Filthy Rides Vol. 1: Full Interior Detailing 2008 Toyota Sienna

Filthy Rides Vol. 1: Full Interior Detailing 2008 Toyota Sienna

Today we’re gonna deep clean the family
van. Tthe pinnacle of every family traveling experience, the minivan is
ideal for its multiple purposes, as well as its bulky size to hold not just the
family but oftentimes sports equipment, luggage, backpacks [RECORD SCRATCH] Hey, it’s Griff, with
Simple Green, today we’re gonna be cleaning this minivan from top to bottom.
Anybody who owns a minivan knows how dirty they can get really quickly. Weird
stuff in the cupholders, mysterious stains under the baby seats. Let’s get
started! [MUSIC INTRO] The first step of your deep cleaning process is to clear out the
vehicle removing any trash or debris. Okay, so I usually use two containers. I
get one for stuff that’s gonna go in the house and then one for trash and
recyclables. You should pick up anything that’s not a part of the vehicle
including anything off the floor in the seats as well as the cup holders in any
other area where you might find hit it take out all the trash all businesses gusting oh don’t wash my hands
maybe gloves would have come in handy there to prevent grease crumbs stains and
odors and to help retain the resale value of your car you should never allow
children to eat in the vehicle cleaning twice a week is really
important for families because you’ll find that by all means don’t make sure
that the best way to get all the dirty areas in the car and on the seeds is to
actually remove the rear seats from the vehicle that way you’ll be able to
access all of the areas that would otherwise be hidden or hard-to-reach
removing the seats will also allow you to let the seats dry in the sunshine
which will help speed the process along now we have a much more open workspace
by which to approach our cleaning job but before you can really assess what
kind of problem spots you’ll be dealing with when cleaning out your car you’ll
need to give the car a good vacuuming to get rid of all the little debris that
might be blocking your view or even masking the stain take a brief pass on
the mats with your vacuum before you pull them out so you’re not making an
enormous mess on your driveway when you do then pull them out for cleaning and
vacuum in the exposed area on your car interior sometimes I think kids do this
on purpose now we’ll get to vacuuming the entire
van to get it ready for a deeper cleaning and to prevent clogging your
extractor with chunks of debris most shop-vacs come with a wide nozzle and
they usually come with a narrow nozzle that helps getting down into some of the
cracks and crevices inside the car I also find it helpful to use some of
these detailing brushes you can pick up packs of them pretty cheap online they
help to get down into these harder to reach areas and break up the impacted
dirt that otherwise your vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be able to pick up all by
itself since we’re doing this detailing here in Southern California this van has
been to the beach a lot and it had a lot of sand ground into the carpet fibers I
find that if you brush the carpet with a stiff nylon brush while you’re vacuuming
it helps loosen up that ground in sand and gets the carpet a lot cleaner now that the entire van is vacuumed we
can assess the damage and the stains to see what we’re really dealing with here
then we’ll get started on the floor mats and seats oh yeah I like to clean the
floor mats and seats firsts that they have time to dry while I clean the rest
of the car today we’ll be using simple green all-purpose cleaner to cut through
all this dirt and grime you might reach for a stiff nylon brush for this job but
if you use this you’re gonna need a whole lot of this or you could just go
online and buy a few drill brush attachments to get it done a whole lot
faster because they have the floor mats outside the car I can hit it with a
generous amount of water before I add the cleaner this really helps loosen up
some of that ground and dirt before I hit it with the Darrell brush you might
need to take two or three passes on some of these stains to really get them out
but the extractor is gonna help hydrate and loosen up and pull out all that dirt
it’s a good idea if you don’t own your own carpet machine with an extractor
wand to rent one from the local hardware store simple green all-purpose cleaner
is perfect for cleaning vehicle interiors because it works great on any
washable surface and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that might require
gloves or special ventilation for this job we’re going to dilute our simple
green concentrate with water at a ratio of one part cleaner to four parts water
or two parts water depending on how tough the cleaning job is now that the floor mats are done let’s
move on to the seats we’ll give them a good vacuuming to pull
up as much dirt as possible before adding any liquid then spray down the
area with diluted simple green without putting too much liquid on the seats
then we’ll lightly scrub the area to agitate or stir up the surface dirt
before giving it a once-over with our extractor our approach to cleaning the
seats is a little bit different we’re trying to limit the amount of moisture
that we add because the padding and backing of the seats are gonna absorb
all of that moisture and hold it in it’ll take longer to dry Plus that
moisture can attract stains down the road so we spray it with the cleaner hit
it with the drill brush and extract it quickly now that we’ve gotten those good and
clean let’s set them aside to dry in the Sun and move on to the inside of the car
now we’ll tackle the delicate task of cleaning the headliner headliners are
very sensitive and you have to be careful with their feelings I usually
spray the product on to my microfiber cloth and then rub it along the
