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Ford Focus Faulty Ignition 2000-2003, Ok here we are with a Ford Focus 2001 the usual problem the ignition the usual problems the ignition the the key will no longer work the ignition today we are going to pull apart the steering column so what we are going today and then we’re going to try to get the
key going hopefully we can turn the key the lock has to be in the on position for the lock to be removed so when the lock is broken the its
hard to get the turned over so we’ll see how it goes going to stripper down the steering column and hopefully this goes smooth if it doesn’t we have to drill it so Royce
is going to be the technician today and away we go, this is our Automotive Specialist this is Royce Whin-Yates also known as number three Son so he’s
our automotive guy and this is this thing okay Royce get the key in there and get the ignition going and have fun What we are going to right now he is going to pull apart the shroud and then he can get at the retaining pin but agin the key has to be in the on position
pin but again the key has to be the on but again the key has to be in the on position so we’ve got some pretty good techniques
on how to these robots are removed and now is to remove the shroud to expose
the whole ignition his little dark we may not be able to use this but let’s
see what happens here then the shroud just comes out pretty easy now comes the hard part will that he
turn not turning as you can see pretty normal
that we gotta turned over no turned on football he won’t even go into compared a race is a genius at this he’s got it
good now we’re gonna read now we’re going to remove it yet to put in push in the retaining and will remove it to press in see it’s on the top edge he’s got an
angle pushes and pulls that we were very lucky
on this area yeah I question now a lot stalin yeah okay

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