Feature: 2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE

Feature: 2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE

Say what you want about Toyota’s
decision not to bring in any 4×4 units of the all-new RAV4, but it’s not like
many of you are going to buy it anyway. Over the past few years, only 1% of RAV4
sales were made up of 4x4s so it’s hard to argue with their decision. So today, we’re going to focus on what we do have here in the Philippines and right now
we’re with a top-spec Toyota RAV4. It carries a P2.188-million price tag and you can get it for as low as around P1.6 million for the
base variant. It’s not exactly cheap but from what we’ve seen so far with our
short stint with it today it actually has plenty to offer. Let’s start with the car’s exterior. In that department, I have to say that Toyota has
really outdone itself with the RAV4. The angry headlights and the bold features, the rugged features, really draw attention. I do have to say that there
are plenty of black plastics outside, including the grille which is covered by
grey plastics but you never really do get the sense that you’ve been
shortchanged here. They feel and look really nice and these just add to the
car’s macho demeanor. I particularly like the 18-inch alloys, too. They really give
the sense that the RAV4 rides higher than the car’s 176mm ground
clearance suggests. So that’s something to take note of as well. As for the
interior, there’s a dark minimalist vibe to it. The overall look is stealthy and the
materials used are relatively nice, save for the dark glossy plastic surrounding
the infotainment system. I find that a little out of place. I love the layout of
the car and how the controls emphasize tactile feel, especially the controls of
the air-conditioning system. There is plenty of space and based on my
experience here, first impressions only, I think this might be one of the roomiest
crossovers that I have ever driven. I have to say that the headroom I do find
a little lacking but you’re not gonna knock your head on the ceiling or
anything so it’s not really an issue. The all-new RAV4, at least the top-spec unit we have here with us today, comes packing plenty
of features. There’s a sunroof up here and there’s even a wireless charging pad
in the center console. I also love how Toyota’s taken note of the little
things with the RAV4. For example, all the windows throughout the cabin can be
fully opened or closed with a push or pull of one of the switches here to my
left side, and that’s something that a lot of cars, even top-spec units, don’t
really put much thought into so I really love it when carmakers take note of
simple things like that. As for the touchscreen infotainment system, it’s a
little on the small side and that’s something to take note of but the
interface is perfectly fine and connecting to it is pretty easy. And the
speaker sound great. Performance-wise, the all-new RAV4 gets up to speed really
quick. It’s packing a 2.5-liter gasoline engine capable of 203hp and 243Nm of torque and it’s never felt lacking so far. Granted, we’ve only taken it on a
few short spins around SLEX but on the highway it really doesn’t feel lacking
at all. Handling-wise, this crossover is definitely on the light side and at
times I might say that it’s even a little too light. But on the bright side,
this car is very easy to drive around city streets and it’s turning radius
actually feels smaller than it actually is. This isn’t a short car by any means. Another big plus is that the car comes
with telescopic steering adjustment and electronic seating adjustments so
finding the perfect driving position is pretty easy. Now, again, this is just a
first impressions drive. We’ll get our real review up on our website as soon
as we get our hands on a test unit for longer, so that’s something to watch out
for. Overall, again based on first impressions,
I think I can say that the all-new RAV4 isn’t just one of the toughest looking
crossovers in the market. It’s also nicely specced, packs a capable engine, and
is very easy to drive. Now, there is still the question of whether Filipinos will
buy into the idea of a top-spec crossover with an almost P2.2-million price tag that isn’t an all-wheel drive car, that isn’t a 4×4. Plus, the market is getting more competitive than ever. This has to take on the likes of
the Mazda CX-5, the all-new Subaru Forester, and of course, the Honda CR-V. But
based on what we’ve seen with our short stint here today, we think the RAV4 has
what it takes to be relevant. This has been Drei Laurel for Top Gear
Philippines, signing out.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Is that an infotainment of a 2.2m car? I won't mind not having AWD , at least add limited slip diff on the TOTL.

  2. 2.1 million for a jacked up hatchback is too much. And the infotainment and overall design does not do justice. For 1.8 or 1.9 mil, you could get a top spec Subaru Forester or Mazda CX5 and both come with AWD, decent infotainment, and better active safety systems. As for the similarly priced Honda CRV SX, well it has AWD, 7 seats, and a very good diesel engine so it's well priced for what it offers.

  3. For a 2 million + puro plastics both interior and exterior is a bit overrated kaya din siguro wala masyado bumibili

  4. toyota should bring in the 2.0 and diesel version same as european models..engine is more important to filipinos instead of non sense luxurious type of stuff inside the car..it wil be cheaper that way also there will be less break or non functional after 2 years of usage..

  5. Kung may gear lever lang sana ang Honda CR-V no doubt na. haha… Only Honda comes close with Toyota ease of ownership. Having no gear levers is a major turn off. We're stuck with just the CX-5 or Subaru with a weak engine. Toyota Philippines masyado tinipid. sa 2.2Million sana Adventure trim na lang or a Hybrid. Overpriced and underspeced.

  6. This $42k rav4 limited philippines top spec is way too overpriced. Got my Rav4 Adventure here in the US for $38k fully loaded with torque vectoring, 4×4, JBL speakers and etc. Toyota philippines are ripping filipinos with their hard-earned money. Just saying..

  7. When did this go on sale here in the Philippines? I've only seen one on the road in my daily SLEX travel.

  8. I Don’t know anyone who would buy this for me i’d get a CR-V, I did see one though. Toyota should stop cheapening their damn products if it doesn’t become better well they’re gonna be in trouble.

  9. Mas pipiliin ko si rav4 kaysa crv diesel, why? Dahil ayuko ng turbo push start button, at higit sa lahat cvt

  10. Nice car. Descent performance. I try this during summer under 50 degree Celsius dto sa middle east.. Reliable talaga..

  11. Sa US ang XLE may fully loaded version & basic model! Xle sa pinas basic version lang pero nakapa mahal over priced ):

  12. This is seriously overpriced. The top spec hybrid model in Australia is 11k Dollars (Aus) cheaper than the top spec we get in the Philippines.

    What the fuck is going on?

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