Expert from Google Helps You Prepare for Holiday Car Sales Online

welcome and thank you for joining us for today’s
weather not where our experts and people share average strategies for holiday card sales my name is ali-han resio and i’ll be a
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business google tools in any smartphones rule everything is on you
too he’s been at couples ann arbor office
since two thousand seven without brief stint at a traditional ad agency
beforehand stockings and artist and philosopher apart he enjoys creative thinking and
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also in some people track sit scout let’s get started plan about
preparing holiday car sales online that’s that in my ass out how are you today hamdoon cradling thanks so much for
including me it’s great to be here is great here on out there i’m excited to get talking about
holidays some workers i guess side bracingly we had scheduled sellout contagious i cannot marry an
exit poll that fabulous action synopsis prescott that’s pretty sad for destiny everyday
everyday anti-climatic should not make stand
strap recess kids second and feelings case
anti-nafta are our holiday sales like that and i i think that car with them strategy so i’m excited before you got it for a because asst all car dealers out there one to get the best out of there holiday car sales air it might have one last class
certainly excited that you’re here to tell us well we can do to get them outside of our holiday card
sensible dot first step well thanks to the introduction invasive
run again for making time it’s really an honor to speak with you today and uh… again if you’re looking for
marianna uh… consider this an upgrade for sure without a doubt he will be
you’ll be sure that i a m uh… an extended a did set up this picture here of the kids are in the present uh…
really captures our excitement about the holiday season for car shopping because a lot of ways that we see
industry really cutting away from this time not only in the stories we hear from you
and and uh… industry insights we see it but the way we see people you can bet either way we see people using google way we see people using cutie so really our mission here today is to show you some of the insights that
gave us excited about helping you take advantage of the holiday season coming
up veggies really actionable insights he can help you do better marketing we more of the moments that better about
my car shopping him walk away and i at the end of the
month without more metal mood surgeon-general misstated the share it wouldn’t first look at how happy holiday really starts today
milwaukee torsten insights snooze renounces some things that were
saying about how people use the web unusual to suggest that there’s a big
opportunity out there for us it’s you car dealerships in marketers and
advertisers trying to get people buy our cars i was really start taking it didn’t snow
season secondly emily did you see his wish list
item it’s corny but it’s uh… a series of clinton sees solutions that how you can
actually capturing america customers across all the different devices and
media that people are spending time on and really simplify the process of
reaching your customers were fragmented and east at many places these days uh… beating incident style we’ll take it home with the recap
checklist and then that you are free to ask
questions of me has never happened sounded let’s go ahead and i’ve been
that sounds great dot in the house season my happy campers longer for this kind of icfai celebrated
yet and he believes in early november his it’s mindboggling it’s only like seven
weeks to come from it is amazing i guess uh… who it was
over the sweden snowy weather we’ve been hearing this again uh… that far away from the coast uh… into his own place is certainly
feels like winter already both that and i a m and take a look and
see how they are shot contracts holding that a lot of things that we talk about
here are things that you’ll say yeah i see
that happening by dealerships well and oprah has myself i’d never saw the
car and blacks i’ve worked a lot of you out there i’m i’ve been a lot of
dealerships that had the honor without privileges learning how hard it is to
run it it was chicken salad are uh… but i’ve never heard that assaults
on ourselves ivillage during his visit straight what
we’re seeing a pope we have your career at a hearing to sexist artistic sense
for you so the delegates has its own is that there’s and there’s a lot of action is a
lot of excitement level event happening in the home stretch of the year in you know it’s two thousand
twelve-step incentives arkady concentrated in the coming months things are heating up and the stars looking good or selling
more cars as dentistry uh… and we’re setting ourselves up for
a strong financials before uh… we see a lot of manufactures and
all the items that we also get a chance to talk to a record vocal uh… we know that they’re gearing up
for a big here and sales pushes the allies to incentives for drug shoppers that market uh… in what we want to really talk
about here is making sure that we can cut through the clutter of the holidays in really reached a large number of in
market shoppers that are out there uh… we had meals and help us awesome
stats that on google america will not work there
thirteen million in market car traversal regular users of
whom properties in almost ten million people mitterrand
you too which is equal property were excited seeing that users out there
using our products art in market car shoppers and we want
to make it simple for you to reach those people others pause here instead a little bit more about global before we
go forward and you know it’s it’s a technology
company and also it media company here we really are a technology company
are uh… in the three things that were
really set out to do in once he decides to workmen car dealers is three times one is we want to help you understand
insights that never in a car shopping and we’ve got a lot of cool data about how people use google eliminates
insights that better for your business we also help keep me in the moments etc and take a look at what moments we would
never down parka twenty years ago but what’s the matter will probably need more offline where is now a lot of the moments that
really matter capitals influential little moments for people make decisions economics level between those moments and invariably understanding tracked the
metrics connects with an a in phase they’re going to twenty moments that
