Fastest Sports Cars (Itali GTO) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Fastest Sports Cars (Itali GTO) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Hello everyone I’m broughy1322 and this video
serves as an update to the fastest sports cars video where I show the best fully upgraded
sports cars in terms of lap time. For all the information you need about this series
check that original sports cars video, otherwise let’s see where the new Itali GTO falls in
that list. Now, the Progen Itali GTB Supercar is one
of my favourite cars to drive. This Grotti Itali GTO Sports car is one of the worst.
And don’t even get me started on the naming conventions because I’m sure that they do
it just to annoy me now. The Itali GTO falls into 2nd place overall
in the Sports class, only a few tenths of a second slower than the Pariah, with a lap
time of 1:00.995. And it’s only in 2nd place thanks to the new bouncy advanced handling
flags actually slowing it down. If you don’t know anything about those check out my video
in the description, pinned comment, and the card on screen to understand what’s going
on. Now this is a car that you can drive without
crashing, but you’ll either not be doing that very often or you’ll have to drive slower,
at say 75% of its maximum capabilities. Maybe 2 out of every 10 laps that I did during this
testing was a clean lap when trying to push it to the limits of what it can do. It’s probably
the worst car to drive in the game, even worse than the swinger from the sports classics
class. Every single bump in the road, even small ones, become a cause for concern
with this car. Which is incredibly ironic because it gains
most of its speed from those bumps via kerb boosting, so while you may think that it would
be more competitive on completely flat tracks, it also loses out on the extra speed that
it gets from the bumps that make it such a woeful driving experience in the first place.
And it’s pretty substantial too as we’ll see from the top speed testing video for this
car later today, which is on a flat piece of road and shows just how far behind the
Pariah it is when there aren’t any bumps. You’ll even be able to see the effect of this
on the lap comparison with the Pariah in this video, where the GTO falls behind throughout
the entire lap and then brings it all back on the bumpy back straight. It’s probably only going to be best in situations
where you can kerb boost a lot and not worry about uneven surfaces, so basically stunt
races with a lot of stunt tubes, but even then it’s still going to be unpredictable.
Everywhere else I’d stay as far away from this car as possible, because it is absolutely
ruined by the new bouncy advanced handling flags. And for it to be the most expernsive
regular sports car in the game, at nearly 25 US Dollars in shark card value, it’s pretty
criminal with performance and handling such as this. Now one thing that I should mention is that
because this car is so prone to getting boosts from bumps on the road, it does seem like
having high end tyres or basically bigger wheels on the car such as the stock rims or
high end, will make it quicker in a straight line when you have the ability to kerb boost.
It will gain a little bit more from those boosts that you get. Now all my testing is
done with off-road tyres just to keep everything exactly the same, but for those stunt races
where you’re going to be kerb boosting a lot it might be the case that having high end
rims on the car is going to make it even better. Again it’s still going to be just as unpredictable
on regular races with uneven surfaces, but I would say that it’s certainly a car that
is probably most prone to a situational aspect than any other car that we’ve had in the game.
So it’s going to be terrible in some situations and great in others, probably more so than
any car we’ve had in the past. So just something to keep in mind. So that’s pretty much it for this one. Top
speed testing will be coming out later today for this vehicle, and remember to read the
description for more info, comment with your thoughts, like the video if you enjoyed or
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a member on youtube. Thank you all so much for watching I really do appreciate it, and
I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Notes

    – Video explaining new Advanced Handling Flags:
    – Getting Advanced Handling Flags Removed:
    – In a way, dodging some of the big bumps in the first part of the lap invalidates the testing for this car straight away, because it already can't do the same as what other cars can without crashing. However it was the only way to get a lap time for the car.

    – More on the differences in wheels for this car in the top speed video:

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  2. You’d think after almost a year of people hating the “new” handling flags, they’d just remove them. But who am I kidding, rockstar doesn’t care.

  3. Was looking to buy this car, but this video shows Rockstar has never driven a Ferrari superfast when Italian cars have elite handing lol. This company used to emphasize realism in their video games now it just feels like a watered down, overpriced piece of junk lol.

  4. Okay, so I've found something out. This car loves bumps. Hear me out.

    The bumps makes this car bounce, that's no secret. However, whilst testing the Itali GTO on a custom stunt track, I found that in tubes, and on flat stunt pieces, this thing is OP. Feels like a loose version of the Old-RE7B with the stock wheels and spoiler. It's insanely fast on stunt tracks. So take that into consideration if you're a stunt track driver, because the Pariah is rendered useless now.



  6. this might be just me but I find cars which are easy to drive are boring and cars which are really hard to tame and very hard to drive properly is way more fun and it feels way more rewarding than driving a really grippy machine which has no faults

  7. I honestly think that this new handling flag is actually great, just like the ones on the Entity XXR……BUT

    THEY NEED TO BE ON ALL RACING/SUPER CARS. There should be a massive difference between high-ends car's abilities to go offroad without crashing compared to actual offroaders.

