re trying to cool down in the summer heat, however what you didn’t
know is that there’s a whole lot of ways to make your dip into the deep a little more
exciting. What must be one of the most extreme and costly
ways though, is taking a spin in the seabreacher. And that’s literally taking a spin! The Seabreacher is one of many custom built
water-crafts made for some serious cruising. These shark-shaped turbo machines are capable
of hitting speeds as high as 54 miles per hour on the water, and can even take a dive
into the depths, only to pop back up like a dolphin breaching the waves. Inside, the driver can steer in 3D space,
making the marine vehicle rapidly skim across the surface, do a barrel roll, or shoot into
the air with the aid of the forces of the water pressure around it. Volkner Mobile Performance! The terms mobile home and luxury usually aren’t
used in the same sentence, but when you’re talking about the Volkner Mobile Performance,
these words couldn’t fit together more perfectly. While on the outside it might look like a
regular old camper, once you step inside it transforms into a 5-star resort. Decked out with a full kitchen, a spacious
bedroom and of course a heated bathroom. In case all of that just isn’t enough high
society for you,​ no need to worry, because what mansion would be complete without a garage. That’s right, the Volkner’s lower level functions
as a giant garage capable of transporting sports cars ranging from a sleek Ferrari to
something as spacious as a Rolls Royce, so you can bring an extra set of wheels on the
road. Now to travel in this kind of style isn’t
cheap of course, and the Volkner Mobile Performance has a hefty 1.7 million dollar price tag. That’s more than most houses! Then again, this RV is nicer than most houses. Ice G Wagon! Ice sculptures can be some of the most beautiful
art forms in the world, and where else can you combine a love of crazy custom vehicles
with an artform you can only accomplish in the extreme cold? You guessed it, Russia once again. The Russian automobile
channel Garage-54 upped the ante to a whole new level by making a fully functioning Mercedes
G-Wagon entirely out of ice. Starting with a custom frame welded by the
team to hold the incredible weight of the car body made of ice, and a specially modified
motor for the extreme cold. The team took six metric tons of solid ice
and carved them out perfectly with a chainsaw in order to stack and shape them into the
exact size and shape of a Mercedes G Wagon. One of the coolest parts is that no glue or
cement was used in the process, only water between blocks which instantly froze them
together to make a solid mass weighing nearly 6 tonnes. Shockingly enough, the ice car was able to
not just start, but actually drive through town as the team showed it off to passerbys. At night time, however, the real show begins,
because the inside of the car was fitted with rainbow LED lights that change color slowly
and bleed through the crystal walls of the freezing cold car giving it a fantastical
aura of something straight out of a movie. You’ve really outdone yourself russia once
again! Quadrofoil! When you think about water travel, you’ll
usually imagine something like a boat or a yacht, or maybe even a jetski, but the Quadrofoil
will reimagine the way you think about maritime entirely. This crazy looking vehicle is a totally new
type of sea vessel, looking like a mix between a speedboat and a spider, with its underwater
wings being the only part of the boat cutting into the water, giving riders the feeling
of being in the air at all times. By minimizing the surface area that actually
touches the water, the Quadrofoil can reach a speed of 25mph without all of the bumps
and crashes of a jetski or speedboat. It’s four legs cut through the waves, providing
a super smooth and super unique ride. Meaning riding on the quadrofoil feels like
a rollercoaster, hopefully without the sudden drops though, those would probably be ill-advised. Cardboard Lexus! Someone on the team over at Lexus was definitely
obsessed with origami, because they made what has got to be the craziest creations of all
time: a fully functional cardboard automobile. The car’s body was made entirely out of 1700
crafted sheets of cardboard cut with super high-tech lasers to form an absolutely stunning
work of art. Here thousands of individual sheets of cardboard
were carefully designed to be able to fold and stack together in order to form a one-to-one
model identical to a real Lexus iS, including functional doors, headlights, seats strong
enough to support passengers, a steering wheel capable of turning the fully cardboard wheels,
