Exhaust Sound | CX500 Cafe Racer

Exhaust Sound | CX500 Cafe Racer

hey guys so today we’re gonna take a
look at this exhaust system I have on the CX500 cafe racer
so if you’re new here this is a 1980 CX500 Custom I got it
all original stock really a clunker it was definitely a fixer-upper for
sure got it for 580 dollars and I built it into what it is today so we’re gonna
take a look at the exhaust system this is actually the stock exhaust system
that I modified into what it is now it sounds so good outdoors I’ve basically
only heard it indoors and outdoors one time but it sounds so good outdoors
alright so without further ado let’s start this thing up see how it sounds how does it sound thanks I built it myself
alright so here is the exhaust system on the CX500 as I said it is stock it
basically had an X I think they call it the x-pipe or h-pipe basically had the
emissions control unit underneath there and I basically cut that all out
I cut the pipes off right here the X pipe just kind of slid off the end and
so I was left with these pipes here so what I did so I bought some Emgo I think
these are Emgo mufflers on Amazon I’ll link them in the description if you want
to check out that same kind of muffler it sounds really good in my opinion and
basically I attached the muffler onto the stock pipe here and I, of course, I
wrapped it in titanium exhaust wrap and as you can see on the other side it is
the exact same and the cool thing I really like about this system is that
it’s all stock and there were no modifications I didn’t have to bolt
anything on to the frame no bolt like necessary at all I basically just
clamped it up there and that holds it in place and it hasn’t moved so I’m
really happy with it and as you can see there is clearance for everything it’s
not touching anywhere on the other side it’s a little bit different but very
similar not touching at all but the only thing is the brake pedal touches just
ever so slightly against it not a big deal but everywhere else there is tons
of clearance so anyway that’s the exhaust system I’m gonna go on the first
ride right now and let’s bring you along and see how it sounds on the bike not bad not bad hey not bad not bad
make sure it’s not overheating or anything yeah this feels nice alright guys so
there you have it that’s the exhaust system on my 1980 Honda CX500 Custom
cafe racer build I think it sounds so so good
outdoors it is a beautiful sound indoors every time I started up in the shop it
would be so stupid loud that I was like this this won’t sound good
I’m gonna get like 10 tickets everywhere I go but outdoors it actually sounds
really good it’s a little quieter a little bit more subtle than those stupid
Harley’s I’m messing with you but it is a little bit quieter it
doesn’t blow your ears out but it does have that really beefy really powerful
kind of sound I’m so satisfied with it and I think this build turned out super
super well so in an upcoming video I’m gonna show you guys how much it cost me
do a total breakdown of how much it cost me to do this build and it’s gonna be
exciting stuff I’m actually kind of curious to see how much I spent – I
think so right around a thousand the low thousand dollar range but we’ll
break that down we’ll see how much it cost but that’s coming up in the future I
have a couple more videos before that one I think but I think that’s pretty
much it alright guys make sure to subscribe you haven’t already smash that
like button and I’ll see in the next video about to go on the first ride baby
this gonna be epic

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Gotta love that v-twin rip. I put 2018 Harley Sportster 883 peashooter tail pipes on my CX and for me it's just the right amount of growl without getting pulled over … yet 🙂

  2. Nice job. Bike looks great. Sounds great.I got a 85 VT500 Shadow that's Bobbed. Modified my stock exhaust too. Made my own baffles. Any way. Your looks great. Next step is to pull your motor and paint her up. lol

  3. Raise the tank a little bit more and lower the seat a little bit more to match the lines… It must be horizontal… just a suggestion hehe… nice exhaust sound😊

  4. I ordered the same exhaust for my Honda ctx700. I hope it sounds this good on my bike. It's a single exhaust not a double like yours. That's a great build there you have.

  5. Hello, please give me info what kind of main and pilov jets you are using because of the sport filter? And where can I buy them? I need bigger one becuase bike doesnt get enought benzin….and if you not too much what is dimension of the rear tire?

  6. Hey I love what you did to your exhaust! Any tips on how to do make mine the same? I have a cx500 as well!

  7. Genial man… Me vi cada episodio… Nada fuera de lo normal pero pequeños detalles que marcan la diferencia… Felicitaciones…

  8. have you gotten any tickets yet ? i got a voodoo muffler slip on and sounds just about the same , ive passed a few cops but they havent bothered me yet lol and this is in ny

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