FASTEST Cars You Can Buy for CHEAP | WheelHouse

FASTEST Cars You Can Buy for CHEAP | WheelHouse

– If you’re like me, you’re always looking
for a reason to go fast. But one thing that always
gets in the way of doing that is money and my lack of it. So, how do you go fast
on a shoe string budget? We’ve already covered
how to get a cool ride for under ten grand, but this video is going
to be a little different. We’re not going to factor
in looks, cool factor, reliability, fuel
efficiency, or even handling, just the cheapest way to
go the absolute fastest in a straight line. Some cars might be stocked, some will need a few modifications, but they all have crazy potential. Keep in mind that there are
a million ways of going fast, these are just a few that we thought of. You probably have some good ideas too, so hit us up in the comments, and while you’re at it,
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Wix’s super easy to use tools. The website’s called Yes, it’s a real thing. Now, on to the episode. – Holy crap. – From 2005 to 2007, the Cobalt
ss had an eten supercharged version of the two liter ecotec inline for making 205 horsepower. You cane easily throw a
smaller pulley on there to get a nice boost in power. Don’t be afraid to do that
because Chevy actually offered smaller blower pulleys as a dealer option so it’s not that risky. The supercharged engine couldn’t
meet EPA standards for 2008 so for that year, the Cobalt went turbo. You can get up to 155 miles an hour. I found a tune online for 350 bucks that boosts a stock engine
to 300 wheel horsepower in a car that weighs 3,000 pounds. You can get even more power with boltons. I’m taking 350. The best part is that you can
find Cobalts anywhere between four and 6,000 dollars. That’s a pretty good deal,
but you know what car has the same engine and is even cheaper? The Saturn ion redline edition. Did a Saturn really make this list? It’s got the same supercharged
ecotec from the Cobalt, and in my opinion, looks a little better. Luckily, these ion
redlines are still around. I’m guessing because
no one knew about them, and they’re Saturns, but we found at least five
of them for three grand, and with a top speed of 144, this makes the Saturn ion redline the best value buy thus far. – Holy crap. – Next up is the Mitsubishi
eclipse, Eagle talon, and Plymouth laser. They’re all basically the same thing. This car shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. The first gen Mitsubishi
eclipse is a classic tuner and for good reason. It’s got the rugged 4G63 iron block engine that can handle a ton more power
if you wanted to modify it, but does great on it’s own. This is the same motor that the Evo had. The 4G63t powered GSX
puts out 195 horsepower. It’s not a lot, but that’s the point. It’s typical for a stockbottom
end to handle 500 horsepower. All you need to boost power
fast is a bigger turbo and a fuel pump. After market parts for
the 4G63 are pretty cheap, and complete engines
aren’t a bad deal either if you’re looking to swap. I will concede that Eclipses
are becoming harder to find, especially the all wheel drive GSX which can drive up the price. If you want to save that cash, try finding any car with the 4G63 engine. Cars like the fourth gen Mitsubishi Mirage and the second gen Hyundai Sonata. Imagine building a Sonata that ran tens. Let’s look at a few cars that can be turned into absolute beasts with an ebay whistleyboi. Hashtag whistleyboi. If you get your hands on a
first gen Chevy Silverado, with the 5.3 liter vortec
v8 and a short bed, that’s already pretty fun for a truck, but strap an ebay turbo onto that bad boy, you’re looking at tens at the drag strip. No joke. Bring it up with Tony Angelo. He told me this. I say throw that sucker in
anything it’ll fit inside. Fords, Nissans, Miatas, I don’t care. V8 the world. There are literally millions
of five threes out there which means they’re cheaper than dirt too. The five three might be the
most swapped engine ever and the after market
for them is humongous. Speaking of V8’s, I didn’t mention the
Mustang on my last list, but I will now. I have it on good authority, that the fourth gen, or SN95 Mustang, is in their 4.6 liter V8s respond incredibly well to turbo charging. The SN95 gets budget bonus points too because most people think
they’re really ugly, thus keeping demand low. – Oh. – You guys know I can’t make a list without putting a Honda on it. People sleep on the Prelude. Under the hood is the H22, which I think of as Honda’s
big block drag racing motor. I’m not going to bull (beep) you okay, nice Preludes are going
to command a nice price, but you can get grody ones like this one for under two grand. Throw an ebay turbo on it, and you’ve got a six sleeper
for test and tune nights at the drag strip. Shout out Famoso raceway. The final car on this list
is probably my favorite. It’s the Dodge neon SRT4. It’s got a turbo from the factory, doesn’t have a muffler, and it embarrassed Mustangs and
Camaros all through the obs. These were rated at 230
hrsprs in the factory, but Dodge was actually under rating them. There are many reports of
people dino-ing stock SRT4’s and seeing 230 at the wheels. You can find these things cheap, but don’t expect them to be nice. Most of them are clocked out
and modded to hell and back, but hey turbo charger. If you really want to
go off the beaten path, the PT cruiser GT came with he same engine and made the same power. The only downside is you
have to drive a PT cruiser. Can’t stomach the PT, then
look for a Dodge caliber SRT4. It made 285 horses from a 2.4 liter engine and also came with a 6 speed manual. That’s pretty sick. I feel like we’re actually
digging deep for these. To end my list, I have two honorable mentions
that can be fast as heck but are super super duper hard to find. The first is a Suzuki Swift GTI which has a turbo’d 3 cylinder engine, but you can’t find them anywhere. Believe me, I’ve tried. If you see one for sale, buy it because it’s going to
be a classic in like five years The second is the Dodge Omni GLH. These things were tuned
by Carroll Shelby himself, and the GLH stands for goes like hell, which is how you know it’s fast. Hopefully you got some good
ideas from this episode. Now, go buy something and make it fast. Fast car, NASCAR. Thanks to Wix for sponsoring
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  1. Not gonna lie, a PT Cruiser GT sleeper build would be pretty rad 🤘🏻 What car from this list would you base a build on?