headliner getting any of that dirt and grime out without being too aggressive
or using any kind of brush or extractors that will put too much moisture on the
roof most head liners are made from a pretty
thin fabric material which is glued to a backing this is why it’s not a good idea
to use an extractor for headliners the water from an extractor will destroy the
glue on the back of the material causing it to sag and it could also warp the
backing of the liner now that the headliner is complete let’s
move on to tackle the plastic surfaces of the car like the dashboard the front
and center consoles and the vents when cleaning the dashboard and the door
panels and things like that I’m pretty aggressive with the all-purpose cleaner
spraying it on and then I usually clean with these detailing brushes to get into
those cracks and crevices and then I have a wet and dry microfiber cloth once
the cleaner is applied I go over it once with the wet microfiber cloth and then
hit it again with the dry microfiber cloth the rear cupholders really wore the
toughest part of cleaning the plastic in the van there were several pieces of
chewing gum stuck down in there as well as some soda residue and sand and other
things I ended up using the handle of one of my scrub brushes to really help
scrape some of that dried on gum and I brought in the drill brushes to help
give me some extra kind of cleaning power in hindsight I wish that I had
allowed the cleaner to settle just a little bit longer and soak into some of
these stains it would have given it more time to loosen them up and I think it
would have saved me a lot of scrubbing time in the long run some of the plastic and hard surfaces
were hard to get to especially the center console which was bolted to the
driver’s seat so I removed it and they took a lot of the liners and plastic
pieces and cleaned them on the driveway this gave me more liberty with the
cleaner and tools now it’s time to get the work on the
carpet we’ll go ahead and apply our simple green all-purpose cleaner
solution on the area in sections then grab our drill brush and get to work
tackling all those deep set stains and marks when cleaning the carpets we want
to use the same approach as the floor mats but maybe with a little bit less
water so I’m usually using my all-purpose cleaner first and then
adding a little bit of water from the extractor by adding the water to the
carpet it’s rehydrating some of those old dried up stains and helping lift it
out simple green all-purpose cleaner is great at breaking down the sugars oils
and grime that have dried onto the carpet once it’s had a few moments to
work into the soils grab the extractor and pull it all up what happens when you spill any kind of
liquid on the carpet in your car if it’s not cleaned up right away it dries
underneath the carpet and then when you add cleaning product or any kind of
water to it it’s reconstituting the sugars and any kind of residue that’s
left over so even as you clean you’re gonna notice that you’ll clean an area
and then the carpet will wick up some of that stain that’s underneath it and pull
it to the surface so the more water and the more cleaner that you use to
rehydrate that stain and pull it out it’s going to clean both under the
carpet and on top of it this is easier to do in your car than it is in your
home because you don’t have the same kind of padding underneath your carpet
that can get over over soaked or over saturated when you get to the edges of
the carpet especially along the sliding doors you should try to pull up the
runner if it’s possible so that you can get access to the carpet that goes
underneath these plastic pieces proceed with caution because usually those
plastic covers are protecting the wiring and other sensitive components which
could easily be damaged by liquids I put down a trash bag to protect the wiring
and you’re gonna want to put something hard underneath there so that the drill
brush has something to push against and then once it dries we can put the
plastic liner back now we’re going to move to the door jams
and side paneling where road grime and grease can accumulate to make a real
mess but not before taking care of some real dirty business emptying out this
nasty water cleaning the door jambs was pretty
simple I just sprayed it with the all-purpose cleaner and then wiped it
down with a damp microfiber cloth on the running tracks I ended up having
to use a small bristled brush and to loosen up some of this kind of more
caked on dirt but simple green did a really good job of cutting through the
kind of oily dirt and road grime that build up in these areas and then I
sucked it all up with a shop vac and it came up pretty easy now we’ll move to the far back area and
the trunk working into all the little corners openings events and close
attention to any emerging spiders or other bugs now that we’re done with
cleaning let’s put the seats and floor mats back where they belong to finish
the job on this van all right we did it
we’ve cleaned this minivan from top to bottom it has been a long day of
cleaning but I’m super proud of the work that we’ve done we’ve gotten seven
pieces of gum out of the cupholders in the back we got chocolate out of the
upholstery we got some kind of soda spills all in the carpet but we’ve been
able to restore a little bit of dignity back to this family Minnie what’s the
worst thing that you’ve spilled in your car baked beans coffee whatever the heck
that stuff was in the door panel let us know in the comments below thanks for
joining us and we’ll see you soon

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  1. Wow this is a horrible detailing service he only did Wipe down and a scrub in some areas and he needed to protect the plastics using a UV protector if you want to see somebody actually detailing a car

    Check ammo nyc

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