Expelled From Every Other School

Expelled From Every Other School

At least 24 people were shot and injured between late Saturday afternoon and
early Sunday morning Police believe most shootings were gang or drug related 34 Chicago students killed and almost 300 wounded in the past year Chicago is now the murder capital of this country Go on then, eh Get off this bus I’m gay Look at that nigga right there Don’t he look like a monkey on crack? Aye, aye, aye Quit runnin’ My name is Dr. Anthony Chalmers I’m the principal here at Montefiore therapeutic day school We are the only therapeutic school in the
Chicago Public School System Aye, cut it out Aye, come here I told you bout playin wit me man Come on back here What you mean? What you mean tho, bro? What you mea… I’ll knock your big ass up
Stop lookin at me like I’m a pig boy Stop – Stop looking at me boy
– Stop, stop, stop, stop – I’ll knock you out boy
– STOP – Stop, I said stop
– I’ll knock your ass out – You better get the fuck outta here boy
– Come on, come on, come on – Stop
– The main diagnoses is emotionally
behavior disturbed You walk in my face, imma beat the fuck outta you boy And then a lot of it is just aggression And they’re just out of control, you know cause I guess the home situation that we don’t have control over can take some extra time to settle down stop runnin’ Get this fuckin camera outta my mothafuckin face, pussy A lot of my friends, when I tell em you know describe the stuff that I have to do throughout the day you know they look at me like I’m crazy I know of a student that was arguing with another student and turned his back and that kid pulled out a gun and shot him in his back You know, and that kid died you know and… It’s sad, know other kids that have actually done crimes you know real criminal crimes that have gotten them locked up for
years you know I know kids that have actually killed people so, the structure that we try to give them here, you know is only so much, you know, it’s only so much that we can do in the school Alright, have a seat Take out a sheet of paper And sit down I tell you guys, in algebra what we’re usually doin is substitution of values Now you gotta be reading these sentences to understand them It says N plus 7 is the value of N then they give the problem, N plus 3 So, what is N? Wai-Wait, hold up, wait a minute lemme put some time in it – Hold up, wait a minute, lemme put some run in it
– What if i give you a hard one, Dante I don’t know what y’all talkin about So, what am I gonna substitute Matthew, what am I going to substitute
what am I going to change to it Alright, how should I go about doing that I should-you should always start on this side of the problem first on the left side. What
should I do up there? it’s equal to three I can’t see it Hold up I bet I could put up some problems next and you wouldn’t even know Mr. Johnson You probably could Exactly I’m a better teacher than you Ok Lemme go put some stuff up here come on put some problems on the board Fuck that I’ll show you – Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you Get away from your computer That’s why you don’t know how to do the problems Shut the fuck up Take the coat off That’s why you don’t know how to do the problem Take the coat off I don’t wanna do this no more Take the coat off – I don’t got to
– Take the coat off I’m ask-you will get it at the end of the day, take the coat off I ain’t gon tase somebody Take the coat off I’m asking you to take the coat off One more time Marquel There Oooh, you gon get it ok? – You gon get it
– Don’t put your fingers in my face You gon get it Excuse me No, hell nah you ain’t Come here if you want to That’s what I’m tryna do while I trip over the thing Your not goin out the room Have a seat Break it, don’t break it Don’t break it Don’t, don’t break it Go ahead, go ahead. That’s what they want – Let me out
– I’m not You ain’t gon get this door – Get off the door
– No You break that, you really goin to jail – Go on, get away from that
– No – Get away from that
– No Marqel, if I change that number then you know what to do next time Marqel, do you know what to do this time? Here, can you come and be a worker? I said all we do is substitute values What’s six times two? Twelve You will multiply four times four, and what is four times four? Eight – He’s askin you
– What is fou.. Uh, 16! Would you be quite? This isn’t damn real work Well I’d like to see you gon be doin one of these problems Shut the fuck up, talkin to me Mr. Johnson before I come them motherfuckin glasses off your face and that’s when my dick on my hand Didn’t I tell you, didn’t I tell you earlier asking t… – SHUT THE FUCK UP, TALKIN TO ME!
– Marqel I said I do not, I said I do not talk to you that way – and I would appreciate it if you did not
talk to me that wa…
– SHUT THE FUCK UP TALKIN TO ME! I do not curse at you Have I ever cursed at you? YES – I have never cursed at you
– YES Yes you have You know that’s not true Mr. Johnson – You have cursed Ok Four squared, four times four is what? Six times one is what? Plus three, ninety-six Now it gon get a little bit harder I grew up similar to a lot of these kids
and… it would be wrong of me not to try to show a young man or young women the right what to things cause people did that for me They don’t want to feel threatened restraint is used in special education but it’s only supposed to be used when
it’s necessary… If they’re becoming a threat to themselves or others that’s when restraint use So, everything else has to be with your mouth you have to be able to, talk them out of somethin All this stuff we’re doing now You ain’t even supposed to be out here today Okay? You gon learn all this stuff and next year we’re gonna depend on you to run it Okay? That’s why are we doin this Alright? That’s what I’m askin for you, okay? Do what he said it’s gonna be alright Mark, way to go! Patient is the main thing You already know they got problems So you don’t take things personally I don’t take things personally If I did, I couldn’t come up in here, from day one Length does not penetrate therefore beneath the ocean surface, did you know that? No, we knew that – Organism that needs ligh…
– Organism… – We already know
