Ford F150 2.7L Ecoboost 3inch Straight Pipe Exhaust Driving Clips

Ford F150 2.7L Ecoboost 3inch Straight Pipe Exhaust Driving Clips

what’s going on guys so I have a 2017
f150 2.7 liter EcoBoost behind me and I recently just got the exhaust chopped
off so what I basically did was got the resonator the muffler chopped off and
then I dumped it behind the rear axle and it’s pretty loud so it’s a straight
pipe three-inch straight pipe coming off of the original pipe there in front of
that clamp weird thing that’s going on with empathy so there’s no more
resonator there’s no more muffler it’s just a straight pipe I’m not sure I’m
gonna keep like this for too long it’s pretty loud it’s kind of annoying when
you’re driving I might be putting a 40 series on there but it’s one of you guys
to see what it sounds like with the straight pipe what it’s like driving it
on the highway what it’s like driving around and in general it is a v6 so it’s
gonna sound kind of weird it’s not like a v8 so I could be really deep kind of
sounds like a rice rocket it’s kind of cool every once in a while you’re like
that sounds pretty cool but then it gets kind of annoying when you’re driving it
so I might be putting them up around there we’ll see how it goes I’ve only
had over a couple days my girlfriend definitely hates it I don’t know we’ll
see what happens so check out the video so you guys think leave a comment below
if you like the exhaust way – do you have any tips on what muffler I should
put on there you

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  1. See the full build so far! Waiting on new Fenders and hood! More to come!

  2. Hard to tell since I'm watching from my computer and phone but the Corsa system seems to sound pretty good. The Borla Type S or Attak wasn't too bad either.

  3. I’m seeing a lot of yays and nays. I personally don’t like the sound. Too ricey. I like the rumble of a modified 5.0 but not a v6. However, as badass as the 2.7EB is, I wouldn’t do anything to it. I love mine. Btw your truck looks great!

  4. I'm not a big fan of how it sounds. Good that you did it bc I was going to cut off my exhaust in my 2017 2.7 Ecoboost! Thumbs Up!

  5. I have a 2.7 F150 as well and this is my first truck EVER that I can't bring myself to do the exhaust. Your video enforces my decision. Also, what do you have in the bed? A bunch of bags of concrete?

  6. I have the 2016 F150 2.7 ecoboost as well and was wondering your final thoughts on the straight pipe because I am really considering doing that with it dumping in the back middle like you had it in the video as well.

  7. Need to get an "electronic cut out". Then you can switch between straight or own muffler when towing. I had a manual one on my 01 f150. Ran duel exhaust, one pipe was straight the other was muffler. Had a pull cable in floorboard. Now they have remote controlled units .

  8. I have an interesting experiment for you.
    use a 7 inch diesel cat style stack as a straight pipe
    Dump it right before the exit.
    it will depend the sound And since it’s force-fed it shouldn’t affect power

  9. Flowmaster dbx muffler would be perfect, will keep a deep and throaty sound, I used this muffler on my 4.0 v6 4runner, no rasp even with secondary cat delete

  10. Should have saved the money and finished the lift on your truck. The front in the air looks like a dog wiping it’s ass on the carpet.

  11. Someone didnt get their TPMS sensors Relearned 😂 tried to hide it haha, but for an ecoboost lets be grateful it makes ANY noise

  12. Hey bro great vid… can you get me the model of the tires and wheels you got… also did you get the truck lifted? How many inches.

  13. 2017 3.5L Ecoboost here. This is too loud for me, but it's funny how most people seem to think that the
    RAM Cummins Diesel sounds so cool, but the Ecoboost with aftermarket exhaust, which sounds pretty
    similar, is described as "ricer" etc. I'm probably going to do a true-dual from the cats back to a Magnaflow
    dual-inlet, dual-outlet muffler (built-in cross-over), 2 1/4" mandrel-bent stainless tubing. Haven't heard that
    setup on Youtube yet. Have similar single exhaust on an old V6 Explorer, which actually sounds surprisingly
    good — hoping for sort of a "stereo" version on the F150 with duals…

  14. That sounds bad. Put the stock setup back on . None of the exhaust options really change the sound but in my opinion the factory sounds just fine .

  15. Thanks for this, think I'll keep mine stock then. I like my 2.7, but there's no good exhaust solution. Maybe if it was a high revving V6 or if you could hear the turbo noise. They're too small and don't make any noise. Unlike the 3.5, you can hear the turbos a bit even with stock exhaust.


    This is what I have on my 2018 2.7 and I LOVE the sound!

  17. Why do ecoboost guys insist on putting exhaust or in this case no muffler at all. Sounds sooooo bad. It’s kind of embarrassing , it sounds like a Tacoma

  18. Can u give a breakdown of all your suspension parts ? Buying one next week and loveeee how yours sits bro. 🙌

  19. I love my 2.7 xlt 2wd. Has excellent acceleration and power. However I would never chop the exhaust. Maybe the 3.5 but not the 2.7. I’ve listened to cat backs to straight pipes and they all sound crappy.

  20. Thinking of making mine quieter ! It’s stock now , add larger pipe into a stock muffler and out for the flow part of things . Flow , Tune and some Koolwhip (Nos) getssss the party going >>>>

  21. I have an electric exhaust switch, cost me 125$ including install and allows me to change it from normal sound to straight piped

  22. Ok, first. What kind of lift do you have. Second. What kind of front bumper is that, and third. What wheels and tires are those!

  23. I have a 2018 2.7L f-150, I deleted the resonator with a 2.5” pipe. Loud enough to hear the turbos and exhaust note, but not loud enough to bug the shit out of you in the cab. Removing just the resonator is probably the best sound option, its not as loud as this truck but the exhaust note is allot deeper than this truck. It still sounds better than a straight piped civic for being a small engine.

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