matter and tracking the wright-patterson air making it really easy for you as a
marker so information and want to talk you through how we’re
gonna cut stand that he would give you some ways to take that back your
collection so finishing up this fighting going on
here will not receive the support of the sale sign it we really see the time is now that’s a
lot of talk about is brilliant started right now in early november uh… star region people earlier in the process is
a different yourself skills here’s a graphic illustrates why we have
urgent c um… this is a cool guy who who tool
called will trends you can use it yourself by
searching for global trends immigrants and he was like trailers on had been under the news uh… december members some of the key
to end the year seven sales of aids and this graph shows how many people
have been searching for those types of keywords overtime in you can see that you choose
a creeping despite in these sorts of queries ample
right around the end of the year that’s october november december and explain his continuing to rise as the market recovers and as we before
we get more of tech savvy is a culture so december is always the one or two
past sales lots uh… in google opt for the past three
years we really see the search interests reflects that we also know him we will be here what happens in your dealership
specifically but across the board from some two studies
that we’ve asked some of our third-party research partners to do it so
desperately for he believes his ancestor sixty percent of shoppers are deciding
what carter by most of the box and you’ve got the technology available
pulled the trigger they conform decision much faster than in the past uh… we see about sentence seventeen
percent of people deciding what kind of body even at less than this comes from a study that we have a
complete do which takes a look at people who
actually boxcars in cross references that data windsor internet usage
behavior and have some questions about how
quickly and how they used fifty two x americans destiny chief escort for too so you know what on what do you know
i’m talking about as we don’t forget to there were no we know that also deals very top
purchased right over here network or for humans from the studies that we’ve seen have people obviously need to buy a car
to replace the previews are overheard one of the stories of people dying because they had a great
deal is netway by are sure you’ve got tons of stories from the floor ice what
people are saying there uh… committed were singing almost half of a reporter with the root
of people who buy cars sex harassment and so have a good deal negatives excited as well we also see that and pool we see that
reflected on how people search national show you that later as some
people are searching for more on it and send it to your base language but uh…
as people searching on google person that there’s a lot crop shopping
behavior it’s a lot of people there have something in mind and ended up buying something different
or read a lot of searching along the way it shows that there are across shopping
and looking for deals we’re comparing contrasting so that’s one percent only twenty
percent of people who read about your car need better for surgical so we’re
talking of people searching for mold spore queries over the whole process
researching a car the very first car the search for really is the car someone except by what that really brings value is about
seventy four percent of the searches that happen on google interrelated car shopping or not four carson ends up on it seventy four percent of the searches
farcry shopping terrorism open-ended natural online service so we think about a lot of times we
think about any sort of search process for customer
b in the wind unprocessed some of those the research they don’t want local car they want to
buy the entertainment mogul if i do dealer brunettes in reality most people search multiple times and google to a lot of
crusher even ten or more for example to really seeing grueling search engines
as our research tool not just in a try to find the business i want to buy it we also know that in this in the country she’s still still fears
it’s still not uh… mac downtrend out in a lot of places uh… automakers which really ceo other
game one of the with inventory right now and superhero uh… paul taylor uh… for an eighty eight uh… season in the hindenburg shortages
are over uh… we’re really the point where
everyone’s ready to sell its more competition a supposed so in this plays
a fire under us truly don’t understand which moments
really better arshad a pickup to qatar so i really sense of the opportunities out there we think
it’s been we see people using the web more and more each year in december is used to be even
better it’s not just a little bit dealers it’s
that made initial decisions in formation oppressions and figure out who
threatened to blow up who would want to buy a car untrustworthy mister carville
la ordeals of who has a theory who has the right
hills are about just a lot of this world question so let’s take a look at see his wish list we’re going to really take a look at how
to capture these people i captured her shoppers at the right
spot across the road devices and badly were
an overall or everyone s smartphone ever has a template scenes enters vehicle research happening dot campus more bread but i
think that’s endured folks though i really sense let as we’re going to
take a look eliana jim might interject anything a
resounding good in terms of uh… content so far yet when we made up figure out what it is the bosnia and
important justin gonna get a chance for people to
have been enough against some questions actions of the un’s action that’s great how intel kissi does sambar compared to months regarding car sales december like absolutely setbacks kits one is that bad timeline maybe you know must months of the year if it’s just it’s not an insignificant
side in westminster he wanted at least left when it finally have sex once again stories about at close to
call upstair insults bucks or coming icing fast left my house
gets involved x uh… itself i can’t testify specials there has been brain contact actually crap k stuff like acted love hartford crisis already close this fall scarce off argued that care much timing is everything sixty one-percent estates finance satmar squina tax cuts super sexy set hands percent estates insects snacks yet hand here three sat december except that’s that frankincense contacts yeah that’s really interesting i would
