Fastest Supercars (2017) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Fastest Supercars (2017) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

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  1. A few quick points that are worthy of note:
    1) The things I say at the end can't be stressed enough. The lap time differences between the top cars here are TINY. On different tracks, with different drivers and driving styles/methods, there will be different results. I can only do so much as one person and these are the results I've gotten. Read the description to see how relevant this may be to you personally as everything is explained there.
    2) A few people were asking why the times/positions may have changed. Firstly, some of the original testing was done on old gen which sometimes ran at less consistent frame rates than current gen. In addition, we're now 2 and a bit years down the road from that original testing so my skill level has no doubt changed too. Finally, there are reports that changes were made to cars with the Cunning Stunts update which basically made them all quicker to some extent (this has been echoed in my testing even with some of the more modern cars). All of these things combine to make changes almost inevitable when retesting is done. Of course this is the most up to date list now with all cars being tested after the most recent update and at the same time, so it's as accurate (within the realms of what's discussed in the description) as it's going to be.
    3) As always, thank you all for the amazing support. I try my best to give as accurate results and information as I can, and I really appreciate all your kind words. Thank you <3

  2. Funny thing about the FMJ: all the time I hear people talk about it having "great traction," but I never have experienced it in game. Every time I drive the FMJ around (which I love doing, mind you) it slips and slides ALL over the place. I mean, I've experienced consistent slipping every time I drive it.

    Any idea why that happens for me?

  3. New Top 10 Supers (After Gunrunning):
    (01) Tempesta (02) Zentorno (03) Nero Custom (04) X80 Proto (05) T20 (06) Osiris (07) Nero (08) FMJ (09) Itali GTB (10) Turismo R

  4. its bullshit how actual race built cars like the RE7B, ETR1, and Tyrus are outclassed by lambos. This game is really going to shit because of all the whiners out there that couldnt beat the RE7B before the gunrunning update. Now, you have cars that we spent 2M or more for because we knew it was the best then, and rockstar completely downgrades it. So basically, they stole money from me. Now, cars that are half the price are better than them. Wtf!

  5. It's nice to see that everything from the Turismo R on (12) is somewhat competitive when playing against decent people (we all know a decent racer in a Bullet can beat a horrible driver in a Reaper). However, it does show that the only thing Rockstar adds nowadays is pretty much (classic) supercars, which is a bit saddening :/. Oh well… I guess the general public wants it

  6. I used to smash Zentornos (back when it was the undisputed king of racing) with my blue voltic. Not sure if the voltic's been altered or I was just a better driver.

  7. So would this be best to use for aunt races or top speed because I have the tempesta but I can't seem to keep up I accelerate faster but not able to stay with.

  8. What happened to your reddit post? I can't seem to find it and i like to use it for comparing and figuring out what to buy

  9. But how can you trust him? He's British. Unless that's Scottish… British people are the kings of click bait and lies

  10. As of 08/16/17 with all 30 current cars released for the Supercars class, it is as follows:
    Ocelot XA-21 0:59.927 1st
    Pegassi Tempesta 1:00.803 2nd
    Dewbauchee Vagner 1:00.894 3rd
    Pegassi Zentorno 1:00.960 4th
    Trufade Nero Custom 1:01.061 5th
    Grotti X80 Proto 1:01.175 6th
    Progen T20 1:01.287 7th
    Pegassi Osiris 1:01.394 8th
    Truffade Nero 1:01.495 9th
    Vapid FMJ 1:01.795 10th
    Progen Itali GTB 1:01.861 11th
    Grotti Turismo R 1:01.998 12th
    Annis RE-7B 1:02.096 13th
    Overflod Entity XF 1:02.323 14th
    Ocelot Penetrator 1:02.562 15th
    Pegassi Reaper 1:02.716 16th
    Pegassi Infurnus 1:02.929 17th
    Rocket Voltic 1:03.144 18th
    Emperor ETR1 1:03.197 19th
    Pfister 811 1:03.229 20th
    Grotti Cheetah 1:03.530 21st
    Progen Tyrus 1:03.696 22nd
    Progen Itali GTB Custom 1:03.797 23rd
    Pegassi Vacca 1:03.964 24th
    Progen GP1 1:04.243 25th
    Karin Sultan RS 1:04.364 26th
    Bravado Banshee 900R 1:04.565 27th
    Truffade Adder 1:04.964 28th
    Coil Voltic 1:05.798 29th
    Vapid Bullet 1:08.034 30th

  11. New List Of Fastest Cars:

    1. Vagner- 0:59.194
    2. RE-7B –0:59.727
    3. XA21 – 0:59.927
    4. Tempesta – 1:00.803
    5. Zentorno – 1:00.960
    6. Nero Custom- 1:01.061
    7. Visione –1:01.062
    8. X80 Proto – 1:01.175
    9. ETR1 – 1:01.195
    10 – T20 – 1:01.287
    11 – Osiris – 1:01.394
    12. Tyrus – 1:01.428


    Osiris not in top 10 anymore <3

  12. holy moly, looking at the track time for the Elegy RH8, that thing can outrun every supercar on this list up to the Entity XF on a track

  13. now this is a unusual update for me, it also no suprice to me, as rockstar can se what we guys and have multiple items announced what is the best selling if they se a huge influx in a car that has good stats they do have the realisation people figured out its the best and want to balanced if all gets the best and those that dont know gets a low advantage, now oddly the car that implied to be nr1 i have owned since day one…

  14. oh great , rockstar saw that porsche 918 spyder is too op , so it made like the clone in game just bad at turning which irl , its one of the best in world , instead , they made top speed the highest for no reason

  15. Nero Custom is the best in most races, and it never gets left behind….so selling it to buy the x80 was my stupidest idea ever 🙁

  16. A few years ago u made a vid entity was the fastest car with 57 secs how does a upgraded one have a slower time which means it should be in the top 10 ??!!

  17. I don't get it.. you said the T20 was the fastest in a 2015 video but now the Zentorno is faster? What happened?

  18. The Osiris is still within the top 10?! Zentorno within top 5? EXCELLENT! They have dominant ramming power, though the Dewbauchee Massacro does better.

    For last gen one can look at the stats at–I do. (Osiris, Zentorno, and the T20 actually have identical file settings though they all perform differently.)

    As I understand the Nero and Nero Custom have basically identical stats to the Adder in terms of top speed, but significant;y improved acceleration. I always found Adder to be sturdy in a crash, smooth, and well weighted for drifting which tends to run counter to traction… In some cases drift improves performance, in others traction helps performance. How does Nero actually differ from Adder?

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