– Must live near the surface of the ocean When they say organism what do they mean by that? – Was 97
– He just took it but, what does nine, eleven, ten Why you keep playin? You play too much Would you please sit down! UGHH – He’s the littlest snitch in the school
– Ha Ok, oceans of identify Mah, mah, mah. I can’t stand that little boy My name is Crystal I’m fourteen. I’m in disbehavior school because… I have… bad behavior I’m disrespectful I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I broke a teacher’s arm Broke her wrist up to here and… then like, four days later, they made a, um, made a police report and… they put me on probation for… three months Can you help me? Ok, what I’m doing Help me fix this Remember… in between here They more narrow Right in there – I’m gonna show you big boy what’s up?
– I gotta make more lines? Because that’s the way the Prudential is So you got your, your – line what was it
– That’s too many lines No it’s not Crystal, you just gon in between there with this I’m not gonna do it If I do it, imma mess up and then imma throw out my picture Crystal’s sweet as pie but… but life is already over Unless some divine intervention takes place The children are disabled emotionally They already a statistic Life is already determined for them It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life It gives you the number, every time I put it in the computer I know, I mean, things can tell You haven’t been to school in one week now you gotta F?! Now if you wanna take that path in life that’s your choice But I’m gonna fight, while you
live with me I’m gonna fight for me and for you Back to her stabbin There was a second time she stabbed that boy You know, the first time, we talked about it Well, what is the boy doing to her? The last time I stabbed him was because
he start *kissing noises* calling me like a dog – *kissing noises* You know you want it
– So he’s provoking the situation So then… I has a pencil in my hand, and I’m like “what?” And I go up to his face and I’m like “do it again” and he did it again and I just stabbed him What I keep on hearing is they provoked me they provoked me nothing’s being done about it so if they provoked me I get tired of it then I’m gonna misbhave because then she’s crying out
somebody help me maybe that’s the only way that child knows how to… Express them self at that moment That’s the only way they know how to say… I need your attention because I’m asking you and you’re not listening to me that I need help but you’re not it’s not going through, it’s not going through but this is the only way I know how to do it It’ll be hard for me to… say crystal please stop right now and you say fuck you to me, okay? When I get upset I get disrespectful so ain’t nobody gonna change that I mean I control it sometimes but when I’m mad, I’m mad During those times when you’re mad
and you’re being disrespectful What’s mr. Robertson supposed to do? Chu mean? Should he stand there and let you be disrespectful to him? What should he do? Do what he gotta do. If he has to suspend me then suspend me Ok Typically what we do try
to do here is really walk it out talk it out and figure out how can we not
suspend the student how can we keep the student here so the student can be learning Um, cause we know what kind of population we’re dealin with and we really want, more than anything to try to get them to learn the right things to do so they can be productive Cause we want you here, learnin Your mother wants you here learnin What you are here to do is… try to get it together so that you can potentially go to a regular high school Come on man, come on, come on, come on Come on Aye, come on Let’s go, Crystal Crystal That’s how it is? Lemme watch Come on Come on, what you doin Crystal? I’m just telin truth bro, you talk smart? you gon get fucked up – I’m just lettin your bitch ass know
– I’m just lettin you know…
– Now watch your mouth – Shut up
– Don’t touch me, you can’t tell me what the fuck to do Then watch your mouth, why’re you cussin
Sit down Deman SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Two laps Now Let’s move it You just gotta get their meanness out of em If they told that they full of shit so long then they feel it and if they told that they nasty so long they fit it if they told them that they dumb so long they fit it Spanky, do it again Come on Spanky take a deep breath let’s
do it come on man Let’s get us the second day, do it Now blast it back, fast as you can come on come on there you go Second bar now go get him up Antonio get him up Keep the feet up keep your feet up Feet up straight hey Come on Antonio Go come on when you ready when you ready come on you got to do it just go come on you got it go do it there you go come on Spanky
come on Spanky go it’s all right don’t let them drop the next one all right there you go everybody here right here together you can’t be mad at the next man if you do you ain’t a team cause life ain’t fair that’s why you’re my knew feet, ok? All right come on everybody one two three, MONTEFUE hey there you go when they come in they got attitude they feel as though the world is against them My goal is get you back to a normal school I don’t want to see you here no nigga his ass do too much he ain’t never done shit [IN AUDIBLE] waste my uation to get way over there
stop he’s gonna carry my face exactly what he telling you he always does I
want to sleep in there never so not tell you what but you getting cold but you
can’t go all right Ella quit talking this shit Oh Oh walk away my name is
Cortez 14 I just like to fight I just would be my main focus on when I come to
school i PL home thinking about I want to fight tomorrow
so I I’ll play I’m start to fight off get in front of me I’ll walk up to the
person why one fight and person will see it in Osseo do you do
not my face boy I’m not playing with you dummy go I’m coming my face didn’t go no
I always try to hurt real bear or turtle making my baby for some that’s the only
reason I’ll fight there’s my new bitch what I should already come on this
little bitch at this is my new bitch bro Tim how much spit on Kristen
jus spit on me who’s right then I went and they came over here custom little
you know my wife what was I oh my god
pump let you bitch and bitch I need you want Oh Sato bitch ass off more know
