Fastest Hot Wheels Car Ever!? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

Fastest Hot Wheels Car Ever!? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

(engines revving) – [Narrator] This is
Hot Wheels Unlimited, (buzzer rings) a Hot Wheels production. – And I’m your host,
Andy Riesmeyer. – And I’m Kim Crossman! – [Andy] Today,
we’re gonna find out which of our cars is fastest
using multiple tracks. – [Kim] This is the Fastest
Hot Wheels Tournament. We wanna see your
epic track builds and how you find
your fastest car. – Comment below with a
link to your track build using the hashtag
#TrackBuilderChallenge. – [Narrator] We’re
racing 32 different cars to find the fastest. We’ll have four rounds
to determine the winner. Round one: booster drag race. – [Andy] We have eight
lanes, 48 boosters, and over 100 feet of track. – So which one do you
think is gonna win? – My money here
is on the Exotique because it’s got a cool
aerodynamic profile that’ll make it
fly down the track. – Nice. I’m gonna
go with Motosaurus. I think the additional weight will give it a competitive edge. – [Narrator] Race one. Eight cars racing, four advance. – Three, two, one, go! (rock music) (cheering) – [Narrator] Race two. Which car do you think
is gonna be the fastest? – [Kim] Go! (rock music) – [Andy] Come on, come on! Yes! – [Kim] No! Oh! Yes! – [Narrator] Race three. Which car do you think will win? – Go!
– Go! – [Andy] Come on! – [Narrator] Race four. Let’s go. – Go!
– Go! (rock music) (dinging) – [Kim] Woo! Yes! – [Narrator] 16
cars are eliminated, and 16 cars boost
into the next round. Round two: loop launchers. Four lanes, 32 loops. Race one: 2-Tuff, Crescendo,
Audacious, Dune-a-Soar. Only two cars advance. – Go!
– Go! – [Andy] Come on! Come on! (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Dune-a-Soar
and 2-Tuff win! Race two: Flash Drive,
i-Believe, Gruppo – Go!
– Go! (upbeat electronic music) – [Andy] Woo! – [Narrator] i-Believe
and Flash Drive win! Race three: Hot Wheels
50 Concept, Motosaurus, Rocketfire, Speedbox. – Go!
– Go! (upbeat electronic music) – [Andy] Let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go! – [Kim] Come on, come on! – Oh!
– Woo! – [Narrator] Rocketfire
and Speedbox win! Race four: Rise ‘N
Climb, Roller Toaster, Tooligan, T-Rextroyer. – [Kim] And remember, it’s not
the same without the flame. – Go.
– Go. (ubpeat music) – Go, go, go, go, go, go!
– T-Rex is doing well! – [Andy] No! Come on. – [Narrator] Roller
Toaster and Tooligan win. Eight cars are eliminated, and eight cars move
onto the next round. Round three, combination. – [Kim] For this round,
we’ve combined elements from the previous tracks. We’ve got boosters,
loop launchers, and we’ve added a gravity drop. Alright, I’m gonna go
with the i-Believe, because I believe
I’m gong to win. – [Andy] And I have the 2-Tuff because this is a rough
and tough, gruff truck. – [Narrator] Race one:
2-Tuff versus i-Believe. – [Andy] Go! Woo! – Oh!
– Oh! – [Narrator] 2-Tuff wins. Race two: Tooligan
versus Dune-a-Soar. (buzzer rings) – Oh!
– Oh! – Oh!
– Oh! – [Male Narrator]
Dune-a-Soar wins. Race three: Roller
Toaster versus Speedbox. (rock music) – Oh.
– Oh, no! – [Male Narrator] Speedbox wins. Race four: Flash Drive
versus Rocketfire. – [Andy] Go! (rock music) Woo!
– Oh! – [Andy] Oh! – [Male Narrator]
Flash Drive wins. After three rounds,
we’re down to our four fastest
Hot Wheels cars. Who will win? Final round. The car with the fastest
time wins the tournament. – We’ve got four
cars that made it, 2-Tuff, Dune-a-Soar,
Flash Drive, Speedbox. – We have 14 boosters, 17
loop launches, 12 curves, and over 150 feet of track. – Plus a barrel box finish line. – [Narrator] Flash Drive. (buzzer rings) (suspenseful music) – [Andy] Whoa! Lookin’ good.
– He’s coming, he’s coming. – [Andy] Lookin’ real nice. Come on, come on,
let’s go, let’s go. Whoop! – Wee!
– No, no, no. – [Kim] Wow, I think
it might do it. – [Andy] Oh, oh! Come on!
– It’s gonna do it! – Oh!
– Oh! (Kim laughing) – [Andy] Nice! – [Male Narrator] Dune-a-Soar. (dinosaur roaring) (buzzer rings) – [Kim] Come on. I believe in you! He’s coming, he’s
coming, he’s coming. (clapping) – Come on!
– Come on! – Oh!
– Oh! – [Narrator] Speedbox. (buzzer rings) (energetic music) – [Kim] Alright. – [Andy] Oh, come on.
– He’s coming, he’s coming. – [Andy] Woo! Lookin’ good, lookin’ good. Come on. Alright. – [Kim] Coming. – Oh!
– Wow! I thought he was gonna
lose it for a second. Lookin’ like it’s
almost there, come on! – [Kim] Is he gonna do it? – Oh!
– Oh! (adventure music) – [Narrator] 2-Tuff. (buzzer rings) – [Andy] Come on! – [Kim] Oh my god. – Woo!
– Nice. – [Andy] No, no,
no, no, no, uh oh. Oh, it’s looking kinda good. – [Kim] Come on, come
on, come on, come on. – [Andy] Wow. – Yes!
– Hey! Wow, this is great. – Oh, oh!
– Oh, oh! – Oh!
– Oh! (adventure music) – [Narrator] 2-Tuff
crushed the competition. – Join us next time on
Hot Wheels Unlimited! – [Announcer] A Hot
Wheels production. (upbeat rock music)

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  1. That moment when a Mazda miata look alike pickup truck takes on all the cars and wins. I had thought that 2-tuff will win

  2. The fastest Hot Wheels for track is the High Speed Wheels Ballistik, but you guys don't make those anymore. With regular wheels, the fastest is Sonic Special, but you Final Run it.

  3. Great Video . I think if you put a plain loop around the track in some spots it might have been a touch more cooler.

  4. The cars started at different times but AWESOME VIDEO😎😎👍👍👍🏽👍🏾

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