love to have easily uh… learn more about errors individual situation
especially those five percent said it’s not a big one uh… but yeah it’s great to see disney-a_b_c_
their pictures dot google camping out at this time around bledsoe it would make sense that as per must
live responsive center i’ve people we didn’t use it is a measure of the
greatest idiotic to vehicular are fairfax house press ’cause here’s concave participants house
sickness suck antoinette seacrest gets fatter s had one of the idealism tactics to usable tools we have it ready cash in america
shoppers uh… will jump in here you know i’ll
just stay in advance wording is where we talk about marketing
advertising ideas uh… people we’ve got a lot of tools
that we think it really helps put to death many of you may be a uh… when you think about who will anything
about advertising do you think about paid search in search
of s_e_m_ ke pc is about hot words around using google and search engines to get
from can reasons were searching for a car
will touch on that and if you’re not familiar with better that’s not
something that you tried to your dealership that’s fine we’re gonna talk about it
but we have a little way but also on the cutting that out talk about mortgages p search really
talking about taking some of the things that you might
argue to at your dealership in terms of advertising which could be radio messages out strong newspaper advertising i’m home marketing doors idaho whatever desk i’m reading here
that’s that probably not any of us out there you do in the past may be put in your existing marketing efforts finding ways to help that live in a
brief outline where we go keyboard not only concentrated but they
had the ability to and into a dialogue with you if the ability to click and shopper cars impotence so that we’re talking about your
computer analyzing upgraded still the name of the things that you do
we care about the finding ways to help them live in that’s s of c_n_n_ which is for process here watching also catfight artists transfers precedents two years concert home plate half christmas and new year’s outlying
parts k activate to the title of this but
there’s not cream coming up next time will make this
presentation titled entry and had the baby really irks me is when
a and ordeal anything uh… interested in
working automotive companies like that in the business corporate law and i realized and this is not a time to
take any sort of predict we christmas idiots again in the uh… ministry bill if left
as you get to take a break accurate so hey this is how it goes but jump in told here we go back inside the soviets here’s assoc business something which is why i wanted
to set earlier to focus on key opportunities american uh… we’re having a look at search
which you might know speed searcher key piece here at c_n_n_ we’re going to do with the cash in the
audience that you’re going to go through a lot of your other advertising eprints we’re gonna look at how to do this more
by spring easily we’re gonna take a look at reaching
shoppers wally quali shop ballers rebound to go
looking for info into really making sure that you know i
did speak to engage charlotte’s say the right fit all people and burger we’re also going to take a look at
marketing advertising and other bucket which fits into the video display
advertising bucket which we can really think of again it’s
sort of in the same way is a lot of p newspaper print preview t_v_ advertising
they aren’t too but by orchestrating online plus offline strategy we can get
really huge target we didn’t need that maximize efficiency cut waste in use the same created the very he was
just hit harder and within realizable so let’s take a look at the search peace
first again who will listen you’ve heard of peace for transfers uh… we’re really talking about here is
what people do a search on google or any other search
property which happens to be huge whose research
property search and use it jed ice cream that you see here and
those of you know that the cool surges of h or even the huge in search results page is split up into two different
categories at the top of the right you’ve got c ads at the bottom bill you’ve got working in a tree with
students which sometimes people call icpo
listings well but the real deal here is uh… the
paid advertising postings those come up as a combination of sell your bid on a certain he were
combined with the role that cigarette the free listings it’s all google
there’s no getting involved were making the call and see which dealership is the most relevant to the
church there so when we talk about search and owning surge across those frames
we’re talking about both of the day we can really control choosing he words setting dates and having the right
address each to give a on those top spots of google and on the rights and equal where
there’s sponsor ad sponsored listings it is important across offerings moved into that a
little bit more as uh… when it really looks like they have a across for his
strategy uh… but what we really want to
emphasize here too is that if this is a moment that matters car
shopping someone searching for a car there’s a high likelihood ek this is arguably one of the moments that
matters most shafts we really need to think about it some of that tablet or smartphone or work home in the search for a car it we’ve got to be there with the
writing on the right message to help protect us that’s a better prospect at work yet anywhere on industry or uh… adriana personnel fancier message
on t_v_ is it’s a good apj so the answer is being really or
protection enemies as i mentioned earlier we see a
lot of people we are searching for yield incentive related language article let you know leasing cars that’s not a rebate here
experienced by car vehicle shouting queries activists argue
the language overall brought almost twenty percent uh… in the second half of two thousand
idea for two thousand welcome it sir so we really see people getting or deal
focus that you have to be here and again we want to help capture that
that’s low hanging fruit that’s better than any other prospect that we
astronauts colonies they want to know is an attack
recorder i’m gonna try to break this down to do a few really simple test but a number of season they will be the
checklist to be unseated interim easter yet what she wants to step one if you’re doing his search you had the opportunity to take you
