From 2 weeks ago – Land Rover aftermarket parts – How do you feel?

From 2 weeks ago – Land Rover aftermarket parts  – How do you feel?

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  1. Take a look at an oil pump for the Discovery 3, 2.7, it's around £240 from land rover, you can buy pattern part cheaper, however, Citroën use the same V6 diesel and the genuine pump from them is just over £100 v still marked FoMoCo on the casting! Land Rover prices are crazy. I can heartily recommend anything made by Gwyn Lewis here in Wales or Old man emu from Australia.
    Land Rover defenders are an old design, make do and mend was what the factory did, lack of investment and too many accountants spoilt the whole thing.

  2. Makes a lot of sense! I will try to search for G parts going forward. Thou, until now i have had reasonable success with the parts i have fitted. Thou, I'm only 3 years in working on my Defender so all the parts I already have changed may start failing soon 😂 you never know. For me its just a hobby, so i do not have anyone else to disappoint but myself,… but still…

  3. Enjoyed your video today, thank you for the honest opinion. I empathise with your feelings and frustrations, particularly as returning parts found to be disappointing from North America to the UK is not worth it financially. Often easier to order another. I especially hate receiving Brit Part as OEM for expensive parts as on line suppliers will not clarify the manufacturer of their OEM labelled stock. Would be useful to perhaps get your experiences and recommendations on specific parts to guide us. I will subscribe to your Patreon as a result of your video today to support that, well done. BW

  4. Just a silly question. Have any ex Australian Army Perenties found their way to Canada? They were based on a 110, brought in as a kit, chassis reinforced and galvanised, assembled and powered by a 3.9 liter Isuzu diesel. They seem to be immune to LR rust problems, but are rough as guts. The defence force is auctioning them off slowly and replacing them with Mercedes G wagons.

  5. I’m finding that it’s also genuine parts that are failing. I’m on my third wiper motor in 9 months, first was broken out of the box, i’m early 110/defender, work in forestry and find somehow it has better ability than other makes and is still cheaper to fix with genuine parts than my guys vehicles. My Swedish made forwarder is always breaking bits, it’s become acceptable because everything is designed to be bought on tick with a 5 year warranty and be traded in before the end of the term. I talk to many fitters who head scratch at the overly complicated parts they are asked to fix. My chainsaws are all now fitted with a chip to make them run at the max all the time, as a professional user I have been told to trade them in within a year, we can’t fix them, my latest had to be plugged in for upgrade within three weeks. I’m only 40 now but pre 2000 we didn’t have the issues with quality i’m seeing today. How many companies are losing money through downtime to breakdowns?

  6. I have a friend who works for a major Japanese car manufacturer. He says the vast majority of parts are sourced from third parties. Suppliers all bid for a contract to supply a part and usually the cheapest quote wins. He also previously worked for an engineering company based in the UK that would buy machines for £35k from china, re-badge then and sell on for £80k. No one wants the trouble of making anything anymore, its buy cheap and sell expensive.

  7. I am in full agreement with you Mike. The problem I have as an amateur mechanic in the UK is what parts are really OEM and which are just poor Chinese copies.
    We must also bear in mind the cost of these aftermarket parts, in comparison to other EU manufacturers. For example, a quality Sachs clutch set for a performance Golf I used to run was well over £1000. The land rover equivalent is a third of the price for a OEM clutch. My point is OEM Land Rover parts are very good value in comparison.
    The frustration is that some bluebox items are apparently sourced from the same OEM manufacturers as genuine LandRover – we just don’t know which parts these are before we get them!

  8. Genuine parts are ridiculous. Hard trying to fing a good quality parts that last. Sometimes Genuine and Britpart are the same part in different colour boxes.

  9. A steering pump for my 2001 Disco 2 V8 goes for 150 quid. I can get my cousins in the states to mail me a new GM (General Motors) steering pump for 25 quid and it does the same job. weird….

