Fastest Supercars (2018) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Fastest Supercars (2018) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

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  2. Your laptimes are WAAAAAY different then mine, My Turismo R, And Cheetah came in much lower then yours did, Same with T20, Osiri, And 811. The difference are incredible.

  3. I use a zentorno and jester so both of mine are at the number 8 spots on the supercar and sports car lists

  4. Bullet and voltic could easily go into sports instead imo, maybe if they also increased the price a bit of those two cars, it would make them both high tier sports cars and that would be cool as

  5. This is possibly the most informative shit I've ever seen… awesome stuff also is there a way I can use this track ?? It's perfect

  6. Man ive bought a vagner and i havent been disappointed yet. Its a beast that cannot be beaten. Youre wasting your time with any other car. It even fights through the force acting on u when ur 1st. Aka the catchup force

  7. Hello, I know there is probably a deeper meaning to this but I was wondering why you use the off road wheels on most of these cars. Please no one roast me. Just seeking understanding. Thanks for your time

  8. list of the top 15 best lap times with their top speeds

    15. TYRUS 123.5 mph
    14. OSIRIS 122.0
    13. T2O 122.3
    12. ETR1 120.8
    11. X80 PROTO 127.5
    10. VISIONE 125.3
    09. NERO CUSTOM 127.3
    08. ZENTORNO 122
    07. TEMPESTA 121.3
    06. AUTARCH 125.5
    05. XA21 122.5
    04. RE7B 123.5
    03. ROCKET VOLTIC 124.5
    02. VAGNER 126.8
    01. VIGILANTE 147.0

  9. Where's the Taipan? I know its not like a top 3 car. But it does have a decent top speed, really great handling, and is heavy so you can hit turns at a higher speed than most

  10. I don't like how you put absolute faith in your lap times. You talk as if you know a car is faster just because you were able to take it around the track 2/10ths of a second faster. Considering human error, ranking the cars like this really doesn't make sense. It's okay to rank them by the times that you got, but to imply that those rankings are a factual ranking of cars according to track performance is pretty absurd.

  11. I'm confused. I've done this race with a fully upgraded Sultan RS and the fastest lap time, out of 10 laps, I could get was 1:00:144. Did the RS get buffed? Are these vehicles only aesthetically upgraded? It should be in 7th place.

  12. Only reason I’ve stopped using my Vagner and started using my Nero again is bc the Vagner is so light that I just get bodied everywhere

  13. Anyway you could make a Google spreadsheet with all this info as well as their top speeds? Or is there already one out there someone can link

  14. Its funny.. i mainly drive the GP1 in super races. And im always up on the top. I would have thought it woulf be higher on the list.

  15. Super stats

    Vagner best around short corners.

    RE7B best around long corners.

    811 best top speed.

    Cyclone best acceleration.

    Nero best strength.

    Xa21 best kick start.

    Zentorno best value.

    X80 best at sucking.

  16. Wasn't the tempesta faster last year? Correct me if I'm wrong but broughy did make a video on just the vagner so why is this so now? Was it cause of the updates and the newly added flags?

  17. HA ! I bought my Vagner about 2 years ago, then stopped playing the game. I come back now and it's still the fastest !! ( apart for afterburner cars )

  18. I think vigilante shouldn't be added to this due to its rocket boost its unfair advantage so my opinion vagner is best overall super

  19. The vagner is not as good as the x80 in the streets I've tried both.your results are completely different from every single other gta 5 car channel you ae very suspicious.And the zentorno's place is also very suspicious.I dont trust you.

  20. Thank you so much for the information. I used my T20 and Verlierer for races for a very long time but now I'm going to swap them for the Autarch (Or even the AX-21) and Comet SR.

    Here, have a free subscriber 😉

  21. I really dont like that you include Vehicles that arent allowed in races, maybe they should be added at the end or just mentioned at the start before you rank the actual legal Vehicles.
    Also I think adding the base price and its shop in the HUD would be useful as well for future videos.
    Outside of those 2 suggestions, love these videos, extremely helpful and I own the #1 ranked Vehicles in each class for my own use thanks to these! Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  22. Results are misleading bc you chose a track that was very corner heavy. I dont know why but its an obvious bias and only a true fool would take this as the gospel; perhaps theres a motive in not testing them on neutral or straight heavy tracks?

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