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  1. Ford, you make and sell cars. A word to the wise; do not wade into the toxic gender identity third wave feminist bullshit currently forming the butt of most jokes on the internet, it will not serve you well, note the like/dislike bar on this video. Very few people in western countries have judged others based solely on gender for a very long time, that fight was fought and won in the 1970s and 80s, your message is out of date, a woman working in a car dealership as a salesperson (I am assuming 'relationship manager' is ridiculous newspeak for such a role) is nothing new.

  2. There's is a YT channel of a female car dealership seller going by the name of Heather Bellentine who sells [car brand withheld] and is very successful at it…and you still think dealerships is a sexist environment

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