words enright ads that show up with those keywords taking time to make these holiday specific think about year-end sales keywords and
send it to you related keywords holiday christmas new year’s really keywords neither the greater
curable strategy interrupt one managing it get someone to help you there’s a lot of review board but it
doesn’t approve it and i’ll be there u_n_ hartwell uh… you c_n_n_ at the
top right some of the road at customized for this season a lot of times when we see people
running obtain search sometimes get so busy running the
dealership or period of time day edit uh… yes updated for the seized style nature of her hence the coated with wax ult what’s going on at your dealership
visitors he’s from a crook and use it will be in the one st
different devices were really uh… funny point in our
culture where smartplanet have all sales are just
exploding it’s just really amazing to see online can originate with the sliding
back but we have a graphic shows how many
people are searching for vehicle shopping related searches on google on smart boards that was persist desktop
computers that class at first smartphones whistling and small
influence teddy in the last few years we have just exploded exponentially more
about the point where there are just as many people searching
from older license or carjacking queries on google as there are people searching from
desktop and laptop computers so if we want to talk about what’s next
is smart bombs and bullets uh… is that is what’s best it’s it’s
what’s now uh… married now continue or media
mobile devices m_t_v_’s pcs that’s pretty incredible i don’t know but who knows the answer to
this op-ed i’m tempted to make this uh… a question in china
and i don’t know how many times people shaper falls once per day now in the
u_s_ kids a hundred and fifty times a day which is really the second-most indeed you students always end up
looking in print sort of thing specifically should be
looked at we’re negotiating over a billion in
their infant’s per day in this thing is for real uh… in tablets as well ahead of
ownership doubled in the u_s_ west holiday season evelyn yourself during the and steve most people you don’t have a terrible
problem in a funny thing for me and i think that
i want to talk about i’d sit down together to talk to a dealership about what’s your mobile strategy what u
telescopes how do you make sure that the barking advertising website you cast really as a whole months performs caplets
stands out because that’s where people are looking for accommodation the thing that i really want to
emphasize here is the fact that it’s mark doesn’t have
a list or used in the same way steps out
kidder’s when we use a computer there were searching for permission but
nothing that you see on your phone or tablets personal awaited is unlike
anything else your phone has your contact with it’s kind of photos is that your
calendar it’s got all of your phone numbers
obviously the phone it’s kind of social media it’s got her
internet what’s on your phones you snapping a respirator people take it
seriously in their studies that show that the the things that people see her father the recall when they stick with those
people were convinces himself here and you have any and you have been a you know i i i think
there’s somewhere near the back of your friends heidi’s adelaide wonderful ukcps i am caa you you do it that’s how the most part
that’s recital these days so the end a smartphone is that you saw searching
for a vote it’s instant television experience personal so is really important to take a look at beijing junior dealerships got presents
on smartphone because if someone is surging uh… or or trying
to get information on car this is their chance to make a first
impression problem so what is this what holly said too hedging customers in line down the road
and after opening presents here’s a really good opportunity to
repeat what will the vice is because a lot more people to get mobile devices
after they open up there chris presence did files we didn’t even wait until christmas her
alice people have phones are ready and what we see here’s an example of dealerships that users sample
dealerships but that they’ve got ads coming up at the
top of cool on all the boxes we want to make sure that your car
dealerships are all show up at least hot spots this again it’s not only a moment that really
matters harshad it’s particularly but it’s a first impression that shows
the girl your budget your real player of the space your dealership it’s worth it we’re checking out is really important that we want to be
found people search up mobile people are really searching for a lot of different things and to use
their phones researching for product info who runs
the sales product reviews dot store probation
by-products all around the holidays uh… in the numbers represent users who
played that holiday purchases him all the places here is actually grown it’s up forty six
percent to create credible keyboard three making purchases from her thoughts included the state is just a few years
ago it’s not even close so now people have bike around the folks
right now plus the game as well and that’s all the more important to be
president mubarak’s bed that night karke from old offer before we come back as they can still confused as much well you know that sounds good campaign by cards right lives and no doubt that some of them did
finally began and the next uh… allen and and he is december anywhere okay for and i was born about about wall
uh… with before you know dynasties tom elephant handbook ass extension charity you want to take that sentence
first facts stress crops mobile tackling now right there i mean one demolished just from now theory question do you know when we talk
about the vietnamese happy about that strategy that works on everything most of the time people here at the
center forgetting about being a mobile they just focus on desktop in laptop computers a lot of
time with her at work at the dealership they do a surgery from the desk computer
a lot i know for sure i think that nationally that i’ve been
out there you can china what it would be different things they showed me where i was running your
unlike campaigns have enzymol don’t make sure that
they’re checking that basnet forgetting about addiction to drugs tablets in the new movie website same thing they
couldn’t get a web site that looks and works really well also spices and and great mobile fax cds specific and cafepress tucson accuracy cypress freeway you wouldn’t believe how many people
