EVERYTHING Should Come to Nintendo Switch! – The Last Story

EVERYTHING Should Come to Nintendo Switch! – The Last Story

Have you ever thought to yourself hey
that game should be on the Nintendo switch and this game should be on the
Nintendo switch oh and that you should be on the Nintendo switch too
yeah I know myself included I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to play games
anywhere that they want right the Nintendo switch is this unique hybrid
system that allows you to play video games on the go and also at home and
console level quality games that you previously thought were tied down when
you have to come back home now you can play them after school you can play them
at your friend’s house you can play them at the airport it just opens up a whole
new layer of time for you to be able to get your gaming fun in and that’s why
the Nintendo switch is so beloved and endured so in this series of videos
we’re gonna be talking about everything that should be on the Nintendo switch
systematically going down games of yesteryear and its new current
generation games that could make the jump over to the Nintendo switch
platform so the first game that we’re going to be discussing here is a game
that I actually really love and that is the last story this is a very
interesting game because it was made by mr. Walker mr. Walker is the team
created by legendary RPG creator and final fantasy trader Hironobu Sakaguchi
and the music in the game is done by Nobuo Uematsu one of the most legendary
composers in video game history he’s composed some of the greatest
soundtracks of all time so when I found out that they were making a game on the
Nintendo Wii that was going to be pretty much the rebirth of Final Fantasy in
some way right we had lost odyssey now we have the last story there’s
always that last or final type of theme with Hironobu Sakaguchi these games I
was very excited to play this one back in 2011-2012 now in this series we are
gonna be breaking down what this game is about and it just to show you guys
direct gameplay of it just so you can see kind of how the game is and of
course if you want to check up again yourself go out there and pick it up on
the respective platform the last story takes place upon this crazy huge island
fortress of Lazarus in a world that’s just being zapped and drained of its
power slowly but we don’t know what’s draining
that power it’s an unknown force now the story focuses on a group of
mercenaries looking for work like all mercenaries do on Lazarus and
one of their members ale dreams of becoming a knight that can protect the
people of the land now after receiving this crazy or mythological mark of the
outsider Zeile meets up with this noble or high standing woman named Calista and
this crazy ongoing war between the beasts lag goreck and regular humans so
that’s creating all sorts of problems on Lazarus and effects around the world in
this game you take control of the mercenary groups and zal as he fights to
undertake missions on Lazarus it’s a game that really commands a lot of
attention to detail when it comes to your combat strategy your battle
planning and what you’re gonna do in it in this video we’re gonna be taking a
look at exactly how this game plays and you guys can make your decision if you
want to check this game out and of course it should be on the Nintendo
switch in some way shape or form now the first thing I remember with booting up
my Wii is kind of how ghetto the Wii was at times especially if you’re playing on
a HD TV it’s 480p so it’s gonna look a little soft and fuzzy and on top of that
like you have to get this setup with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk which I’m using
right here then also the censor bar that took me about a cool 20 minutes to find
and set up and everything so yeah that’s also one thing this is another reason
why this game absolutely needs to come to switch so we don’t got to do this
just to play this great game use the left stick to move towards an enemy
attack basic fighting you can press the – to open the menu and change the attack
type to manual on the options screen all right
guarding you can guard during battle by holding be by God while guarding damage
sustained from enemy physical and magic taxes greatly reduced all right
makes it fighting let’s get some fighting in control stick to move to
attack the enemy we’ll just like Auto attacks when you
can change it to manual if you want alright let’s store it in a gif from the
taxes it’s attacking attacking there you go
I system exclusive at Auto attacks almost like the Xenoblade type of system
here I love it very in-depth vegan I mean people were really blown away at
the time for the week you know for the week does this game it was right around
the same time in terms of here in the US that it came out then it came out around
the same time as Dino Billy people playing the game though in Europe Urich
let’s move do you think doctrine and surrender ahead yeah let’s go and find
them lip-syncing not the best but yeah what we got at the time all right so now
Raziel here’s the main character so this is the guy that you’re really going to
be using me she’s cruel most of the time what do we do I don’t think the notices
yet the voice acting is very good too so we’re gonna run this the seek system
