Fredo and I talk about Macau, owning a car and my experiences as a foreigner in Macau with cars.

Fredo and I talk about Macau, owning a car and my experiences as a foreigner in Macau with cars.

that was 400 US dollars a month just for
my parking space look at this car there’s Fredo,
what’s up Fredo how you doing this morning bro alright so here we are with Fredo
this morning and his beautiful Mercedes Benz and we’re gonna go do some street
photography right Fredo – yep I’m gonna try to keep this camera steady
but before we get there there’s something I want to talk about which was
interesting for me when I moved to Macau and that was all of the like the car
situation in Macau or the car game lets call it the car game in Macau game the
car game in Macau so yeah I didn’t notice it at first when I first moved to
Macau but I rarely or almost never see an old car in Macau and the reason I
have an interesting perspective is because my girlfriend Eliz when
she’ll went to the US she said there’s a lot of weird cars in America and I was
like what are you talking about and what she meant was that there’s a lot of
older cars there’s a lot of big trucks and that’s just not something that you
know that you see here in Macau right people don’t really have old cars that
are you know that have like been in accidents or that are different colors
or things like that right so maybe you can give us a little bit of your
perspective as to why you think there are so many newer nicer cars on the road
and tell us about what is it that the
government does to kind of encourage that -I didn’t know you’re gonna like
include me in a video I mean you’re just gonna be driving you’re my driver yeah
come here you go government forces to like inspect our
cars after eight years of like buying them so when you do the eight years inspection a lot of
people don’t feel like it’s worth it yeah right the depreciation is very big
after like a car it’s been eight years old so we tend to sell them when they’re
like five years old and but where the old car goes I don’t know so you know you
bring up something that’s super interesting if you want to buy a like
like for me as an expat that’s coming to my Macau
if you want to buy a second-hand car they’re actually really really cheap if
you’re getting them in that window that you just mentioned like after five years
yes you can get a really nice car and I’m talking about like a nicer BMW
that’s five years old you can get it really cheap compared to the u.s.
because as fredo said after eight years the government does their checks
on the car it becomes a becomes bigger a bigger issue to get the
to get it renovated and registered and people like the local people just don’t
want to deal with that so if you’re like someone like me and you’re coming to
Macau it’s easy to pick up a second-hand car that’s a little bit over five years
old when its over five years old the
car price drop like 75% like but yeah my Hyundai I bought it for liked 200k (MOP) sold
for fifty thousand after five years right after five years so you alright so
let me just clarify something you’re talking in MOP which is the local
currency right and if the people back home are watching this they want to
divide by eight you have to get US dollars because that’s the currency
exchange 8 MOP is one US dollar so the other thing that I wanted to talk about
was that’s the reason there’s so many new cars on the road and you don’t see a
lot of older cars the other reason is Macau is gonna be the richest country in
the world -it is already in 2020 yeah -all right Fredo says it it stands up today
alright that’s according to Fredo the Fredo Times has called that as of today
you know one of the things that I wanted to talk about was parking because that
was another shock to me man when I moved to Macau
alright so let me tell you let me tell you what happened to me I I moved to
Macau and I rented this apartment right and this apartment was 15,000 Hong Kong
dollars and to the people back home that’s about 1,800
US dollars a month in rent so I’m thinking alright this is a pretty pricey
apartment I was living in Nova Park and I was like this has to
come with the parking space right because the rent is crazy right like but
only a foreigner would think that so I go I’m like I’m gonna get a car you know
I just move here thinking I’m smart thinking my
comes with the parking space -Probably two – yeah I didn’t know man I’m like that’s a lot of dough it’s
got to come with a parking space right yeah and a made yeah well it didn’t come
with that but I go downstairs to check about my parking to find out where’s my
parking actually went find it yeah I went downstairs I’m like so how do I get a
parking space for my apartment and the guy is like oh yeah you can get a
parking space it’s like 3,200 Mop a month so I like
I’m like I start doing some math in my head that was four hundred US dollars a
month just for my parking space like just to park my car every month no that
3,200 a month was more than I was paying a month for my car in Las Vegas okay
that’s how crazy that number was in my head to me so like after that I’m like
well I guess I’m taking the bus but Fredo there’s one thing that I want
to get your perspective on and that is this this thing blew my mind the I’m gonna call it the parking space