what come on Freddie Mac which isn’t done ha ha ha ha
I think I got him in here yes I want to fight right here like their home again watch Rhea get it they fucking sold on
glad like you talk though I stuck it where’s any hey toy get away rocky steps
just gonna go through them laughter let me so well come on come on my mama loves
classic Tommy broke though that’s what I don’t why here – yeah this boy I want
you kissing me don’t you know you ought to send the power usage to our ward in
Chicago Oh word in Chicago
ah Derek hang all the stop-off this girl cocktails to fight get out okay listen
listen no no yeah yeah every one of you sit down
I won’t take your whole bump right to the Clarice’s you don’t care but I will
care do you understand what I’m saying now get down in the seat Oh get down lap
down get down us eat me more put yourself in
Megan I watch our dough hey you watch out don’t make you sick yeah yeah yeah
go for real forget the whole bitch ass oh man don’t sit down good morning my name is Reverend Robin
Hood I’m a local school council member at Montefiore oh that’s been a problem
getting students here through the office of special services so we want to get to
the bottom of this today most of the murders that happen and take place in
the city of Chicago are usually kids between the ages of 12 and 18 years old
they have special needs CPS need to get this message today loud and clear I’ve
been a friend of the school for 20 years fighting to keep the school open because
of the service it was so great for the kids and there’s a young man right there
like he’s about 16 from the light ain’t in school there’s 925 usually they hang
in front of the stores they the selling drugs or buying drugs all the data shows
that at least there are four thousand kids – six thousand kids that can
benefit from a school like male Fiori always hitches this may be the only meal of the day
some of them may not have food in the house at all because many of their
parents they were teens drugs and Baba before for these kids do the same thing
if not have its own tongue ariz when you can’t look at them in a tie okay tell me
people go yeah I’m learning about them he’s cooler than half no you what you
have yeah smoking a lot smoking a lot of water we your mama let you go oh wow if
you was in a regular public school you’ll be in jail right now people being
jammed rubber hood yes he fall on Easter everybody got guns be careful because if
you want to do the shooting or killing on the stabbing you’ve gone for anywhere
between 50 to 100 years if you fourteen and you get caught up and you get sixty
years then make it how old when you get out of jail 60 plus 40 60 plus 14 60 Plus 10 6 plus
10 is how much you know you get out of 74 you get in something because somebody
say ABCD somebody looked at my girl somebody stepped on my foot somebody
disrespected me ain’t worth it my little sister she got beat the dog my brother
was killed on 16th Street and the all-black minivan he got shot by his
friend setting him up over some money and my dad locked up for murder day he
did try to rob a stole and then his girlfriend tricked on him and told him
where he was at how long’s he going to be away for its
life right now we had a Cortes house he has been pulling wool over all I his
head us thinking that he was actually on medication taking his medication but we
found out this this evening that he haven’t been and he’s been faking it I get your mama wake up you’re on you
don’t understand the repercussions I’m gonna make you understand the night
though go go go get your medicine leave that on
up go get your medicine go get go get the
medicine your dad that’s the make me go to sleep so I’m not gonna take that and we gotta get this stuff straight cuz you
just can’t walk around with no medicine telling much you got some medicine you
know who will get in trouble huh he ain’t understanding there what they
gonna do it’s called DCFS on your mom okay that’s what they’re how you don’t
tell me man I’m telling you what they’re gonna do they’re gonna call on her and
say she ain’t doing what she’s supposed to be doing for you I need you to know
that this is real this is for real so you need to understand the seriousness
of this good morning you know I hate to say this
mama I know you think he’s scared your baby baby in here no baby no more you
know I could tell you done a great job with him to the best of your ability you
know but now it’s time for him to uh fit in the footsteps of a young man when we
had the meeting on the phone you had indicated to us that he hadn’t had his
medicine since March of 2013 and what I say to all parents I’m not a big
advocate of medicine but there are some children who do need that support your
son is one it was bad on my behalf too because I wouldn’t take him go get it
but I was also going through things with my sister who I stay with now so it was
like I was from house to house the house and I really couldn’t just like focus I
just had to focus on myself a roof over here he’s been extremely aggressive
defiant non-compliant not completed any work he’ll come up in my face at home
queue up I’m gonna I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do that and he’s letting he’s very
kind of me he’s like right here angry I mean he is angry the veins sticking out
of his neck eighth graders you should see him they just run around the room I
might have somebody jump on top of a desk Oh class
I mean coaches isn’t by himself but he will initiate things kids they don’t
receive proper treatment they getting in a lot of trouble with the law you know
and I know you don’t want your son at the juvenile detention center he’s like
dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde all that’s going down uncle tears
because his father have 86 years in prison he doesn’t have a father figures
just me second count my two boys one last time you got a chance to see him
mmm hello huh do you ride him keep it in essence 2005 he just wrote him like lash
up Oh what am i doing on the scene you want to see him yeah you want to go see
your father I’ll help you go sale would you like to
go see how I help you go Sam and I do that for you this is my daughter she’s been missing
for a week if you see oh could you please call that number

