Finding WW2 treasures in Eastern Front Woods

Finding WW2 treasures in Eastern Front Woods

Oh my god! There we go. We are back! On the Eastern Front. This area has seen fighting up until the final days of the war. Yeah, a lot of material was lost, total chaos. We’re just gonna see if we can find some traces of that battle. So wish us luck! By the way this time I’m gonna team up with WW2RevivalDenmark. We’re currently walking to their location. They really have an amazing channel. It’s also about metal detecting and magnet fishing like my channel. But they also have some crazy footage about discovering and opening bunkers. You can now see a link to their channel somewhere in the video screen. So yeah, let’s meet up with Daniel and Mathias. Really looking forward to it! Good day, hey man! Good to see you. You too. We just met up with the guys. We’re gonna start off metal detecting right now. It’s quite a lot of metal detectors, you should think that we should be able to find something. But we’re gonna see. My buddy Jerry joined us for the first time. It’s actually has first time ever metal detecting and he told me he had a signal. I just helped him out. He found a Mauser K98k bolt. A rifle bolt. Let’s brush it off a little. It’s quite hard still, quite nice. There you go. Well we thought we were done here, but Jerry said to me that he had another signal there. Don’t know if you can hear that. Yeah, we’re gonna see, maybe it’s another one. Right guys there’s some metal here. It’s a K98k buttplate, so it went on the back of the rifle. Yeah, it makes perfect sense that we’re finding a Mauser K98k bolt and now this buttplate. Let’s hope the rifle is also still here. Well you’re not gonna believe this, we just dug up this K98k bolt here. And I had a signal against this tree here. It’s again another bolt. Another Mauser K98k bolt. So that’s the second one, I don’t know where this is going, maybe this time the rifle is still there. Second bolt. Daniel came out to see if he can also find something here. Because right next to my second bolt… …I just found a K98k buttplate, the second one, and i put it all together here. So it’s two bolts, two buttstocks. There’s actually a little piece of wood left here. I thought I was done but there’s actually more metal there. I mean I pulled out the pinpointer. It’s going off here. And I just checked. Don’t know if you can see that, but there’s actually some leather here. You see that? Yeah. You can see the buckle here, I think this is from the weapon sling. The belt to carry the weapon with. I’m not sure if this still goes on further. Oh yeah, it’s loose. So that was definitely around the rifle. Right so what do you have there? I got a signal and it looks like it’s a piece of a weapon. Piece of a machine gun or something. Piece of a machine gun if you look at how it opens up. Quick brush. There’s some interesting openings in there, some interesting holes. Interesting shape. It feels like this could go on… It’s quite heavy also or? Yeah. Yeah maybe a part of the muzzle or something If it is something interesting then I’ll definitely tell you about it. The guys are digging over there in the back. I just made a little surface discovery. You can see my detector over there, I was walking there. And I spotted something. This little object. I don’t know if you recognize it. But this is actually a harmonica. It’s a music instrument that a lot of German soldiers played. That’s a first one for me. Right there, next to my detector, is where I found the harmonica on the surface. Directly next to it, I got a lot of signals. And I actually just dug up a great variety of buckles. Kenny also has some signals here. He dug up a lot of buttons actually. And he also dug up this brush. You still have a lot of signals right? Yeah. This is clearly a German Wehrmacht button. It has this clear pattern of dots on it. Daniel just showed me that he found one of these Soviet airplane casings. I believe it’s a ShVAK 23 mm casing. But he actually also found this metal part, which interconnects these rounds. So they would be in a band. And this would be in it like this. So like I said, it’s Jerry’s first time joining me in these metal detecting adventures. He just showed me this. I don’t know if you know what it is. This is an officer’s shoulder pip. It indicates the rank basically. The more a soldier had on its shoulders, the higher its rank. Yeah it’s in a very nice condition still. Even the pin in the back is still there. I think it will clean up nice. Nice one Jerry! You made me very happy. We’re all digging away here, I’m just filming the pip badge. And eh… Scabbard! Okay, just right now Mathias found the scabbard of a German bayonet. It’s not in a very great condition but it’s definitely cool to find. But I was actually about to show you is the razor that Daniel just found. That’s in a quite nice condition. Very cool. We’re starting to find interesting stuff and all around the spot where I had the eye find of the harmonica. This just keeps getting better and better, everybody is gathered here. Right next to the scabbard of the K98k… It’s there. K98k grenade launcher. Wow. This moment really made my day! Kenny was complainting all day about the metal detector not working out and stuff like that. So I gave him another one, my old XP. Funny thing is, I was digging here before. Found some bullet casings. I said to Kenny: you can check it out, I don’t think there’s gonna be much here. So Kenny started digging further and then… He shouted, he shouted really hard. And he told me to come over. Yeah actually I was like, I was already desperate. I was like, let’s dig up these signals. While being bitten by about 20 ants. Red ants. I found something colorful. So I didn’t touch it any further. Oh my god man! There we go. I won’t touch it too much. Yeah man. But that’s obvious. That’s a very clear swastika. I have to say guys, I don’t really know what kind of badge this is. The condition is amazing. Ah there’s also some writing on the back. Oh yeah. That’s almost uncorroded. Amazing condition. What does it say? It says: ‘Deutschen’… Well we were just able to read it. I think it says ‘Mutter der Deutschen’. So that means mother of, yeah… Mother of the German people. It says… …December 1938, at the back. And there’s more, but we have to clean it at home. Yeah I’m really curious… …to whom this was awarded. To women in the German army maybe? I guess we’re gonna find out. I just dug up… I don’t know, some box. Not sure what it was for. And also a coin. Can’t read it yet. It’s probably a German one. But right now… I just found another coin. And this one is readable. I think it’s a 50 Pfennig. It’s a different material you can see that. The eagle should be on the other side. I can probably show you the clean up version right now. Yeah nice one. Gonna give you a close up of all of the coins that we found just now. The interesting thing is, I think… Well, I already recognize some coins. At least this one is German. This one is Dutch. So we have at least 4 different countries, at the same location. Yeah that’s very intriguing I think. Quite a background story, I would say. Mathias just found something interesting. Something recognizable. He said it’s a part of an MG34. I think the rounds would go somewhere under here or? Under here yeah. It’s the top cover. Top cover. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can you turn it around maybe? Yeah that’s… This here, this is the feeding mechanism. Yeah. This is the one that pushes the bullets. Exactly. Yeah cool find man, I mean… Definitely. Yeah. Daniel just came walking by with this… Gewehr 43 magazine. German rifle. I still see some rounds left in there. Here, you see the end of it here. Right Mathias thinks he has a bayonet. Is that the end? Yeah I think this is the end of it. It’s bakelite! Scabbard? Yeah! With the scabbard. It’s a complete one man. Wow! That’s a pretty one. Yeah the hand grip is in amazing condition. The bakelites are always the ones… …that are the coolest ones to find. I’m wondering how the blade looks inside of the scabbard here. Yeah usually it preserves the blade. Yeah. If the scabbard is still around it. Oh yeah, she’s nice! Good for the morale! Yeah, it helps! Mathias just found this scabbard here. He probably again found a bayonet. I think it’s a bayonet. Yeah. Oh my god man. Are you kidding me? Second bayonet. It’s again bakelite I think. Isn’t it? It’s a bakelite one again. This guy just found two bayonets in half an hour. Two bayonets. It’s your lucky day man! Oh man. That is amazing. I don’t know if you can see this, but we’re digging around a major dug out here. Kenny just had a signal. He told me it’s a button. Then I asked him: ‘what type of button is it?’. And then he noticed something interesting. I said there’s a star. What type of star is that? It can only be one right? It is. It’s Soviet uniform button. Great job man. We can add that to the list. Look at that. And you had more signals you said? Yeah there are a few more signals. We are standing now in the dug out, where we just found a Soviet uniform button. I started digging here. I got a major, major signal. We truely believe that we just discovered an MP40 here. I think it’s quite intact actually. The bolt is also there. There’s a magazine. This is really amazing guys. Complete MP40. Are you curious what type of metal detecting gear I personally vouch for and you want to get some of that gear for yourself? Go check out the links provided in the video description. Unfortunately, that was it for this trip. Our time ran out. We had some amazing days. Yeah I really hope I can return soon and bring you some more amazing footage. See you soon!