real estate game and so correct me if I’m wrong but to actually buy a parking
space not rented because you can actually physically own the piece of
land that the parking space it’s on right yeah I’ve heard that those parking
spaces are at least a million MOP which is a hundred and twenty-five thousand us
it’s more than that’s more than that now it depends on the location right right
if it’s like if the density is high on that area right it will be like two
million three million so people have literally gone out and bought two three
five ten twenty parking spaces and become millionaires yeah overnight right
yeah u.s. dollar that’s unbelievable to me I mean and I cuz I feel like a
parking space might be worth more than my home back in Las Vegas I don’t know
if I want to put that on video so yeah that that was unbelievable to me to
learn about how much a parking space was and like how basically
there’s like a real estate bubble associated with parking spaces away you
know we only hold it for 50 years the parking space yep is that same for
apartments yeah same but we know actually only for 50 years let’s say
that the parking space and the building was built like in 2010 so only own
until 2060 but if you bought it in 2015 it’s still like 2060 and then we have to pay like some sort of rent for the government all right so here’s another thing about
owning a car since you just got a nice shiny new one in the u.s. people will
wash their cars like especially if you have a home you’ll wash your car in
front of your house you know you pull out the hose and your bucket with soap
and you’ll wash down your car I’ve almost have never seen anyone I’ve
seen a couple people randomly do it like in Colloan yeah but people don’t really
wash their cars here right yeah we have the syndrome when we do it in the first
few weeks after buying the car NO that’s not true after that we just give
like in my carpark there’s a lady wash my car okay I just figure like 100 a month and she just like she doesn’t hose it
but she just like wipe it wipe it down like everyday but what I’m trying
to get at is there’s not a lot of places there’s not like automatic car washes
you can take it to there’s a lot of what I would call back in the US detailing
places so places where you drive it in they take your car they clean the
outside to clean the inside you come pick it up in an hour yeah see there’s a
lot of that and as I showed earlier you keep your car pretty clean so we all
have that Macau as well in all those casinos in the carpark in the casinos it comes with that
kind of service so one other thing that was kind of interesting to me was the
police situation in Macau oh look a police right there well you
know we got some important visitors in Macau they are everywhere today
speaking of which man just like I said them and then popped up
another police car not so uh so here’s the deal right in the u.s. the police
situation let’s call it that not to get too political but you
can get pulled over if you don’t turn on your signal if you have your light is
out if you’re going too fast so I noticed in Macau that there’s a lot of
like I’ve never ever have seen anyone get pulled over by the police like the
fact that you’re driving down the road and the police car comes up behind you
turns on his lights and you have to move off to the side of the road and they
give you a ticket that doesn’t happen in Macau right
very rarely so I have yet to see it and I have been here for over four and a
half years now but the really the main way that people get tickets is the
cameras right that or parking tickets and I have a joke with Eliz that the
Macau government kind of gives like a I’m gonna call it a tax refund I have a
joke with Eliz that’s basically like that money is for you to pay for
your parking tickets and things like that I don’t know if that’s true or not
but but I thought it was pretty funny oh one thing that I wanted to talk about
because this is fairly new I want to talk about the triple plate system let
me talk about what that means, so for a long time
or at least ever since I got here you would see cars with two license plates
one from Macau and one for China and that just meant that the car could go
into China and come here obviously which is pretty straightforward but now since
they open the Macau Hong Kong zhuhai bridge China bridge we’re starting to
see some cars with three license plates right yeah which is super interesting
because that means that those cars can obviously go to three places but did you
know so I found out yesterday did you know that if you have a car with three
license plates you have to have three different types of insurance yeah
because apparently part of the bridge or the major part of the bridge is actually
physically located in China so they all have to have insurance for all three
places which is I mean in the u.s. one insurance is more than enough I think I
can’t even imagine having three different types of insurances that would
that would just be crazy Wow yeah yeah I think we’re coming up we’re coming up on
her I think they’ll look after that bridge we should be there
oh so one other thing I wanted to talk about as a foreigner if if I did want to
drive because I have driven in Macau legally if you come to Macau as a
