Found Old Radio, Car Speakers While Diving Looking for Treasure

Found Old Radio, Car Speakers While Diving Looking for Treasure

What’s going on everybody my name is Jeremy this is exploring with the nug. Thank you for tuning in this is a Miserable looking day. Luckily. I am NOT swimming today I’ve actually already filmed the video and I’m bringing this to you now because I had zero Time to do any talking any intros. I just had time to get in the water had about an hour of daylight left So I just went to the river suited up and got in and got a cut a bunch of good footage The cool thing is this is a new river It’s actually the Etowah River up in Cartersville, Georgia And the water is surprisingly crystal clear easy ten-foot visibility. It was amazing. It was also pretty deep So I got a lot of cool shots, and I found a whole bunch of trash not really any treasures but I did get a lot of trash out of the river and That was just my scouting mission this Saturday. I’m actually heading to the river I’m gonna be spending a good couple hours underneath the bridge. It’s a highway bridge There’s gonna be a lot of trash a lot of cool stuff under there I’m hoping I find some really cool things I get to show you but that’ll be on the next video So let’s get right into it. I hope you enjoyed this video. And if you do make sure you give me a thumbs up subscribe Comment tear my video apart if you hate it, I love the criticism. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this So, what’d you guys think I was actually pretty cool video as a fun day so let me show you some of the stuff that I found, uh Like I said, it was a whole bunch of trash. Nothing really exciting. I did find a Rotor for a mountain bike that looks like a couple of unspent bullets. I don’t I don’t know I don’t know why there’d be bullets. That won’t fire doesn’t make much sense I found some electronics little little receiver with some knobs on it a plug-in Send me a speaker bunch of bottles bunch of bottles and fishing lures and a little pulley thingy for a trailer That’s about it. So like I said nothing too crazy I did get some more trash out of the river, which always makes me feel good so other than that tune in to my next video it’s gonna be a lot more exciting and I hope you enjoyed this one and make sure if you did enjoy it so much you’re Gonna subscribe to my page and you know get to catch all my goofy videos. Other than that. My name is Jerry Thank you for watching and I’ll see you again on another adventure

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  1. That looks like a two watt CB-Radio and what we called a heater in Holland, is a booster so you can up instead of two watt up to 40 or more watts so they (truckers -big rigs) can hear you from a big distance. You make nice videos below water level, how come that you don't have so many subs like Dalmyd? ?

  2. Make sure you drop a thumbs up and let me know if you'd like to see more videos like this one ———->

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