have said that he has assured us that it outright presentations as the region fabulous democrats first sir selatan if if you are i think have something that i’m not all i mean something and you have tel on novel collapsed last him of all outlook and este come to my laptop and i can see it whatever other
remember call that picture that i think that mobile sixty right kisses him especially accessible xxx exactly events you know again the conversations i had
with you always his car dealers old people see their customers using
mobile and answer to raise its as he said i think he waits for the
first impression itself instant answers on the following where
they go to convince them to make a decision later and the second sided too which i had on
his is people that are actually ability to
be driving scary is that is although we all can do it and they’re looking for i’d you know that physical location out
there around so yes you read it is it’s so important
to gateway we need to be present of these devices in big anymore or a search
traffic ships to these devices from desktop computers permanent totally missing the boat
purchase focus n strategy photo based on that house vesta occupy just district nineteen mobile dismembered click karyam irritating rutskoi kadhi kadhi there is rain in this weekend the right
in does your dealership ty cobb at has dot
three three and a number of the barn as clickable yet some of you have to get away from
the foam that’s something you can say that any
other evertecinc dot click on t_v_ or uh… newspaper at advocates take
advantage of me absolutely thank you will grade the last thing i will say
about mobile again is it’s is so important opera website
approach to have a website that looks good for all the reasons that only an
inspection it’s on the first impression of you i know what you put a lot of time and
effort into making really good physical store fronts and a lot of the equipment
for spite manufactures with you later that same put a lot of money it’s
operating your physical storefront vietnam of money dictates to have a really good
looking or orange cap what dates website disintegrate or contest at st is not is much is it costs and total into a new
facade on your facility or replace your entire showroom floor in writing right so again most people may never get to your
physical dealership universal first impression acting on the
phone or other computers so i can’t really
afford to have seek out someone can help you that’s right outcasts novel the people pounder henry the eighth
grade caves arguably wanna very fast facts tax
ever step-by-step mull extracts fast straight arm slash webinar hinckley how much where webinar archives are rundown actions title or mobile straps afferent number dash well-crafted down fantastic yet anyone anyone who would
say videotape it up and goes into that unjustified thanks to the point wet stuff and i’m going to be has not
yet they should get through this if you get decent identity and if possible so
uh… reflected networking we’ve got a few more solutions please check up on
some of the things to note the search for a bit again around the holidays eskimo people
searching pediatric searches unit that uh… oh prices fell straight to the
right message in the right to use for customers uh… video display we’ve got a lot of moment in the image
is well you know that there’s a ton competitive events happened as a
time-out from some of their senior sales your manufactures are helping you out with just a ton of advertising on them we need to help convert that anydvd some of our own so let’s talk about is promoting
engagement experienced by taking some of the traditional assets and haven’t been
online so this is uh… this is an outline newspaper grade isn’t dead newspapers that day i know that the average dealership still
that’s about twenty percent of the marketing budget prison i still have a student newspaper about
home and i work for google tech company print is not debited lives up like a lot
of the time to those people reader i kept a lot of time so it’s not going to print media with a great opportunity subletting go beyond water in our
manufacturers are doing to give the word out about sales that
are dealerships rainy here greene’s first day of my
favorite or cokie at the bottom dot i might be a rat season best cadillac is a great example of taking what would
otherwise be sort of print collateral archie federal ultimately while i’m in a equitable for
that he had no here’s another example happy
holidays random boswell sports page your many factories are doing it right
there and they know that it’s important to reach people were there at wichita
state that right that’s so resorting to push fees and the year sales of its marketing
efforts to online as well weekend the point here is was a great opportunity for you to do
the same it’s not that hard to do we have a lot
of effort goes into orchestrating print and t_v_ and radio strategies it seems very sometimes to think about
letting these things uh… you doing these things online
because they make their ads for me how do i control it looks like what happened
to it empyrean partners out there that could
help you do it uh… but what you’re thinking about
your strategy for practically announcing tuxedos to get your dealership you’ve got guys designing ads for is bigger order is back given a meeting and talk to whoever’s in your online marketing he said hey we need to notice rich
people physically without quite yet we need to
get the same stuff with him on because there’s a great opportunity so
again as mentioned beginning just on ghouls network of websites experts say q_v_c_ we can reach thirteen million in market car shoppers reasons for that
day and it’s a callous track towards
clickable it sufficiently to target the base of
intrusive behaviors not just throw it at several tests yet interpret their resist a perk you really targeted fish suddenly looking according to his men uh… ninety two we do know again your manufacturers are doing this
happy holidays to campaign question that lived on t_v_ but it also is on you to as a series of instream video
campaigns is show up when people are watching
other utube videos just kind of what it looks like ending
on a different there as an addtional in before someone’s
watching att according to your from consumer report in again distancing scary sometimes
who’s been there is ready to how we can get on youtube what is your too a highway did video online really when we’re taking a dirty