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  1. Cross of Honour of the German Mother. Commonly known as the mothers cross.
    Wow! The mp40 is an amazing find, very lucky to find one complete. Well done.

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  3. typically when allied forces found a weapon they would throw the bolt away from the weapon still a common practice today this keeps the enemy from reusing the weapon. If found by strageler enemy combatant also break the stock

  4. The eastern front is still littered with WW2 treasures! I'm going on a trip soon to the eastern front as well, I'm so pumped!

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  6. O-M-G! you guys were killing it this hunt AMAZING finds 2 bayonets one in scabbard & that beautiful cross is absolutely gorgeous, could it be silver plate? The complete MP40 is outstanding & the site was still on the rifle? Those coins from different countries could it be that those different countries were passing through this area? I get so excited when I get you in my inbox because I know it will be good, awesome channel. HH

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    Best regards Daniel – ww2RevivalDenmark

  9. I love your videos and ww2. I like how you put in footage from the war along with your finds great job. Also what kind of gloves do you wear. I'm trying to find a good light pair for when I go detecting

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  12. I agree with Pete Peterson below about throwing the bolts away. In Iraq, Whenever I found an AK 47 or whatever other weapon, I would always take the bolt and put it in my pocket. By the time it was time to redeploy, I had a whole box of them I tossed in the burn barrel.

  13. Superb video gents. I've always enjoyed your videos as you show the artifacts as they're found and again after being cleaned up. AS WELL you provide us with such detailed info about the artifact with background videos on thy're usage. PLEASE continue your quest and provide more informative videos. A Canadian follower. Be well..

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    There could be many words to describe your work but…GREAT job/work !

    Impressive WW2 relics ! Really impressive and interesting !

    That MP40 (38 ?)…it's not a joke…it's a rare find/WW2 relic…at least RIGHT in that condition…almost complete (and magazine…) and relatively intact !

    The place where you found that soviet button looks like a…crater…

    I didn't see any 'fox-hole' and/or trenches…so…there was…hastily 'retreat zone'…maybe…

    Interesting that piece from PPSH 41 (?)…

    That "Mother's Cross"…indeed…a very rare WW2 relic… it could 'indicate' the presence of civilians in that 'hastily retreat' that I said…

    Will you clean those Kar 98 bayonets…?

    Again … I must say … that place / area "deserves" at least one more expedition of your team…

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