Ford Spray-In-Bed Liners I Accessories I Ford

Ford Spray-In-Bed Liners I Accessories I Ford

[MUSIC] This dedicated Ford facility is helping
to change the custom truck bed industry through new and advanced spray-in
bed liner application techniques.>>Hi, my name is Calvin Johnson,
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Ford Motor Company. Production spray-on bed liners are an
attractive option for the end customer, because they provide a permanent
bond to the bed of the truck. In addition,
the textured surface is easy to clean, and it provides a watertight seal. [MUSIC] Once we get it inside the spray booth,
the vehicle is primed, [MUSIC] And it’s sprayed with a two-part resin material that creates a reaction
inside of the spray gun. And it’s applied to the box of the truck
and it’s dry within five minutes. [MUSIC] We feel that our quality operating
system that’s in place here in our production facility allows
our machine parameters and process parameters to give us
a consistent quality product. We’ve raised the bar with our new
spray-on bed liner production facility. We took this product during
the development stage, and we subjected this product to 30 different
tests and material requirements. [MUSIC]>>Dealers can now order spray-in and drop-in bed products from
Ford as a production option, making it simpler to integrate
the purchase into the customer’s payment. That means customers no longer have
to wait weeks for the upgrade. They can get it when they take delivery,
and the custom bed liners are even covered by the same new vehicle
warranty as our trucks. [MUSIC]>>It has Ford written all over it. When we talk about one Ford, one team,
this product from our suppliers to our engineers, it’s the best that
we could produce for our customer. [MUSIC]

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  1. That looks great and the beds of all their trucks sold in the Eastern part of the country should have that since the rust is a problem in that part of the country.

  2. I like the spray in bed liner actually I had a plastic insert liner I took out and got the spray in Line-X liner it has a gloss black finish life time warranty so pretty happy with the new spray in liner now looking for the Leer 750 Sport Tannuea Cover I’m understanding they’re out of California…… will get one soon Ford Rocks

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