  8. Bro you must not be able to handle this beast im 18 seconds ahead of a max modded pariah with GOOD racers , so this test is flawed , obviously it bounces but nobody is catching up til that merc looking car is out

  9. From what i saw it looks like when you lower the car with the competition upgrade it will bounce more than if you lower it only with the street upgrade. I dont know if its just a placebo effect, but you should try it out and test it. Maybe it isnt a placebo effect and will make the car better in terms of handling.

  10. Such a shame.. cause it is such a gorgeous car.. want to love it for looks.. but it's a nightmare to handle.. why does R* screw up the physics over and over again!?

  11. A sports car is the fastest car in the game… Faster than all the super cars.
    Glad I don't play this shit anymore. I feel sorry for the real game devs. The ones who actually coded, programmed, and designed the game just to have the business side of the company fuck it all up for them and the players. Red Dead can eat a dick too.

  12. I don't want to be 'that guy', but when are we getting the testing video for the regular Impaler? We've gotten the lap time for every other car that's been released.

  13. Just started playing gta again and I like the attempt but I had no clue people were exploiting races by curb boosting. How is it rockstar can not get racing right I just want contact competitive racing with actual race physics. I get it’s not a simulator but no exploits, no wrecking, bumping will happen but most pure driving skill and every car can be competitive.

  14. I set a 1:00.729 with the Itali gto, making it first in the sports class, its on my channel if you wana take a look, hope this helps

  15. Everyone that says the gto is garbage can suck a major cock the gto is actually broken in top speed i hit 200 with sport suspension without mods and it is easy to control and if you say that this car has crap handling you have the worst driving skills because this is probably one of the easiest vehicles to comprehend what you need to do to stop it from spinning if you need help play forza h4 download my x bow gt4 tune and figure out how to drive

  16. Look. I know GTA 4 had waterballoon suspensions and GTA 5 overstiffened them in response, but this is more hurt than help. R* must not know what shock absorbers are.

  17. Bumps in the road SHOULD be a great concern if you're driving a car that fast. I like what they did with this new handling, I think it's more fun to drive this way.

  18. Most of these new cars gain around 4 seconds when you remove those handling flags. This car would become a monster if it got fixed

  19. I have a new name for the Itali GTO, I call it the "Donald Trump Car" because it's so unpredictable.
    But you seem to enjoy it so much, because there is never a dull moment, lol. Thank you Mr. President 🙂

  20. I prefer the way the rides sort of catch flight it gives an extremely realistic feeling.

    cars in real life are not glued to the road are they?

  21. I bought a Shark card to buy this car, because it looks cool, but handling really sucks and I kinda regret buying it…

  22. I think ill buy the deveste eight cause im a generic gta ricer, at least the deveste and schlagen dont have the new handling flags

  23. mixed feelings about this car. yes it's very erratic, but, it's so monstrously fast nothing else can touch it. I've found myself forced to use it to because even the pariah gets walked by it.

  24. I had to buy the gto as i have every grotti in a collection. Its handling though is truly shocking. A total joke. I just cant understand why they would use these stupid advanced handling flags that completely ruins the car, and still have the sheer nerve to charge so much for it. Its like a middle finger too the players of the game from rockstar.

  25. Yes it’s handling is very unstable but it’s fun to drive. It’s a bit more challenging to control than most would prefer including myself.

  26. This is the best commentary on a car’s end-user experience i have ever heard. Had to rewind twice due to laughing so hard i couldn’t hear the brilliant monologue. Broughy, you’re going places. Thanks R*, I hate it.

  27. I've recently really enjoyed using this car in free mode. It may suck in races, but it's so much fun to try and keep on the ground.

  28. To all the people complaining of handling flags, yes it is very unstable, but you get used to it and achieve 160+ mph, you decide

  29. You said it’s supposed to be good in stunt races, right? It’s damn near impossible to drive on H200, one of the tamest stunt tracks!

  30. Just bought this piece of shit. How the fuck can this be realistic? It bunces all the fucking time, you don't drive this shit, you constantly take off and land if you plan to use it in the city and you like to go fast.

  31. Even though its horrible to drive I still prefer it over the Pariah. It looks better and takes skill to drive. It takes time to get used to but when ur used to it theres no beating it! In stunt races its near unbeatable it feels like

  32. Well. I love it. But it's shit at the same time!! Those fucking bouncy flags!! I lost a race to a damned Elegy Retro Custom thanks to them!! Kept spinning and hitting the side like it's ridiculous!!

  33. HAHAHA! I love how people just can't stop talking shit about this car! It bounces around a lot, yes, but it CAN BE CONTROLLED. Also, with every bump it hits the speed is increased, making insanely fun to drive – IF you can control it. Do I never wreck this car? Of course not. Do I need to feed my ego by never wrecking a car? No. Thank you R* for releasing a car that is challenging to drive and equally rewarding!

  34. I like it it's fun and unpredictable. But I like driving it in freemode not in races lol
    most fun I've had after the Mamba

  35. i have it since the discount and i like it more than expected, i think it's less bouncy with hi-end rims, tried off-road but they were actually terrible.

  36. yeah tried it out on maze bank stunt race and it did go fast but i just could not control it in the tubes man

  37. I’ve drove this car much faster around those corners than you did. It really does take skill to drive this car but it has much better agility and acceleration than any other car in the game. It easily would’ve beat 0:55:00 if you drove it properly.

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