Exterior Car Detailing Like A Pro! Car Cleaning

Exterior Car Detailing Like A Pro! Car Cleaning

welcome back to Stauffer garage guys today’s video is going to be a super washer car video I’m going to show you how to use a foam cannon along with the 2 bucket method to super clean your car if you’re not subscribed hit that subscribe button below give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and leave a comment below of what you would like to see next [Music] today’s video is also a giveaway for $100 giftcard to auto get calm so you guys can pick up some new detail and supplies for spring this giveaway will go on for a month so make sure you leave that comment below so I can pick the winner in the next 30 days since I live in Ohio you have the salt on the roads from all the snow so my car is extremely dirty as you can see in these video clips I have lots of dirt buildup on each side of the car especially the rear and about the wheel wells but definitely going to be able to tackle all that with the methods that I’m showing today so the pressure washer that I use is from Sun Joe that I picked up off at Amazon it is an electric pressure washer with the right pressure rating to match my foam cannon my foam cannon is picked up from auto geek.com and then also my grit cards were picked up off their site take your foam cannon soap and add it to your bottle with some water and when you mix it up it allows the foam cannon to produce a much better soap solution on your car and then attach to your pressure washer [Music] I have to say the foam can is probably the best tool I’ve ever picked up for detailing it makes your life so much easier by creating a thick layer of foam over top of your car that as it falls off your car it takes a lot of the dirt with it it really makes your life easier when it comes to using a sponge to wash your car because a lot of the heavy dirt on your car has been pulled off and then your sponge doesn’t fill up with as much grit so that way you have less likely of an opportunity to scratch your paint [Music] I usually use the pressure washer first to start rinsing off the car because depending on if you’re washing it outside or in the shade you’re gonna get some of that soap drying the pressure washer really helps with doing a good job of getting that dried soap off the car definitely start with the top of the vehicle and work your way down all right for the two bucket method add your good guards to the bottom fill one bucket with just plain water and the other bucket heavier soap and water mix I like to start with the wheels first because they usually are the most tedious and dirtiest portion of the car at this point see I have a separate wash mitt just for this task to clean all those nooks and crannies but then also the outside of the tire itself so at this point the pressure washer isn’t needed I just use a standard host sheet water off the car and clean off the soap it also helps if your car is waxed and polished where you just get a minor beating for when you’re drying [Music] so for each time that the wash mint is soaked in soap I like to do one panel at a time and then I can flip it over and do another panel but always start from the top and work your way down because the lower you get on the car typically that means that it’s more dirty so you start at the top of your door and when you get to the bottom of the rocker panel and the door sill that’s usually where most of the dirt is collected [Music] as you’re watching your car be conscious of the sunlight because the sunlight is going to dry that soap that has collect on the surface so as you get through each panel go ahead and rinse it off as well so that way that soap residue doesn’t have a chance to dry so now it’s time to drive the car I have a specific microfiber that I like to use from Cobra called the guzzler I usually have several of these packs lying around but they do an amazing job they are the biggest towel that they have and usually I can get away with doing the full car with just two towels [Music] when drying your car always start at the top usually on the roof and work your way down and be conscious when you get down towards the bottom of the car and around the tires to not allow the towel to contact those surfaces because they will collect dirt and pick it up and then you will be touching your paint with it and scratching it so just be conscious of that as you work way down [Music] so as you get to know your car more I know that sounds weird you figure out the different areas where water will collect and drip even after you’ve dried the car so in my particular case around the windowsills trim and then also around the mirrors to find different areas of your car that collect water and then we’ll continue to drip even as the car drives so just pay particular attention to those areas so as you dry the rest of the car the water won’t drip down and dry and leave that watermark that you’re trying not to produce [Music] so one of the most satisfying parts to the detail for me is actually cleaning the door jambs and around the trunk itself because you spend so much time getting in out of the car it’s one of those neglected areas that a lot of people miss but cleaning those door jams underneath the door around the door trim itself and in the door sill it really just gives you that little extra edge when you clean your car to make it that much more appealing [Music] Oh so this isn’t a full in-depth engine detail if you guys are interested in that video let me know in the comments below and I’ll go ahead and make one of those but for this task we’re just simply going around and drying and collecting any of that water that has actually accumulated in the engine bay so around the fenders the engine cover the battery covers there are several places where you’ll find water [Music] one of the most neglected places that you’ll actually find is the underneath side of the hood you’ll see where water has kicked up and dirt has kicked up and it has collected on your hood so just with your wet towel that you’ve been using go ahead and wipe those areas off and you’ll be surprised at how much it improvement this makes in your car it’ll make it look ten times better [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so that is it for today’s video on how to super clean your car if you like this video like I said give this video a thumbs up leave a comment below of what video you’d like to see next so if you want to enter it into that giveaway make sure you’re subscribed you leave a comment below and I’ll be announcing the winner in the next couple videos so be on the lookout for that and thank you guys so much for watching today and I’ll see you next time [Music]