which is one of the unique systems here seek mode hold down Z and we can
actually target icily more Gears of War stuff that I was taught what kind of
target around place the cursor on there we can destroy it choose the option and
literally turn-based pillar with your magic we can shoot pillow not the red
tips I see destroy that it’s a lot of kind of
strategy got a built in there and let’s check that out you can emerge it’s the
red tits home backward and serenity messed up your ik let’s go Balto 31 I’m
here wait very unique just right there my friends
I can’t just sit that over its fault I’m not really into that kind of thing
but the the commentary back and forth between like the the NPC’s and like your
main character are also really good don’t get carried away
alright let’s check this out that’s enough to great so we’re meeting
up with our friends here so we’re gonna see if we can do some more right there
we can have them uses magic Urich destroy that bridge destroy that bridge
no it looks pretty tough during fine I’m gonna point it goes wrong got a weak
point here Repton Bowman range okay let’s go ahead and snipe out a little
bit a little bit of sniper attack weak points BAM there goes the bridge yeah
you’re a good job that’s strategy oh and with the critical let’s go Oh
level it up nice level up there we go good stuff there
alright so yeah that’s something that this game it just brings back so many
good memories imagine this kind of redone for the switch maybe a basement the combat system is so good at his hand
it’s so unique and it’s so fresh zal surrett particularly you got a boss
today we’re going to take out some of these other guys around here they even
around place see we don’t want to you know he’s something some magics we want
to make sure that usually get interrupted or I’ll stop it Oh and he’s out nice level up well looks
like the coast is clear got an item there nice right is everyone
okay wizard Slayers our own heavy damage to
enemy mages go gonna go with a little bit of a flashback so you can see kind
of the story a bit to have a new client thanks to someone let me drink may I ask
you our next client is its count are gonna wow the ruler of Lazarus island
that’s quite a result there’s a huge cannon on that island
but all-out magic is dangerous it draws all kinds of monsters to the area and we
have to clean up right you have a problem with that as long as I get paid
I ain’t complaining Yeah right anyway I reckon it’s time to celebrate
vomit here’s with the best you’ve got nice little cutscenes that are kind of
placed right right there you know right in the middle of the action to give you
a little bit more context in terms of like what’s going on within the story in
the gameplay and everything like that so very good all right now we got some more
combat coming up here guys and we’re gonna round out the video with this here
and this part’s accident really kind of shows you a little bit someone can use
magic what’s some of the magic users place the enemy magic users I’ll go and
flank them from the right at your signal we’ll chart from the front got it
we’ll finish this before they know what’s hit them the healer in the center
will cause us some grief I want this fast and clean all right so
it gives you an overview of kind of the enemies here remind me of like Fire
Emblem a little bit when I was first playing the game so you’re kind of seen
exactly what’s going on here you can check out all the different what you’re
up against you know kind of before the battle starts similar to Fire Emblem
right all right so you got a healer sorcerer so we want to take out these
guys right here and then they’re gonna flank so let’s go ahead and start this
battle go in the same position already I’m going hide right here to enter see
Wizards Slayer I’m going to hit him with the headshot right here BAM hitting them with the headshots headshot
Oh get out of the way there we go pretty easy to take out everybody right there
for the most part who’s left we’re just gonna stop him from you doing that
expertly taking out about expert battle Expo we took out those enemies this game
really needs to come to switch honestly you’d be amazing with HD graphics add
some tweaks to some of the stuff that it’s such a such a solid game how the
hell are we supposed to get into that those who write into the action and as
usual this has something as you can see there’s many different combat elements
and really cool stuff with the last story and honestly this game should
easily like come to swear somebody needs to make it happen alright so that’s the
last story guys what did you guys think about the gameplay
what are your fondest memories of the last story is this a game that you would
want to play on your Nintendo switch let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below and let me know what games you guys want to see featured on a new
video of mine for everything should be on the Nintendo switch in the comment
section as well I love to hear what you guys have to say thank you guys so much
for watching this video please make sure you check out the link in the
description we’ve got Twitter give us a follow on there also make sure you like
comment and subscribe we will see you guys for the next video peace

