Feature: Old-school Toyota Starlet

Feature: Old-school Toyota Starlet

It was actually a car of a friend who recently
passed away. He used it for autocross, it was his autocross
car for a few years. And then I guess he got tired of it. Mutual friends were telling me na sayang ‘yung
car kasi it was just on the side of the road. Previously, I’ve owned a 1990 Toyota Starlet,
which became my race car. So I was planning to acquire another Starlet,
because I missed having one as a road car. I bought the shell without any engine, I shipped
it here from Mindanao. The actual build took just about a year and
a half. I bought the car already about three years
prior. Shipping it from the South was a little bit
difficult so that’s why. It’s from CDO, basically. The biggest challenge was finding the parts. Mainly because it was a race car, it was stripped
out already. While it had some of the interior parts, they
weren’t really in good shape. So what I did to solve that was I was able
to buy a half cut. Fortunately, the half cut came with two doors
and the rear hatch. So I just put it there. All I needed to do with the engine was bring
it to Autotech, have them refresh it, new gaskets. I bought an overhauling kit. I think I upgraded also the head studs just
in case I wanted to increase the boost. So that it wasn’t leaking motor oil
when I dropped it in. We decided to redo the conversion, actually. So what we did was, because we had another
firewall from the half cut, we kind of jigsaw-puzzled that. We cut it up, and then we mirrored it. What we also did with the dashboard, the right-hand
dashboard, we converted to left. I have a really rare part here that I guess
I was lucky enough to find. It’s an ARC blow-off valve, specifically for
the engine. So it bolts on to the stock intake pipe. It’s a trinket, since ARC is discontinued. They don’t exist anymore. I was able to find an ARC blow-off valve that’s specifically for this car.

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  1. Missed the old days na magaganda pa yung iysura ng Toyota na walang tulong galing sa lexus.Pero ngayon lahat ng magagndang Toyota parating may tulong ng lexus sa exterior.Maganda nga pero parang di na mukhang Toyota.Layo na sa original;Oo reliable pa rin pero nawala na ying spirit ng originality na ganda ng Toyota ganun din sa iba katulad ng Honda at Nissan.Mahilig magpagawa sa companies na ginawa nila na mas magaganda nung 80's-90's para sa future updated pa rin sila pero effect yung mga bagong company ang nagpapakapagod gumawa sa mantalang yung gumawa SARAP NG BUHAY ex. Toyota Rush Rebadge Daihatsu Terios.Note:Pag mamayari rin ng Toyota ang Daihatsu

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