Father & son’s 1967 Jeep CJ-5 is all about bare-bones fun | Why I Drive #17

Father & son’s 1967 Jeep CJ-5 is all about bare-bones fun | Why I Drive #17

(light music)
(bird chirping) – [Steve] The old cars had style, had a different sound,
had a different look, had a different feel when
you drove down the road. And they have a soul when you start it up. (engine rumbling) – [Cy] I always wanted a
Jeep since I was a kid. Back in the day when printed material was how you found used cars and trucks, I kept seeing this thing and finally decided to go check it out. It’s a 1967 (horn honking)
Willys Kaiser Jeep CJ-5. It has a Buick V6 engine in it, and it has a three speed
manual on the floor. This time a year I go pick up my son, and we go out and explore
a little bit in the woods. Just nice to spend time with him. (door creaking) – [Steve] CJ stands for Civilian Jeep. After the war, everybody came home and that thing was to replace
a tractor or the horse. – [Cy] If you look at
some of the literature, you know, what they tried to do was get the Jeeps to people out in the country ’cause they could use them on the farm. Most of those things just rusted to pieces or they got beat on back in the woods. This thing’s in really nice shape and it’s not rusted, and it’s not beat up. Definitely not a show vehicle. It’s not, you know, a
hundred point correct. – [Steve] No matter where you go, Jeep guys and gals would always come up and, “Hey, what year is your Jeep?” You know, “What’d you do to it? “Where’d you find it?” Then you start talking about their Jeep, and you’re in a Jeep club
so you get the Jeep wave. That’s kinda neat. – [Cy] There’s one gauge
that your speedometer, fuel gauge, and temperature
gauge, and that’s it. As far as mechanically, you have to figure it out on your own. – [Steve] It’s meant to go
down those paths off road. So it handles pretty good, I mean, you kinda gotta work the steering wheel, no power steering, no power brakes, but it’ll go anywhere you want it to go. It’s the old school version
of the four wheelers. It gives us a lot of projects, phone calls of, “Hey I tore this apart, “and I don’t think I can
get it back together. “I need a hand.” You end up coming over and
just BSing for a little bit and working on something,
and next thing you know, one hour turns into five. (Jeep rattling) – [Cy] I like driving the old Jeep because it’s so archaic and so old. It takes me back a few years, and you actually have to drive it. Very fortunate to have
the ability to do that. – [Steve] My name is Steve Schmidt. – [Cy] My name is Cy Schmidt, and this is why I drive. (mellow music)
(fire crackling) (tires rolling on road)

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  1. Dig into the details of Cy & Steve's Jeep CJ-5: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/03/27/why-i-drive-father-and-sons-1967-jeep-cj-5

  2. My dad had a 1967 CJ6. 101" wheel base. It also had the Buick V6 in it. He added a Overland Overdrive which gave him even more gears. We needd the extra gear options since we lived in Colorado and our weekend cabin was around 8500 feet in the mountains.

  3. I JUST picked up a 78 CJ-7. There's a certain romance with those old jeeps. Maybe it's the idea that you can go any where you want….within reason. Another interesting thing about jeeps is I've never heard anyone come right out and say they hate them or detest them. They seemed to be well respected within their capabilities.

  4. Gasoline powered vehicles do not pollute. They produce plant food – carbon. Climate change is a downright lie. Don't let the media and politicians brainwash you!!! We need to fight for these awesome machines or they will all be outlawed in 10 years or less. The climate has naturally been fluctuating since the beginning of time – note the thawing of the last ice age.

  5. "You actually have to drive it." That's what 4 wheelin' is about. I occasionally drove a Military jeep when I was in the Guard (pre-Hummer days) & I would like to have one now. Good times!

  6. My Dad has a 1970 Kaiser Cj-5 Renegade I, it too has the Buick 225 Dauntless V6, but his came stock with the 3spd and a Warn manual overdrive…it has never gotten stuck or quit runnin, and he used to race it at Pismo Beach in the late 70's, along with it being his huntin rig since he bought it in 1976(I was 3yrs old)….I've got a 1943 Ford GPW flat fender, but I'm runnin a 1966 K-Code 289 out of a Mustang and a 4spd, locker in the rear and posi up front, it's a savage over any terrain 🙂

  7. 4 out of 5 guys who ain't got much goin' on would recommend this vehicle – to those who drive a vehicle who ain't got much goin' on.

  8. That's a really cool Jeep . My cousin has a CJ7 that has over 500,000 miles on it . It's retired in his back yard now . I've owned a bunch of 4wd's in my life but the only jeep I had was a 40's Willys .

  9. This CJ-5 Jeep was the best looking of all the Jeeps. It could come in different shades as well. They were even produced in Pakistan in the 70's, I don't know if they are still.

  10. Very cool video! I'd love to have one of those old Jeeps to tow behind our RV. I never knew that CJ stood for Civilian Jeep but that sure makes sense.

  11. My dad has this exact Jeep as well that he is rebuilding from the ground up! 3 speed with a 2 speed manual over drive.

  12. I have always loved the basic utility look of the old Jeeps. A Meyers steel box top would complete the picture for me.

  13. Drive a tj . A restored cj would be good. The simpler the better in my opinion. It beats carrying your groceries home on foot with a german shepherd on the lead that wants to stop & sniff everything. I am grateful for the jeep.

  14. And an Indian company named Mahindra copied it to make the Roxor ,you can tell it by the fenders!

  15. That baby is in very good shape. I have a 68 that grandpa bought new in AZ…. it runs great, but needs some body work. Thanks for sharing.

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