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  1. Awesome video. Simple, short and to the point. Can you make a video about interior detailing. Simple tips and tricks perhaps.

  2. Hey I like what you doing with your videos trying to be different from others. Like how you edited the video but also didn’t have that them through the video. Truly I never have won anything and I have a few detailing products and if I was the one to win those $100 I would start my little own detailing business. Keep up the great work you will soon hit 10k I lived your videos.

  3. Hello nice video a suggestion I have is you might want to look into claying the car as well it really does help. But nice video thank you for sharing

  4. I wanna see a video of all your favorite car cleaning products along with what scents you use. I know Mika is all about all natural soaps and smells have you found any all natural car freshers? I live in Michigan a couple hours from you and The salt is what I dislike the most about winter.

  5. Doing the underside of the door and than do your hood?..omg…thats like washing your groin full of pubic hair and then wash your face with same sponge…i'm not hating but your technic could use some improvement 🙂

  6. Thanks for the vids. I'm starting to see rust pings from rocks and salt on the roads after 5 yrs/125k miles. Id love to see any diy fix videos for this….would be great. I'm hoping I can prevent them from getting larger?

  7. That's ok for washing a clean car, but I would never use the same wash mitt for the top and bottom of car on a daily driven car that gets washed normally once a week to once every two weeks.

  8. Great video! I know this has nothing todo with the content… But could you please send the model number (usually an RN number on a waistband tag) of your jogging pants? They look perfect! Thanks!

  9. I’ve become obsessed with detail cleaning my car since I had my baby, I would looooove that gift card!! Love your videos btw

  10. +1 on engine bay clean. Nice job. Ever thought of some air for phase 1 drying? I use an electric leaf blower to keep running down and then use a drying aid on towel for remaining wet spots.

  11. You guys dont lift up the windshield wipers during the wash and call it super wash??? It looks so unprofessional. Leave the wiper down while wash will result all the dirts stay on the windshield. Please dont call your selves as professional washers

  12. I just this your video on cleaning the inside of a mini van and then I watched this one! Thank you for these. I always just go through the car wash, but I'd like to wash my own car. Will you have a video showing how to wash the outside of the van or maybe just some tips. I'm thinking I'll need a ladder to get to the top of it. Thank you again and you're gained a new sub!

  13. Love watching your videos! Especially if you detailing the odyssey. Can we try doing a
    Video on older cars, ways to update them.

  14. I was trying to find videos on how to best clean my car and came across your video. I recognized your voice right away from your other channels I was already subscribed to. 🙂 I would like a video where you explain which cleaner you are using on different parts of the interior. Thanks for entering me for the drawing!