  2. I have an 02 Silverado Z71 extended cab with the high output 5.3, and that fucker absolutely flies, too bad it’s limited

  3. Saab 9-3 Aero. Sub 15.0 1/4, 0-60 in less than 7, with minimal effort and factory 2.0 turbo thats reliable as hell.

  4. I fell in love with the Prelude, the 2001 model looks sick as fuck, has the back wheel pivot to help cornering comes with 200hp and you can find them from 3k to 5k… IF you can find one. Sadly there isn't even a clean one for sale in my state right now. But yeah i'm going to pick one up and build it into a back roads cornering beast.

  5. The Sn95 Mustang or the Driftstang for Chirs Fix
    Edit:My Older Brother has a Honda Prelude it’s dark green ish and yeah it is FAST

  6. I've own a Caliber SRT4 for almost 8 years. I FINALLY just got around to getting car parts for it. Actually currently in a shop now getting a new AGP wastegate put on because the stock one couldn't handle the boost from the Diablosport tune. But all I have is 1 step colder sparkies, K&N Cold Air Intake, muffler delete, Diablosport 93 Tune, and I went from about 265 to the wheels to 309. Probably might get more once the new Watstegate is as I hope that is what will stop the violent sputtering after X amount of boost. Lol. But I love my CSRT4.

  7. Honda accord 4 door h22 and a si 5 speed . Made a great sleeper. Got car from a honda mechanic and it made some power . The look on people faces when a 4 door just kicked there ass.

  8. As a turbo cobalt ss owner, I have to say chevrolet knocked it out of the park, The saturn didnt include launch control or flat foot shifting which the cobalt has, and i have to say makes it way more fun to drive then a regular 4cyl turbo

  9. The Swift GT-i has a 1.3 NA 4 cylinder with 100 hp, the japanese one, the Cultus, has the most powerful NA 4 cylinder 1.3 piston engine with 115 hp and there was also a 4WD version with that engine and the same three door bodystyle (in Japan), there was also a Swift GT-i mark 1 with that 1.3 100 hp engine but America only got it as the Chevy Sprint Turbo with a 1 liter 3 cylinder turbo engine with 70 hp.

  10. I love this but i am european so im kinda stuck here without the ability to get most of these. Any chance you can make one for us?

  11. ah the vortex chevy, a single cab was my work truck for a while, I got on it good one day and I was cheesing, made my Friday haha

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