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I missed out on this game orginally because it was hard to find back in the day (unless you want to pay an arm and leg). Game still looks awesome and seeing you play confirmed it. I would love this on the Switch (maybe with added local coop)! I'm still waiting for at least the first 2 Batman Arkham games; Godhand, Metal Gear Rising, Both Viewtiful Joe's, Wolf Among Us, Transformers Devestation (with local and online coop), Metal Gear Solid 1-5, Max Payne 1-3, Kayne and Lynch 1-2, Dragons Crown, Ken's Rage 2, Sengoku Basara 3 Otage…that's all for now. But yeah, there more!

  2. Ah TLS a great game I still have. I relive this & other Wii games using all 3 Marseille products & I hope this comes to the Switch as well.

  3. Just google Top 20 Xbox 360, XBLA, PS3 games, many of them are already coming or have came to the Switch but they need to add so many more.

    Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
    The Orange Box
    BattleField 1943
    BattleField 2: Modern Combat
    BattleField: Heroes
    Portal 1 & 2
    COD 4: Modern Warfare
    COD: Black Ops 1 & 2
    Fable 1 & 2: Remastered
    BorderLands 1 & 2
    Far Cry 1, 2 & 3
    BurnOut Paradise
    Dishonored 1 & 2
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Fallout 3
    Dead Space

    so many more with those games plus new ones, indies, 1st party the Switch won't have to worry about upcoming consoles. Only thing new consoles have over Switch is backward compatibility, seriously what can the new games do?
    GTA 6, more vehicles, more missions, bigger world? It is hard enough to find enough people to stay in one lobby, finish a race or not lag out and be left alone by yourself.
    What can the next BattleField or COD on next-gen consoles do to improve? Realistic eyeballs, each strand of hair moves independently? Realistic fingernails and toenails?
    Red Dead 3 will have realistic horse and cow poop?

    Things are looking up for the Switch and devs have no excuse unless they are allergic to making more money.
    There is no excuse that COD: mobile & PUBG mobile or an upgraded version of it should already be on the Switch.

  4. Almost everyone wants an existing game, or a upcoming game on the Switch. I’m one of those people. Not everyone’s going to feel like getting a PlayStation or an Xbox.

  5. This might be a hot take:
    Personally, I find the combat system in the last story to be a little more appealing than Xenoblade. In the Last Story, Auto attacks feel like they have more weight, because you have to stop moving to use them, and melee attacks need to be in range to hit enemies.

    I eventually became a fan of Xenoblade with the 3DS, but I initially dropped it spesificly because I was comparing the combat to the the Last Story.

  6. Absolutely love this game im ready to buy it again if we get the chance 🙌🏻😁🎶✨This game would be great on the Nintendo Switch 🔥💗

  7. I'm glad someone is talking about this game in 2020. The art is some of my favorite in all my years of gaming.

    Definitely deserves a re release or remake.

  8. Never got to play this or Pandora's Tower. With Xenoblade getting it's definitive edition, I'd love if the other two operation rainfall games got remastered too. I'd purcahse them day 1

  9. I agree, the only problem is that I understood that switch is about xbox 360 as power which is very old compared to next gen consoles. However this did not stop me to consider switch the only device i play games on. We just need some sort of nvidia sli with a more capable dock and all games will come to switch as all users will buy it.

  10. I think Nintendo should just outright hire Hironobu Sakaguchi. There's probably a lot of bad blood there though, due to Final Fantasy 7 being on PSX instead of a Nintendo system like the previous FF games were.

  11. I’d love to see this remastered with the Xenoblade chronicles 2: Torna engine! It would look amazing! @PlayerEssence

  12. One of my favourite games. I still have my original copy. Definitely needs to come to the Switch. I'd be as stoked as when the Xenoblade Definitive Edition was announced.

  13. It’s a shame that the Wii U wasn’t compatible w/ the game cube, especially since it had a game cube controller adapter.

