Experimental Jeep Tow Video

Experimental Jeep Tow Video

Hi! I bet you didn’t expect me here in
your video. Don’t worry, We’re still going to have #DRUMBEATS.
We’re still going to have a tow. It’s going to be fine, but since this video is
just a little bit different, I wanted to give you guys a little setup for it. And
I wanted to talk a little bit about the channel. The channel was never really
designed to be all about tow trucks. It just kind of happened that way. I had
visions of doing other kinds of videos as well, but it seems like when I do
those other kinds of videos I get a lot of comments about “hey buddy stick to the tows”.
“I’m just here for the tow trucks.” So this is going to be a little experiment.
Let’s see: are you guys here because you love tow trucks? Or are you guys here
because you like what we do with the tow truck videos?
So it’s kind of a thought experiment. Do we like tow trucks specifically, or do
we like the things that we do in the videos? Namely the sound effects and the little comments;
what I refer to as the Snark Track. So we’re gonna do this video “dry”.
It’s just going to be the tow video. I’m not gonna put any of my own
little comments in there. I’m not gonna put any sound effects in there. There will still be #DRUMBEATS! There will still be a sound track.
But all the other little extras that I usually put, pop-ups and things like that, we’re gonna
leave that out and we’re gonna see what you guys think. Tell me in the
comments: do you like it better like that? Do you like it when we put some
personality into it? What do you like about the videos? Are you here just for
tow trucks? Are you here just for fun videos? What brings you here? What keeps you here?
I’m curious to know from you! So, with all that said, enjoy today’s video! ♫ [GTOGER INTRO MUSIC] ♫ ♫ [CORNY MUSIC PLAYS] ♫ [GTOger]: Ha ha! I’m still here! I wonder how many people will find these captions. Oh come on. Do we really have
to deal with another scammer? You know the drill. A guy takes money for parking,
but has no authority to charge for the space. If you’re reading this, I already know
you’re too smart to fall for that trick. [SFX: Squeaking door sounds] [SFX: “Sqeeeeeeeak”] [SFX: “Ka-chunk”] [SFX: clothing rustles and makes stretchy sounds] FUN FACT: More Jeeps have been towed on our videos
than any other make of vehicle. It looks like they’re trying to decide
who should pay this guy. NOBODY should pay this guy. NOBODY should pay this guy.
EVER! Do you ever wonder why it takes people
so long to collect themselves and go? People in these videos tend to stand around
longer than I ever would. Oh well. They’ve got places to go. Oh well. They’ve got places to go.
On foot. ♫ [AGGRESSIVE RHYTHMIC MUSIC PLAYS] ♫ FUN FACT: All Cities Towing is the official
service provider for City Vehicle Storage, Inc. [SFX: camera shutter noises] He’s taking pictures of multiple vehicles
because he’ll be back. That burgandy car gets towed in another video. We’ve learned this space is being used by
a restaurant down the street. They call themselves: “an Industrial-style bar with huge open-air courtyard serving craft brews, cocktails & casual fare.” I think that means the bartenders also have
big bushy beards and wear ironic clothes. And beers cost $8.00. Garbage from the heavens! You know, I sort of miss our regular captions. Here’s where the “experts” cry FAKE because
the rear wheels are turning. ♫ [SAD MUSIC PLAYS] ♫ Well here they are.
After leaving their car for 2.5 hours. ♫ “Trash… in the wind… ♫ Remember how long they took to get going? They spent even longer after returning. It’s now 10:42 PM. And they take a ride-share to the impound yard.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I definitely like and appreciate the snark track. Please keep the comments and the humor in there. It was very dry watching it this way

  2. Bring back the snark track!!! You have a wonderful outlook that you share during your videos. Don't let miserable people with no sense of humor kill our fun.

  3. The towing satisfies my desire for some "real justice" visited upon those who think that "rules don't apply to them."

    The Snark track is a wonderful enhancement and adds greatly to the experience.

    As for those who complain, meh. The feed is free.

  4. The main attraction is seeing these entitled idiots get towed, and their total disbelief that it happened right under a NO PARKING sign. That said, the fun facts and added sound effects are great enhancement material! Keep up the great work!!

  5. Nope. The camera does not like you. Even as friends. Stay away or it will have to get a restraining order. Show your videos and let that be enough. Are you hearing me GT OGRE? BTW. I sped past you.

  6. This one is a bit dry tbh. It needs the snark track and hey man you so you. If you want to make different videos, so it. There will still be people to watch!!!!!

