First aftermarket exhaust for BMW X7 40i SUV by Fi EXHAUST X EDO Tuning

First aftermarket exhaust for BMW X7 40i SUV by Fi EXHAUST X EDO Tuning

This is BMW X7. BMW’s flagship luxury SUV. I’m Frenks from Fi EXHAUST and We’re developing the first aftermarket exhaust system for X7. Believe it or not but this X7 has never been home. It came straight to this tuning shop, to EDO Tuning. And it’s completely new. When we open the car. Everything is brand new. You can see the plastic is still there. And we have the Fi EXHAUST valvetronic remote control box there sitting unboxed. Also we can notice an impressive upgrade option which are these crystal shifter and start engine and stop button. Once we open this split tailgate we can notice all the three rows of seats. And easily lower them to allow for more maximum cargo storage. X7 is not only luxurious, but it’s also spacious. So we open it and notice the second back row and you can easily enter. And Everything is electric. It just takes some time for the chairs to go up. It’s a very decent gap. So we just easily get inside. And it’s very spacious and comfortable even in the third row. So the newest modified *grille is in chrome black It has more sportier and younger look compared to the factory chrome silver version. And other modified parts include this body kit bumper part. It makes it more aggressive looking. With X7 you can expect things way much more bigger and so are these M Performance brakes and also the discs. Another modified part is here if we come to the tailgate. It’s this section, which is originally in chrome silver. But has been recolored to chrome black. And you probably notice the theme here. Everything is blacked out. And also the diffuser is part of M Performance package aligning nicely with the new exhaust tips. Now we’re at the rear of the car and these are the chrome silver stock exhaust tips. However, the owner wanted to make his car even more unique so these are BMW’s M Performance package chrome black exhaust tips, which I think match very nicely with the rest of the aesthetic of the car. Before hearing Fi EXHAUST let’s hear the stock. So let’s now check Fi EXHAUST sound And there are 2 ways how we can control Fi EXHAUST valvetronic exhaust system So first one is this upgraded remote controller with one button style. And second one is. We can use the mobile application to control the valves on and off modes. Let’s hear it! So there you go 130 dB. Extremely loud. You should definitely experience it in person. Now we’re on a road And let’s test how it sounds. Let’s turn on the valves. Yeah! This is what I’m talking about. Last but not least Fi EXHAUST valvetronic exhaust system is made out of high quality materials so there’s no worry about any droning or resonance. See ya later. Wait. I enjoyed the Fi EXHAUST way much more better. Let’s turn it off. And thank you for watching.

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  1. LOL the dB measurement putting the mic exactly next to the exhaust tip is has to be done 1 meter away from the sound source at 45 degrees angle..

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