  10. Wow, thanks for sharing your frustration with the parts biz. Right now,, the only guy I know who truly knows Land Rovers is…YOU, and you're more than three thousand miles and an ocean away from me. While you might not want to sell the parts, your knowledge has value, and while I can't thank you enough for sharing info on YouTube, you've earned the right to make $$$ while you make Land Rovers Better. So, getting to my point: Maybe you can (Patreon/PayPal?) offer personal consultations on parts purchases and other LR stuff? I'd rather have YOU tell ME one-on-one, what to buy, and where to go to get a particular LR part, than just guess at what shows up in a Google search. I think people who are discovering you through the videos would cheerfully pay on an hourly or per question basis for your experience with the knowledge they're buying quality stuff as a result. (And you don't even have to get your hands dirty!) Cheers from Ireland.

  11. I've been lucky 5 yrs with my 300tdi 1 lift pump and that's it. Other that that she's been wonderful cross Canada and back around BC multiple times. Just did brakes this spring and a rear wheel bearing. Love your videos . My buddy was wondering in you had a 300tdi and transmission or if you know best way for getting one for a disco. I agree with the parts Depends what you buy. From Bill over here in Saskatchewan

  12. Your a very brave man,
    Most don't hold the integrity to tell it like it is anymore, and just slice through the bullshit sales tactics of manufacturers & parts company's.
    I feel I must apologize for the comment I left the other day as the drive to write it comes from watching things happen that from experience have gone horrifically wrong for me in the past, then being powerless to stop it happening potentially to others which creates the frustration directing the comment.
    Thus I tend to project unintendedly sometimes.
    But I digress.
    The situation with badly made parts in the UK is dire at best with a market flooded with the worst parts with inflated prices,
    One thing that is creating a ground swell of resentment on an international level is the unreasonableness shown to genuine costumers who want genuine parts from a manufacturer who blatantly, unapologetically & bluntly extortionately charges inflated prices
    With no regard seemingly of what it creates for ordinary working people who want to own and us one of these vehicles without a hope in hells chance of successfully maintaining them as they should be!
    I pray that cooler heads prevail and notice the groundswell of resentment that this is causing and how ultimately though perhaps trying to create exclusively for a product and allowing marketing and image building with all the tactics that come with that.
    Quietly may be growing a body of people who are so totally fed up with these tactics being employed that boycotting becomes an inevitable result born from manufacturers tactics, and thus they the manufacturer, become once more the architects of there own demise which wouldn't be the first time for what was born from
    the Rover, BMC, BL stables
    History shows how management disregards
    People, as human resources.
    "Costumer's are not a number"
    "We are not sheep" no matter how much me may be treated like them.
    So what will history teach of the latest batch of three letters denoting the corp in question ???
    Or will history repeat itself once more?
    All the best Mike.
    Top man.

  13. Here in Cape Town, South Africa the Land Rover Dealership ( genuine ) parts follows the same high price regimen.
    However the independent workshops / parts suppliers stock genuine parts, as well as Bearmach, Britpart and Allmakes.
    Brake pads are usually, Adelphi, Ferrodo or LPR. Brake calipers have to be ordered specially, and in my experience are only the genuine type.
    As a small independent operator myself, I adopt the same philosophy as yourself. You are dead right about non recovery of labour and
    customer inconvenience costs. Thank you for all your helpful insights.
    I work a lot on my own and I have been encouraged and inspired by the way you do things. Kind regards, Garth Richert.

  14. I agree 100percent, I've found that Atlantic British in the US is outrageous with their prices for parts. So far, I have been very lucky with the local parts stores. I have a 91RRC VOODOO like curse, I love my classics, my fourth one by the way. I keep telling myself, this is the last one, I think I have been pretty lucky with this one🙊. Anyways, love your videos. Thanks

  15. Hi Mike, I am a newby in the LR world and did not realise the dire situation in the parts business. Quite shameful. I thought the parts supplied from the likes of Paddock Spares were decent parts, good for years of service. I am very nervous now about the boxes full of parts that I recently purchased for my Defender rebuilt project. Nothing I can do now but try… Please keep up the brilliant practical approach to LR fixing!

  16. Fully agree with your points. I've a 1982 series 3 CSW which I've owned for over 20 years, recently I've been collecting genuine parts for items that might fail in the future, with the knowledge that I've replaced so many mechanical parts over the years that I know I will have to keep doing this . I'm been collecting genuine parts because of being disappointed with cheap parts. I've started sourcing parts for a Cyprus based dealer LRTS as I'm finding it difficult to get them at a reasonable priced in the UK.