foreigner you can actually get a six month what do they call it a driver’s
permit you can drive for six months you just go to the police station you show
them your well I’m from the US so you are showing my license
and they gave me a permit to drive for six months and I heard you can actually
do that two times can actually do it for like a whole year the thing is after the
second time you have to take the driving test so yeah apparently you have to take
the driving test you can’t just keep getting these six six-month temporary
permits which I find kind of weird because if you think about it they’re
saying all right you can drive for six months or even like you can drive
another six months but after that you have to take the test it feels a little
bit backwards right but apparently that’s that’s the way it is but why
don’t you tell us about the test a little bit because I’m assuming you took
the test I hope Nah nobody has time for that so the test is simple but I heard in the
states is that its even simpler uh-huh what we do is like we have like four courses a b
c and d all different and on the test day on the exam day they will do just do
a draw hey you’re on a course a so so i have to remember the course a so you
have to memorise the path yeah right then there’s four different paths and
they just choose one randomly yeah and after that i have to do a like a
parallel parking and then the other kind of parking as well that okay pretty simple all right I failed on the first time you failed the first why is that because you didn’t memorize
the I was driving a stick and then I have my left foot on the clutch and then
they say like hey you’re driving dangerously
so like I asked why he’s like no no I cannot tell you that and then and then
on the third time I didn’t know why I had my left foot on it i wasn’t stepping
on it and then the dude said like hey can you like turn your ignition off and
leave the guys I asked why like oh you failed the test because you did it three
times oh man I gotta bleep that out now Fredo
of but as you probably noticed Fredo is sitting on the right-hand side of the
car and so Macau’s drives on the left as opposed to the US where they drive on
the right but also in Hong Kong they drive on the right (left actually) and in China they
drive on the right so when you’re going from Macau to either China or Hong Kong
you have to do what I think they call it a lotus lotus bridge or load yeah yeah
where you have to basically go from driving on the driving on the left to
drive it on the right and that was fairly interesting also when I went from
driving here to then going back and driving in the u.s. it’s um it’s not
that bad but you do have to be very focused because it’s easy – yeah it’s
easy to forget which side of the road you should be driving on so that’s one
thing Oh one thing I’m curious about you know
because Macau gets a lot especially recently we’ve had a lot of really
strong typhoons yeah so I know that a couple years ago we had a really strong
typhoon named Hato and there was a lot of flooding
especially in the older parts of Macau in this area right in this area right so
this area right here there was probably a metre of water uh yeah yes that’s
about three feet four feet of water where we are right here look at that
pole you see the red thing it’s actually two and two and a half
to two and a half that’s that’s not oh the black was to yeah we went to
the black one so right now we would be underwater yeah right now so I learned
that a lot of people because they keep their cars in these underground garages
a lot of people lost their cars and actually when the first really big
typhoon hit unfortunately what happened was some people trying to run into the
garages and get their cars out and what happens is because the sea water rises
there’s all this rush into the garages and it’s just like a river it’s just
impossible to get out so those some a couple people did die when they try to
go into these underground parking and try to get their cars out but what do
people in Macau do when they know there’s a typhoon coming and they have
their cars in these underground garages yeah we like find a higher place just take
our car away I hope a lot of people will go to Taipa oh yeah a lot of people go to
Taipa and some go back to that company if they have the privilege to park car
there there luckily I my parking space like on the third floor so okay
so the other thing that’s like if you do lose your car though what do you do with
it ah that I have absolutely no idea… all right so that was our Friday morning
because today’s a holiday today is the 20th anniversary of Macau being returned
to China and we currently have the president of China here in Macau so
certain areas were locked off we actually wanted to go to the house that
I filmed a week ago or so we wanted to go check out what was inside that
abandoned house but apparently that area is under lockdown so we weren’t able to
go so we went out here we did some street photography we ran into some cool
stuff today and I think we’re gonna get some good pictures out of it and so yeah
that’s a wrap for today thanks Fredo thanks for giving us a ride in your
fancy car and spend in the morning with us thank you
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