Excel 2013 Statistical Analysis #5 Data Categorical, Quantitative, Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio

Excel 2013 Statistical Analysis #5 Data Categorical, Quantitative, Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio

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  1. Excel 2013 Statistical Analysis #5 Data Categorical, Quantitative, Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio
    Download files: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm
    Topics in this video:
    1. (00:43) Categorical Data vs. Quantitative Data
    2. (02:00) Scales of Measurement (Levels of Measurement): Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio
    3. (14:42) Cross Sectional Data vs. Time Series Data
    4. (15:48) Graphical Display of types of Data
    5. (16:22) How to Enter Data into the spreadsheet and use the Auto Complete (Auto Text) to your benefit
    6. (18:50) How to create a new Excel Workbook to do your Homework from the Textbook

  2. Hello,
    Let me first thank you for all those amazing videos. person like me who is not an expert in statistics was able to understand and follow. You are really an excellent teacher.
    I d have 1 question: If you have data that consists of 3 sets A,B and C:-
    A=:- level of X protein in blood
    B= If subject has X protein ( Binary data 1 means positive and 0 means negative)
    C= Death or alive( 1/0).. My questions are:
    1- Which test that can look for any association between B and C?
    2- Which test that predict the cut off point of portent level in A that correlates with death?

    Thank you again

  3. Thanks a lot for all the videos, you are doing great hard work. I consider myself an advanced Excel user, but I enjoy watching all your videos and I must admit that I am learning new and useful things from them.

  4. I love these videos. I work in research and I really have learned how to do the things I do piecemeal. Consequently, there are "basics" I never learned because I was never in a formal learning environment and I just picked up the specific thing I needed at each juncture. The thing that is so great about this course is it does teach advanced things but it also says "This is a "proper" data set" and "Formatting can mess you up because the background understanding is not what is displayed" So I feel like I am getting educationally organized "from the beginning" information that is heading rapidly to what I need (r squares, regression, and probability) Thank you for this. I bought Slaying Dragons too.

  5. Hi,

    I love your video about statistical Analysis, I want to work in market research industry so these video are valuable knowledge that I need to obtain for my career dream. Many thanks for your effort and devotation.

    Good luck,

    People come from Vietnam

  6. great lecture. full of useful tricks and knowledge. kind of fast pace but I like it because it keeps me focused unlike other lectures.

  7. Greetings. Excellent job. Where does one exactly find the excel spreadsheet you are using in this video? Even if I go to the page you point at, I cannot find it that easy. Thanks again for this wonderful job.

  8. One thing you can do, guys, is to directly post the Excel spreadsheet file to each video, thus making it extraordinarily easy to spot it and download it.

  9. Excellent! Dude, you're great! I spent more than 3 hours to find a solution for my problem and finally found it in this video!

  10. I took this course already at another evening program (ranked). I’m going back through these videos to learn statistics, excelisfun! It’s clear, concise and much more enjoyable. Thanks for posting!

  11. till now it's ok , hope continue like this
    because you said earlier statistic it's art not just about number ; but i'm sure when i'll finish this series i'll learn a lot of things
    like i did with your other series

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