  14. I have this prospective of the Wii that publishers wanted their games on the Wii, because it was cheap to develop for, but nobody wanted to spend money marketing Wii games, & when they failed, publishers blamed Nintendo for being really successful, but Nintendo actually marketed their own games.

  15. Been tempted to pick this up for so long but wasn't a fan of the wii control scheme so would love it to come to switch so I don't have to give in and buy it on the wii

  16. Tatsunoko vs capcom
    Bit trip series
    The Conduit 1&2
    Onslaught (wiiware)
    Wiiware games (the good ones) period

  17. I’m playing through Pandora’s Tower right now and love it. Definitely getting The Last Story next. I wish they’d remaster both along with XC1

  18. Looks like SOMEBODY watched my video of my Top 5 Wii Games of All Time from last week 😉 The Last Story is CLASSIC and NEEDS a Remake! Dope video man.

  19. This game is so unique, the Wii had a lot of trash on it but a lot of great lesser known games that are still awesome to play today

  20. Pandora's Tower
    Every Final Fantasy that isn't currently on or slated for Switch in the west including spinoffs, sequels, and online (best updated editions of mainline 1-6 with after years for 4 and Revenant Wings for 12, XIII trilogy with Type 0, XI and XIV with expansions, Crisis Core and Dirge, 4 heroes of light, Crystal Chronicals series, snowboarding, chocobo dungeons, crossovers, etc.)
    Every Dragon Quest that isn't currently on or slated for Switch in the west including spinoffs, sequels, and online (best updated editions of mainline 4-9, X, Swords, Monsters, Joker, etc)
    Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far (the collection of everything leading up to 3, as I doubt 3 would run well but who knows)
    Mana remakes, SaGa, Chrono series, basically Square Enix's entire catalogue.
    Paper Mario series, Mario and Luigi series, and Super Mario RPG: Lot7S
    Xenogears and Xeno Saga series
    Shin Megami Tensei series
    Persona series
    Eternal Sonata
    Tales series
    Star Ocean series
    Grandia series
    Shining Force series
    Previous Zelda titles
    Metroids and Primes
    Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes and 2 onward (maybe HD collection with other Metal Gear games)
    Luigi's Mansion 1&2
    Pikmin series
    Punch Out
    Star Fox
    Sonic Adventure 1&2
    Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver series
    Power Stone

  21. I played that back in the original wii but never finished I hope it gets ported to the switch it was actually a really good game

  22. Was always curious about the Last Story but never got chance to pick it up, would be cool to see it on the Switch. Another game I was curious about was Pandora’s Tower so if that came to Switch I would probably pick it up too. Great video!

  23. This game and Pandora’s tower were extremely under the radar in fact its probably worse for last story cos it didn’t get brought to wii u whereas Pandora’s tower did, really hope it can make a return someday, itd be amazing if the operation rainfall trio all get definitive editions🙏🏾 plz discuss Pandora’s tower next

  24. Yes!! This is indeed a must for a remaster. This is an ambitious game for the wii which would definitely benefit for a remaster. Please someone start up a kickstarter

  25. Not as ambitious in scale as Xenoblade but this game deserves another shot at finding an audience. It's a shame that Mistwalker is reduced to making mobile games now. Unlike Xenoblade, I think local co-op makes more sense here.

    Other games I want to see: Baten Kaitos, Baten Kaitos Origins, Xenosaga Episode 1-3, Skies of Arcadia Legend, Pandora's Tower, Tales of Symphonia/Abyss/Xillia, Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy

  26. You know, I'm familiar with the name thanks to Operation Rainfall back in the late Wii days, but seeing gameplay – it does look fun! I'd look into it more so if it were to come to the Switch.

    Good new series OJ, I'll make sure to tune in (but I already watch all your videos lol)

  27. Heavily underrated gem when the switch was revealed this is one of the first games I thought about along with Tokyo Mirage (which we got) , Xenoblade X, Pandoras Tower and the bloody roar series maybeeeee Primal Fury 2 lol good vid OJ your presentation have gotten waaay better since I’ve last had a chance to watch 🤙🏾👌🏾

  28. Always wanted this game, knew I should have bought it then. Hope there's a Remaster. There's probably a near perfected emulation of it on Dolphin. It's so cheap in Japan, shame wii is not region free.