  7. I came for watching people get towed. I stayed for the snark track. I love the pop up commentary.

    Hey it's the scammer

  8. The snark and personality is what I'm here for. I don't think I'd have a problem with you making any other kinds of video; as long as they had that same personality, of course 🙂

  9. I dont need the snark track, but the fun facts and comments make it a bit more interesting, still watched the whole video…

  10. I love the tow trucks, like the snark tracks, but seeing the random people caught on your cams is the best. People never cease to astound me in their entitlement and you showcase that well here. I think you should do whatever keeps your interest with the channel, I'll keep watching.

  11. I like your comments and information "bubbles". I do wonder why the con man masquerading as a parking attendant has not been busted.

  12. I need the captions, the fun facts, the sfx. The videos are much more entertaining with the extra stuff, the background info, the stupid bits. I watched the video through once, and then again with the captions. Captions was better, by far.

  13. I always liked the snark track, as it is hilarious, as well as when you did that voice acting, I also don't mind seeing everything else you do, as it is done well, and is funny.

  14. The reason I come here is that I work in parking management and have no power to punish offenders, not even having them towed. All I can do is report it and watch as nothing gets done about it. I need your channel to provide me with proof that there is a rule of law SOMEWHERE that is being enforced.

  15. I love the snark track. This was a little on the dry side. Got to see that guy doing his job to keep the tow company busy by scamming the people looking for parking. Police really should roll through a little more to catch that one.

  16. too bad you can not a mic there i would love to hear the "F BOMBS" or the wive/GF saying "I told you not to park here" ( nag nag nag lol)

  17. I'm here for your personality. Your editing, sfx, comments, snark, bs and all keep me coming back. Watching careless people receive just comeuppance is long since boring, but watching that with your editing is viewing art. Art is why I've kept coming back.

  18. I think you should partner up with the Russian dudes and have them stick the big white stickers on people’s windshields

  19. This reminded me of your old videos. I didn't dislike it but the Snark Track added so much more. Now that this channel is associated with tows, if you wanted to do other stuff, I've seen others create a secondary channel and link to it.

  20. We're here because we like the vids no matter how they are , yes the comments and sound effects add a little something extra, but like them nonetheless, btw I like what ya did with the captions!!

  21. I just love watching people be stupid….but definitely need your comments….cause they're just like mine to myself!!

  22. I tend to watch these videos sometimes on the TV, where getting CC on and off is quite annoying. The pop-ups about cars is also educational, which these videos were meant for. All the funfacts at the bottom and sidepanel with car-info is much appreciated. The small scooter-sounds or fiestamusic is also a humoristic way to pass time between tows. I like the new style with the snarktrack (in comparison with the very old videos)

  23. I love the special effects and sound effects 👌👌 and drumbeats are something very important 👍👍 I love it 😍

  24. Man, your personality is awesome and your little comments always fun! (Watching you from Ukraine for about a year already!)

  25. Why do people watch the GTOger channel? In a word: Schadenfreude.

    I find the video to be very "dry" without the snarky popups and sound effects.

  26. If it weren't for the CC, this would've just been a boring video, snark is definitely needed and part of what keeps me coming back.

  27. The video is o.k. "BUT" it's like losing a key character in your favorite t.v. show. You need the snark track. You got a winner don't mess with it or some of your fans may have (with no snark track and no sound track) your vichicle towed !!! Love the video's the way they are.

  28. I much prefer the Personalization of previous vids… I also like the quirky stuff too, that sometimes happens on the yard.

  29. I like the snark track but I don't like the sound track. I always mute the videos when I watch them. If you comment during the videos I would probably listen. Verbal snarks would be cool.

  30. It is 100% better with your comments and kinda small story you create on each episode! It is still always "Like" for every video, but please, continue with comments. And also, for test reason, you can make a commented version of this one as well ;))

  31. I'm here for the snark track! If I just wanted tow trucks there are plenty other channels I could watch. Channels evolve and yours has only gotten better.

  32. I’m dying with out the “snark track”. This means I’m required to use my own imagination to make comments on collective human stupidity.

  33. I prefer the entire package. Really enjoy the pop ups and sound effects. Especially the sound effects of the scooters. Lol

  34. Without the snark, this channel wouldn't have near as many subscribers.
    Why even test run a video without it? I'm confused why you would do that in the first place.
    I have some editing experience and I always admire the amount of extra effort you put in to add sound effects, timers and captions in a video.

  35. I'd also love to see a compilation of people taking pictures of the "No Parking" signs that they forgot to look at when they parked. 🙂

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