Okay, I’m thinking we do another Fortnite dance video. We already did one of those! Well, I can’t do another mystery wheel video because I just did that. Pff, imagine if we put those two together. Save the drama for your llama! Okay guys, we know how much you guys love the Fortnite dance challenges, So today we’re gonna put a little spin! We’re gonna put a little spin on Fortnite dance challenge the monkeys are going to spin the wheel. I put all kinds of Fortnite dances on the mystery wheel. Okay, Here are the rules, each monkey gets five spins each, and you guys let us know who-wins-this, Mystery wheel of Fortnite dances challenge dance-off! Yeah! That’s what it is, Whoo! Wooo! Who’s going first? Oh we gotta face oh, she’s all Position They…… are you go, okay, Mr. Bee give it me a good spin-o-roni Oh…………………it go…it go……What you get… What you get… Oh………oh…..oh….. That’s smooth good job Mikey, good job. Thank you. Okay. I kind of feel like that was a little bit easier than the one you got. A little bit? This is a lot easier. Than Where did you see that without looking at the oh you can see in the mirror? Yeah, I read backwards and upside-down. You’re up Mr. Bee Oh Electro shuffle Electro Shuffle is like star power. I love Electro Shuffle. I know how to do it. Guess what you didn’t get it though. He got it. I am gonna cry, I am gonna cry. What are you hoping for in the spin I wanna get groove jam, fresh, swipe it Alright, let’s see if you can get an easy one Mr. Bee what’s an easy one Pumpernickel, that’s my favorite one, where’s pumpernickel? There it is. There it is. All right, let’s let’s manifest some pumpernickel We have Miss Bee spotted in the wild and she’s gonna take a little spinny spin, is that your dramatic spin Do you got Oh Work it out Oh Well, now you know why they call it work it out Wow Oh Wait, you know what this is the last fans and its best mates we should do it together Okay, this thing’s gonna crash out first Alright, it’s over guys and let us know in the comments who won this Fortnite challenge with the mystery wheel was it Mr Bee. Woooh! Or was it. Miss Bee. Let us know in the comments down below and if there’s any other challenges, you guys want to see let us know We love hearing from you. And whoever wins this challenge gets 10,000 V bucks V bucks So we’re not gonna be able to use It has the word buck in it, so Thanks for watching everybody. Please like subscribe and leave a comment down below if you have to subscribe yet Please click on the icon on the left hand a little thing will pop up and you get to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio voice

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  4. Eh bee dad: we got to take a little spin hahaha. Me: I am not going to take that spin okay not taking that fortnite challenge spin fortnite is old

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