  15. Easy to swirl no matter how careful you are when you use wash mitt and two bucket…..My method: Dont need grit guard or 2 buckets..Get one bucket fill with your favorite soap..Get some plush microfiber towels I use rag company creature edgeless..Use 2 or 3 towels per car wash..Soak 2 or 3 towels depending on car size in soap mixture for minute or so..I use pressure washer to remove the dirt first from car then use foam cannon to foam up the car..I dont rinse the soap let it sit on a car for 2 or 3 minute obviously dont recommend doing this on hot panel or in direct sunlight..take out pre soaked towel from soap bucket wring it so its not dripping..fold towel in 4 so you have 8 side to work with..use rinseless method swipe towel on one panel and flip it to clean side to wipe it again that way you are not rubbing the dirt again on swiped panel.. once 8 sides are used change the towel..dont dunk it back into the soap mixture..This way I am discarding my soapy mixture after every wash either..i do this on whole car using 2 or 3 towels never swirled. Once done with towel I go with wash mitt on my whole car and never have to worry about grit guard…and use PFM towel from griots garage much better than this cobra..trust me this method works much better..It takes time but worth it..I do recommend pressure washer though makes life so much easier..

  16. Most say to use a microfiber towel to dry but i dont get really good results from that. ive even tried wetting it. Maybe i should get a different microfiber towel?

  17. this car needs to be polished.. even on my laptop screen i can see it.. it has many swirls.. But good job with the video..

  18. I think using the two bucket method is a bad way to wash a car does not make sense to me I also think using anything other than a soft brush is the wrong thing to wash your car with

  19. What’s yo bro, wondering if you wanted to partner up, I could edit your videos and turn your channel into a daily upload channel

  20. That car is SO dope. I love the CLA, and the AMG is very affordable! I can see a lot of scratches, so It could be due to a 2 step polish.

  21. He seems like a nice guy, so it pains me to leave criticism but his "pro" method is no good. There are just so many flaws in his techniques that I don't even know where to start. Omg. No!

  22. You mention one thing that gives you joy is to take particular care around the jams of door and boot, and I see in the video underside of the hood, but you don't appear to wash these areas just wipe them with drying/damp towel?
    If you love them why not use a good lubricating soap with boar brush or microfibre towel to get the dirt off before drying?

  23. can i please have the gift card! I've started my own business and your channel has helped alot. I would love a gift card to give my detailing business a head start!!

  24. Hello there,
    what a magnificent efforts you are doing, it is really wonderful.
    I hope you keep going up and up in this and I love to see new video for full detailing (internal + external) for minivan and work cars.
    I really liked your previous ones (minivan and work car).

  25. I don't approve of just wiping inside of door jambs, trunk and hood…unless it's been washed first…you would be dragging a lot of dirt and grit wouldn't you think!

  26. I didn't see you wash out the wheel wells where all of the road salt and dirt collects coming from the tires. Also spray your pressure washer underneath the vehicle to wash off the undercarriage.

  27. Ehh, Pro is an over statement. Some of the " pro " tips u were saying, id consider common sense. That car isnt too old and already kind of showing swirl marks and color fade. Overall just seemed like a quick wash. Id never seen a detail use a sponge on tires. Tires still looked kind of dirty n the end. Never seen someone wipe the engine bay then use the same towel for the inside paint of the hood.( seem like extras u did to make it seem "pro"). While focusing on extra non sense, missing all the inside fenderwalls , cleanes tires better , car was washed in direct sunlight(being black thats a headache) . there was just so much "pro" content/details, that this lacked . it was fraud. All it was , wasa quick wash. In my opinion. But great vid

  28. Dude, awesome video. I'm just now trying to learn about detailing. But, THE MUSIC IS AMAZING!!! Who's the artist / group?

  29. Transplant to Louisiana but born and raised in Ohio myself, your videos are encouraging! I love watching them, they are so soothing! I just got myself a SunJoe pressure washer and I love it, I can't wait to start detailing my cars. Thanks for all the helpful videos! BTW: NICE CAR!

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