  29. I would love to play this game and I also REALLY NEED Skies of Arcadia remastered or a sequel for the Switch plz lol

  30. Yes! I want to play The Last Story, Sky of Arcadia, Xenogears the series I hope Nintendo does something to release them because I have never played any of these game since I have never own a gamecube or wii, I also my mom sold my ps2, so yeah I missed out on a lot of games.

  31. I remember playing the game on Dolphin back when a Western release hadn't been confirmed yet. This along with the other Project Rainfall games is what got me to finally learn Japanese.

    They eventually came out anyway, but hey, learned a new language out of the deal, so win win.

  32. I’ve heard great things about The Last Story but after seeing your video, this makes me want to play the game. It looks like if Gears of War was a Jrgs and that’s a great idea and one I would love to try out. The game deserves a remake with Controls that work well for the switch with additions like Motion controls and touch screen support if possible. The game could definitely use a visual update as well. Great start to a new series man. If I had to request something that should feature on this series, it would be the Legacy of Kain series. The LOK games are underrated as hell and I think would be great on Switch!!!! I know you mention Soul Reaver on your Dreamcast to switch video so I think it would be a great fit for the series. Great video as always keep it up!!!!!!!!

  33. This and Pandora's Tower deserves a sequel. As much as I would welcome a Remake, I would definitely pass a remaster.

  34. wouldnt mind seeing pandoras tower on the switch, or if we are talking everything, then, theres some classic playstation games i would love to play
    parasite eve
    silent hill
    shadow hearts
    legend of dragoon
    star ocean second story,
    also blue dragon and lost odyssey from msitwalker, as well as magna carta 2
    and the legecy of kain series of games

  35. I got two OJ even though one can only be made available on the Nintendo Entertainment System: Nintendo Switch Online. First game of course is the sequel to StarTropics. Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics 2. Then the 2nd game is a new 3rd StarTropics game for the Switch! It's time for Mike Jones to step up! Out!

  36. The only thing I didn't like about last story is it's focused way too much on the love story. Is the same problem I have with Final Fantasy 8.

  37. Cant believe i missed this when it came out. A Switch port would be as good as those wing stop wings!

  38. Nier Automata not being on Switch is a real head-scratcher to me. It's developped by Platinum and published by Square, both of which have a great relationship with Nintendo. It's not the most graphically demanding game. I just find it very odd.

  39. I need to bust out my Wii and get back into that game. I played it for a bit and then had a kid and my free time kind of disappeared for a bit lol

  40. Looks really cool, I think I might check it out! This is really good series too and can't wait to see what other games you play!

  41. If Nintendo wanted every worthwhile game to come to their consoles, they wouldn't have made the shitty Switch😆😂🤣

  42. I got it on the Last legs of the Wii and never really played it. a Year ago I emulated the game and played a few like it but yes It really needs ported to the switch.

  43. Fantastic video PE Ninja Master.

    This game absolutely needs too come too the Switch and Pandora's Tower both were part of the Operation Rainfall alongwith the OG Xenoblade Chronicles aswell.

    The Last Story needs too be a Remaster or Remake on the Switch and anyone who is a Xenoblade Chronicles and or Final Fantasy fan should check this game out asap plus RPG fans in-general.

    A game which I feel gets overlooked cuz maybe it wasn't the best but it's a great game I feel and that is Disaster: A Day of Crisis on Wii, a really cool and unique game.

  44. "Barman hit us with the best you got!" Didn't they just get finished establishing she's broke due to her drinking issues 😂. Nah girl you got Barman money? But forreal this looks fun as hell! Definitely down 4 this on Switch

  45. This game is amazing, and absolutely deserves a remaster. It's also one of the most unique JRPGs in terms of gameplay. It has a lot going for it, and I think people would eat it up if it came to Switch.

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