strategy we’re now at a point where there’s a lot of people out there that
tony half t_v_ is a growing the internet’s watched
on t_v_ through youtube in blue or netflix so disagree actually to reach more
people in again to advertise this or accountable efficient easy money off
what you need to provide because it’s clickable on the sqft some people like
engage in in your case results so as a part of the holiday said she
will not take a look at thinking about the offline traditional
media we’d use to get the word out about uh… that your car salesmen you know we
wanna move and getting an online to tell as mentioned the cool thing is that we
can pay only for g_a_t_t_ okies i wanna shamelessly talk a little bit more about our products i’d use to realize you get your commercial or your video
advertisement in front of people again here’s what it looks like a key to
it’s a commercial before due to danielle here’s a lot of text that you don’t need
to read will get the pictures of the corner you can see that there’s a lot of
different other places to get that you know etc show up on you to where people
can clicking discover your video on a lot of ways uky point again don’t read the text is
looming confusing he believes you’re only paying people choose to click on it
watch area and he did you ask for it we have up
here too you’re only paying people cling to
choose to watch the air or if they do served on the ad is a
video ad they actually than sitting through the
whole dad insisted to go to the next illegal together occasionally t_v_ advertising
that’s accountable eager to do next accuracy is that we we we pay for on
people actually watch which we can sell type rather be right
it’s scary when people tight ship to distribute institutes ups and not to say that off idea
traditionally in t_v_ is raw nerve at as uh… still absolutely important we need to start thinking about doing
new things too to reach people were network color so islands of three i think about it that you have a video
strategy under the covers one online video you know we had to keep him a similar
research partners we do give us some stamps and have had our taxpayer when
people are video over half of holiday shoppers are
reached and you too uh… people spent thirty five miles of
each watching video across greens clarinet shifting smartphones at once peter one for car shoppers are likely to watch
nightline video an extended by car it’s going to happen for shoppers are
likely to what happened in the next ten are seven people they’re seeing these videos there are only two they’re being
influenced by them its ability to think about utube also created reach beyond tv we’ve seen advertisers who too manages to keep the strategy they take
the same created that they buy tickets for t_v_ saikat the one that is the utube creative begin at two twenty five percent uh…
additional reach observing and so there are twenty five percent of people do it yet you to pick up the m_t_v_ that same
and twenty five thirty percent of the story from the teachers is treating people all different places
they are attached to the place traditional agrees holidays have four and again we’re in
the business you’re talking about proactively getting the word out as
opposed to search which sort of reactive leading their own people search
for you we have some tools in google what that
can help you take different hats whether that’s a attacks
in the network picture image b rat or even if the u_n_ commercial in broadcast it to people as they browse
eleven reduced to watch videos green we can do that by being really
target people’s interests are what we call interest category marketing which is something which is smarter
behavioural targeting if you’ve heard that term before his way to get out at show enter texture
video heads specifically people who visit the car
shopping begin before yet millions of people or report users crew base of the recent searches three
we know well what we really soon their car shoppers order tmw shoppers or they’re looking for a lot of practice or the e-card shirts a all indicators
disciplines merck workshop how these before argued with the person who does your
marketing talk about it which was cool up behavioural targeting pictures
category campaign to get your deals that send inflamed
with your sale that language out to tuesday when people who work in market
car shoppers hubertod teachers here you’re hearing stock parts how he said number five don’t just proactively kid from people with the message about your and do you sell got reminded people of our team visited
your site purchase about her post holiday uh… about accounting skills that out remarking is a tool that we have a cool
you’ve probably heard about remarking retarded online advertising if you have it wendy uses its advertising shows of the people after they visited
your website so the other day i went to a retail
website considering making a purchase for my own home uh… a few hours later i was reading uh… you say
you’re checking the weather and i got served up interactivity
website i was on earlier maybe he should be combat providing or
remain in the way from screenwriting is a strategy that does
that keeps your dealership at my throughout the holiday rush and that’s the way the continuing to
talk to people after the visit your web site make sure that they are not kipperman tom kissing test penthouse apt action continued uh… planar on
november fifteenth solely happy marketing waste that could fracture concrete
examples taxes carry fascist sales eastside breast pocket react refinances aspects street markets etc
jeffrey dot a taxi you know incorrect about me going
towards free-market and it’s really attachment constellations and every
dealerships and larry moore i_t_n_ racket sap advocates if there’s anything to you and uh… and the rats were also a m of every
american indian again if you’re interested check that weather for sure a lot of the dealerships and work with
their doing it outlined what marketing strategy they’re thinking about it is giving them a lot of freedom wine colby on whatever ties and we’re
talking about these pay-per-click stuff you’re only paying people choose to
click the end of your website when we’re talking about a online better
video a campaign but clean through really is pretty well distances to standard you know one out of a thousand a lot of
ten thousand people will clinton outlined interact which means that the other ninety-nine her cat has better backpack just hangs the actual about the clint hassle-free for marketers with regarding it’s no different when