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  1. Last Chance High takes viewers inside Montefiore's classrooms and into the homes of students who are one mistake away from being locked up or committed to a mental hospital.
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  2. This is horribly depressing…a lot of these children are alone with their disturbances, with their demons. I’d say most of these parents are incompetent, but you can’t blame them; they are also trying to survive. It’s a vicious cycle, and I hope these kids found a way out.

  3. I wish there was still a draft, specifically for just Chicago, more specifically every little shit in this school. See how they react to a real fight

  4. This school expelled ALL OF ITS STUDENTS And left all of the staff. Except for a Clerk and Assistant Principal And Shut Down In 2016. 3 to 4 years before this school became 90 years old

  5. Time to wake up my dear brothers and sisters, www.thetruththebible.com. we are the true children of israel, and the bible is true. Seek out of the bible and read. See and learn who we truly are, and why we suffer comstant racism and tribulation, while following the lies of christianity, islam and the idols made of wood and stone, there and in whatever religion or church in which we reside, including egyptology and other idolatries:

    Deuteronomy 4:27 And the LORD shall scatter you among the nations, and ye shall be left few in number among the heathen, whither the LORD shall lead you.

    :28 And there ye shall serve gods, the work of men's hands, wood and stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.

    :29 But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.

    :30 When thou art in tribulation, and all these things are come upon thee, even in the latter days, if thou turn to the LORD thy God, and shalt be obedient unto his voice;

    :31 (For the LORD thy God is a merciful God;) he will not forsake thee, neither destroy thee, nor forget the covenant of thy fathers which he sware unto them.

  6. I really couldn’t be a teacher in today’s day and age. Kids are so disrespectful today and full of anger and misdirect it at teachers. 😞

  7. Meanwhile in the Middle East you would probably be spanked with the a belt, if you said anything like that. (with the parents permission ofc)

  8. "That's on my dead grandma head"
    Bro…to this day people keep disrespecting their family members.

    You did that woman dirty 8:22

  9. 11:39 ok I could post more comments but this is my last one.

    Ok Cardi B, we get it… you post dirty pics on instagram

  10. High key, i respect the goal of this school. The one i used to go to claimed to have the same goal in mind but executed it horribly because nobody gave a shit. You can tell that the teachers here care for the most part.

  11. Are we not going to talk about how the teacher could have diffused the situation. That’s how you know stress levels are high for the teachers also.

  12. This school make mine look not as bad as it is considering that a girl brought a fun to school and I saw her pull it out

  13. This is why I remain here in Sweden and suffer the way I do to be a father to mt son. Versus going back to the U.S. where my life would be so much easier. This entire series is a picture perfect demonstration of what happens when the father is not present in the lives of their children.

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