capable of supporting the car, and of course the sleek outer body. To be fair the car does have a steel frame
and electric motor, but this is only so it can actually function. Just be sure to check the weather forecast
before going out for a drive with this car, the last thing you want is to get stuck in
a storm. Aeromobil 3.0
When you look at older predictions of what the future, now the present would be like,
a lot of them were pretty correct. But one thing that almost every prediction
wanted to see but we never got was flying cars. Well, one Slovakian company is changing all
that, with an incredible vehicle that’s rolling out to buyers in 2020. The Aeromobil 3.0 is exactly what we’ve
all hoped for: an awesome road legal flying car. The incredible design features wings that
tuck into the body of the sleek sports car when driving on the road, after all you don’t
want your wings to be taking up all the other lanes. The passenger class flying car will be the
first of it’s kind to hit the market, with companies like Uber currently looking into
designing their own flying cars. However it won’t be available for just anybody
at first, as not only do you need to have at least a Sports Pilot License to fly one,
but also between 1.6 and 1.9 million dollars, which sounds about right for a plane you can
drive yourself to the airport in. Seabubbles! Although this may look like a futuristic road-faring
vehicle, as its name suggests, the Seabubbles is actually an electric boat, with an insane
twist. The car like body of the boat is able to seemingly
float above the surface all while cutting through water with its state of the art hydrofoils
attached to the hull of the boat. Reaching a speed of 7.5 mph, this electric
watercraft doesn’t just give the driver a super cool illusion of driving on water,
but it’s also an actually incredibly smooth ride that feels exactly like driving on dry
land. Passengers can even jump around while the
boat is moving without rocking the boat at all, and all while gliding through the water
on the $200,000 millionaires dream . The custom boat was designed in Switzerland to show off
just how well their custom Fly By Wire system could stabilize crafts, creating a ride way
smoother than a lot of the roads in my area, and certainly cooler looking than anything
I’m driving. Lego Bugatti Chiron! Legos are arguably one of the world’s most
popular toys, and they’re not only loved by kids. Being able to make anything you can possibly
think of is pretty universally loved. Well, the Technic team over at The Lego Company
decided to raise the bar on what could be done with legos and sought to build a life
sized Lego Bugatti Chiron. Now life sized Lego models are nothing new,
I’m sure you’ve seen one before. But what if I were to tell you that this model
is fully functional. Every piece of the luxury sports car, from
the seats to the engine and even the brake lights were made entirely of legos, over 1
million Lego Technic pieces to be exact! The team custom designed the models with a
3D modeling software, but when broken down they were still building with individual,
original Lego pieces. It took over 19 months of constant careful
engineering, which I can imagine was one of the longest lego building sessions of all
time. While the car generates only 5.3 horsepower
and reaches a top speed of 18MPH, it’s still pretty impressive knowing that it weighs 1.5
tonnes and is powered by 2300 tiny electric motors. Plus let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want
to be seen in a Bugatti Chiron anyway, Lego or not. Elysium Furrion! Road trips are a great way to blend a vacation
with discovery, and of course, an RV is one of the best ways to take a road trip imaginable. This isn’t your average RV though, in-fact
this luxury RV looks more like a millionaires toy rather than a mobile home, with its sleek,
modern design, loads of awesome amenities and, oh, did we mention it’s own mobile helicopter
pad?! The Elysium’s two floors are stocked with
all the highest tech devices available, including a full kitchen, a smart shower, a hot tub
on the roof lounge and even a… smart toilet!? Well, whatever that does is sure to be interesting. All around,
between the super comfy bed, the luxury couches with fur throws, the outdoor graded 75 inch
TV and all the other comforts probably wouldn’t make you ever want to leave, but then again
there is a helicopter on the roof. The included 2-seater helicopter can be used
to get a birds eye view of whatever scenic camping area you’re checking out. With a price tag of just 2.5 million dollars,
this exquisite home on wheels is practically a bargain.

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