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  1. How a father jumps out the car without your child that's the first thing you do go for your children go for them

  2. That is so sick. I'm sure he planned this. If was probably in his head that if I can't have my child you won't either.
    whats weirder just last night there was something going on where I live, the cops were called on a man. It will be sad if what was going on in my complex happens to be the little girl he robbed her life.

  3. I’ve been reading up on this for the past half hour and I’m so heartbroken. She was so beautiful. It’s so evil that he took that baby’s life but why would he kill her in that manner? I can’t imagine the pain she went through 😥 Judging from what I’ve read this sounds like it was done to get back at the mom. What is going on with these men today. There has been a huge spike in domestic cases and it needs to be addressed. Add to that a judge let him take this child after the mother begged him not to. So fucked up smh.

  4. Ask any Democrat , it was just a late term abortion. The kid was a burden on mothers health. A right to choose , is what the democRATs call it.

  5. That's terrible! this would never happen to my little brother, I've had a 3rd to 6th grade teacher Gingerrich and she has a daughter who is also 3 years old.

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