you’re basically doing is following up with everyone that comes
your website would it have a free ad impressions and then we came up people actually
kleczka leak a few dollars actual clerk so given that i was well dealers attacks
you you’re paying like debate on the conflict five cents three
cents to the following each individual user
you’re reaching multiple times for the regarding adequate course of the next
month since then since then visiting your website it’s great value again if you’ve got
sale going on or you’re building up to some great
sales at the end of the year we’ve got a great deal of certainty is that the
curriculum models you know reminded every visitor site
that message enter enter it except behind them you’re willing to pay for people click
yeah about so it’s a great way to follow how they said number six and this is al hate their insights get over it uh… that the weather narrow thing is is
acting up on we’ve got a clue chance again in terms
of incredible giving her or not to reach people of mobile devices these three screenshots here are all examples of people uh… advertisers running display ads on a mobile device that’s
what you get a recovery would be after awhile perhaps those headphones for
christmas or or of interest so great reduces to each other uh… you know this is that this is what they’re going to be seen he
had a chance here at showing up on websites that you can search adiganu
cited this it uh… symbol yeah i want to get these bills that
we’ve got a few different flavors mcquay’s freda
practically coolidge ad message out on mobile devices uh… i do too and others that incident at work and as it relates to pay-per-click or
you’re getting the word out of the payment oakley at so how they can
university pomona cut through the clutter you were probably i would imagine
thinking about imprint radio data were not there we can be really targeted at a couple of
mobile phones to that’s for people to spend it since it’s a thing about doing a
practical displays empty because display and that you had done
what list let’s recap attitude checklist that run
through a lot of differences here uh… hope will be ten cents he fees
throughout uh… it’s a highlight what thoughts are uh… number one capture holiday to me the navy game here it is really by campaigns do marketing across
all the votes all buddies is ever uses them may be as simple as ellen said inhaling i’m not sure who said
originally perverted server arguing the mobile first everything else
second absolutely make sure that you’re doing a good
bubble ceases eligibility morales be found in the american car shoppers houston reserves that are using the web
to search for a car easy to find in the service and we will as a en route to write their about how they uh… one holiday ads yes how did he
works serbian take a look at your research chechi that you’ve got a holiday behavior
focused keywords in your keyword list that you’re going on and then you’ve got how delighted and
happy that really a high winds what you’ve done for the season isn’t
just that is the standard ad that you are not here irrelevant within market car shoppers or diners here is we really want to take
a look at using video banner ads to get in front of people and that is in front of everyone but get
frustrated at the american people didn’t really think you’re likely to be people
don’t want to buy a car and we have to wait the applicant’s
pay-per-click solutions literally fishing wesley dot we’re here to help learn google is uh… a series of
teachings that happened on line and sometimes in person we can learn more about what we do what tools we have to offer
to help you two things more efficiently to marketing
or patiently this referral google rendition of the
great weather thirty around us uh… distributional information it was
unlikely upon scratching you know we’ve got to do their job
getting the word out about that going who will bugler goes today you can continue to learn a group of us
who are so the next steps in these uh… you
know this is agreeing or check list and i think that the strategy for yourself
but if you’re gonna go then sit down and
then delete statements figure infinity for the next few months how we can sell more cars how we can
make sure that our parking budget goes as far as possible that were really efficient spent too
much most of republican what you do here’s a sample checklist of things in
nineteen forty law through of with anyone who’s involved in marketing uh… det into general manager involves get
overdosed on line let’s say marking alter his steps one create
highly-charged campaign for testosterone ponce tablets citysearch campaign increase in december your visual it
doesn’t get to see more people searching using the web if you have a budget
breakdown for each month make sure that it’s loaded with work for
a separate or search it still come up dr i at the end of the month with your budget which still touch
people’s art at thirty months created wants you to bs display ads it will get anything that is being gored
fracas i’d wait for that selected to go to display that you can be alum that issue to the states to jewlery marketing served on the regarding user list if it
was a joke website give final inspection payments on and then lastly use behavioral certain interest category
partner think-tank tickets for the market people shoppers
europe internet under sales so give me your checklist for diversity you need to go over which is a great start to execute
thinking about them really appreciate your time ever out
there and help it about work innovative car dealership is very
precious thank you for your lunch hour elena
thank you for having me his beloved opened up to questions um… for you to
vote who had side civilian damage flags are moving there and that or usually home of the every
expert which is the against me uh… activities yet ka everything’s ok appetites of outlooks
and i’ve lost a lot of hair takes a few years ago linnea presidency that picture any questions for me sr receptacle self first process spots school hopefully three action house select asks words from my friend mikey aircraft etcetera ten inches wide since the rod basket left roxie works
and i support sick so extracts tryin except a streak topic ahead i have a two-prong approach to
doing that first use a whiteboard in thing about all your for profit
centers inmate up common-sense list of all the things
people could search for a bit relevent to engage with what your profit
