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  1. A new toyota or lexus will never drop in value by 30 percent when you drive it off the lot. and no one ever drives it off the lot and sells it for 30 percent less than what they bought it for…

  2. Are these people on rocks or delusional? Who taught them about car sales? Ok I agree with keeping a car till it's lifetime ends but it doesn't mean that it's value will go down drastically. It depends on 3 things; Mileage, Body and Cleaniness. I say THIS "That's how you take care of your car and it's value; in return it will take care of you." That's my quote. Let them memorize it.

  3. What if you're from Houston, Texas where you really do NEED a car and it makes better economics sense to have one then to Uber all the time

  4. While I agree with most of the content, some people — especially business owners—NEED the tax write off. Therefore, a lease makes perfect sense.

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  6. Bicycle and public transport if possible. I also hate cars (except for all electric cars which you can charge mostly free or at work). But in case you really need one of those petrol running cars wait till it's at least 3 to 5 years

  7. Uhhhhh I agree but that bald guy I’m not taking a rideshare service and waiting for somebody like a five year old I agree don’t buy a new car but I will never take public transportation nor will I ever sit around waiting for somebody.

  8. I definitely don't see 1-3 year old used cars that have dropped 30% in value on the used market…The "Buy almost new"/post lease thing never seems to pan out in my city, since everyone follows the same parroted advice, and if they're only a few grand cheaper than a new car, differences in financing rates (low to no, vs 4-7% used) can make up the difference.

  9. I buy brand new American cars every 7 years: Because the Extended Powertrain Warranty only runs 7 years…And because only American cars (specially trucks) have about 20% in incentives and rebates which absorbs a good chunck of the 1st year depreciation.

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