centers second-rate use the freemen went school
then you’re asking for it’s called the global edwards keyword
tool uh… boy then salesman program did we use it to him executed run all the different research
dinner at the new campaigns make sure you is called google adwords eighty w o r d
s you’ve probably heard of it e google adwords keywords will is a free
jewelry to plug in all these keywords here is the point where it sequence which ones actually have a lot
of search interest in your area and they give you had used for other
keywords oh accessed packet citizens is again slacks cable cracker i thank you very much sam great sixty
and actual markets are out mark taxpayers one quick question he can’t remarking as a group lesson definitely not redesigned google adwords
as a self-serving fool where you can go in and set up easier campaign or
regarding campaign or up in our youtube super crazy with work if you’d like to it’s all their creative to pull the trigger yourself however my experience would be better when dealerships who don’t have people
set out to do this trade you ended up pulling people off the floor selling
cars spending more time in the eve try to
figure out your asked so my advice would be if i have heard that
help to those of us to guess what pretty steady in-house and in the agency has been using the
same tools that you use dot google adwords remains a very democratic process for
humans kayak rite of passage so x states like anything he wants to take
out time face facts you know or or anyplace subdivision some people are bad you can do a okay so i’d next astronaut came i have two sessions that i’d bet and basic itself essences
darkness i did not accept that text i think uh… again he says i’d in today nightline out more about local cars data
unicast successful idealistic first ninety planes simple cards saccades attracts customized oxford competitors who collects hoxie idealist by their
success research for aston baxley tonight we contracted dramatic election yet as a great question um… i hear
that it was an incredibly there united people to ask you what has been
passed that were due to the area it’s kind of the global cool cars but there’s no official name
for it if you haven’t seen it then you can just
to research and there’s probably a lot of other people chatting about it heard
about it uh… is enclosed in the right now which
means that it was a big deal isn’t it an official or not but i would imagine
somebody with a skill that will be helpful to a very successful product
networks helps everyone under my skin allowed give people ought
to sign up for a so op tell you what you are in the bay area
actually onto didn’t want to know and i think or wilshire info and obviously because
we do know that uh… basin is equal products that’s not
what was turning the other contentdm annapolis mister size racer makes tax tax tax tax ise case allot on couple arts and starts able to sell my boxes heated advertising
said unlike taiwanese sc much campaign costs ag absence guitars
aren’t talking about peace solids asap now now people want to know how much you
know in general all of the internet with the story from
a dealership i work with that had a very very strong t_v_ budget and was able to take just a small
percentage of that way not five percent or less and still be
great results on you too what they did was uh… they saw it yet used cars new auto financing so we
thought that do any piano and bit is about getting financing but also have a computer completed their
exit video people could actually clicked at city hall come here for financing i can speak with the special effects
deals here he would pay their dues paying about uh… costs hurt someone choosing to watch the video instead of
sitting in for you know pay is is about five to fifteen cents purview which means that if you even have a budget of something
like twenty five two hundred dollars a day
that range which i don’t think so i will offer you you get hundreds or fat
thousands of people viewing your ads and thousands more addictive cigarettes at
least part of it but then she was just a bit which you don’t or so yet it can be really really uh… gucci began a fraction of the cuban people
without knowing your specifics in that situation tough sir packet which execute access talk watch the
whole thing identifiers exactly you put in an ad if someone watches twenty five seconds
of the thirties but you don’t have it you only do they want thirty seconds any any paid five to fifteen cents we called it a truly would sits at
youtube true view one part advertising emotionally needy for true use of the
big deal site i think it’s cox subject right ambiguity then he he he begin paper people in t_v_
history reported yesterday doctor friend and intentional nana when your commercial it’s worked for him wishes height okay well harvest topic ourselves space timeline ascertain
time allotted we’re gonna try to satisfy a stunned how
later today no you looking to sell sampai for how many times you’re really welcome thanks for having
me included extn i have my audience that outlets sound happy yesterday’s ladner cording sauces and he
laughed later today if your expense amplification friends and colleagues at
statravel dot is trying to keep posted online within twenty four hours
elasticity toronto huh hearts tequila up schedule access any ac fantastic at the conclusion of the land i can
receive a short survey please without always architect marquardt brenda extracts enacts also completed
surveys also some people trying to swallow rather accent he doesn’t know that’s why did you do it and really got out morrow climax for that how did say he repeatedly saying c drapes you-know-what successful felix
exile have in common well a whole range from digital grain
size in texas nationwide survey of dealerships extraction good mistress accomplishments housing improve
their tactics say results dominate their markets and
so you can tell you let’s and no eleven are asked so many questions
break apart based on this and easy walking away traffic if you have to
carry sakti track results like this one can discuss by your friends de leon don’t forget to
ask about how to help slapstick my hands yes incredible that eleven x x x x this
year questions tests companies that nice tuck please feel free to contact me directly
against eliana bhatia love can thank you downline email eliana your dot com kasa said and fl hats the off future webinar t education series yet had a contract

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