  17. I know where your coming from on this Mike watch this. 'Double boost' ( John Mills ) highlights the same pit that I fell into with ride on mower after making 2 new shafts and fitting these dirt cheap bearings, they lasted for about 2 hours and buggered the new shafts I made . not amused ..

  18. For a company that claim such things as 75% of their cars are still on the road, LR sure doesn't support their product. OEM support is crap at best. It is pretty appearant to me that they (LR) have no interest in the longevity of their product. I have two D1's, a V8 and a 300TDI, and I love them both. And I can't really get a suitable replacement here in the states. So I am left to sort out the parts mess I guess. No other car make suffers from so many profiteers and charletans that pray on the enthusiast.

    On a seperate note, Mike, would you care to discuss the differences between the V8 R380 and the 300TDI R380. Thanks so much for the great videos

  19. Good points there mike, agree totally with most you said. We tend to fit only OEM as a minimum with certain things genuine for example 300TDi rear crank seals. Lesser than oem usually means it won’t fit, won’t last long or will drop to bits when you open the packet. Don’t get me wrong, there is some good own brand stuff out there for example bearmach brake discs

  20. Once again Mike, you have hit the nail on the head. Can you remember when the first Mini came out? a story at the time went round the motor trade that the profit on a new Mini was only £5. Yes thats right, five pounds, the real money was in the spares, that's why you got firms like quinton hazel making parts because the manufacturers were so dear.
    Land rover, and in particular the defender are still riding the crest of a wave from films like Tomb Raider and other PR stunts, BUT the end is nie, thats why production has stopped and the spares game has taken off. All companies are run by accountants for maximum short term gain with no long term idea's, they are only interested in this year's-ending balance sheet. So they will not spend money on retooling, and as for product development, thats kept to a minimum as possible.
    What I wont to know is—– who do I sue if I fit a track-rod end, and it snap's, which results in a few innocent people being killed. Do I go for the person that sold it to me as they are the people that I have a contract with. Or, will I be pushed from one person to another until it goe's into the very deep grass leaving me in a place that I dont deserve to be.
    I would ask all people here in the UK to contact their MP and ask them for a board of trade ( or whoever it is now) ruling on cheap replacement parts and their being complyant with suitable testing, certification, so that we know what we are buying, this is way overdue.
    Remember!!!! that if you fit a part to your vehicle and that part fails and someone gets killed or injured, you are the one that the authorities will go after, your the one that takes the blame as you chose to fit an unsuitable part. Many!!! Many Thanks for raising this matter Mike, it is something that has been on my mind for years. Good luck, and again Many thanks. Yorkshire Rob.

  21. Firstly the price you pay for a brand new defender , and there's no rust protection on them , so you have to pay for to be done, or your going to pay big time in the long run, and then we come to body work? They go to the trouble of using aluminium/bright work or whatever there using today, over the top of untreated steel with what I consider to be a light spray over paint/under coat , so all the doors rot from the inside out, why don't they just make them properly in the bloody first place? Then the flooring? Why can't they use thick aluminium checker plate? Because of costs, pissoff , because you can find most things made by the aftermarket guys so if they can make it? I'm damed bloody sure Land Rover could, because you're right they just started slapping them together because we're paying the name now once they gained the name for the best 4×4 they got shoddy and can still selling on a reputation they made many many moons ago, and should I even start with the oil leaks!! How many other modern vehicles today get away with leaking out of everywhere, I think I should stop now because I would just go on and on 😂 but I still love the bloody thing

  22. Amen to this, boycott them. Sick and tired of cheap and crappy aftermarket parts that don't fit, don't work or are just plain wrong despite being the 'correct' part. Absolutely fed up with the lack of care that goes into the cheap parts. Some are so bad, it's down right dishonest I feel to supply then as a suitable replacement. Unfortunately, sometimes you have no option due to price of genuine but to take a gamble with the cheap parts and hope the cheap parts don't fail and do more damage. Although, you can pay more and still get cheap crap unfortunately.

  23. I whole heartedly agree with you Mike, I think the lazy way Land Rover and other British car manufacturers designed and made cars is exactly why the uk has no car industry of its own. Now the car industry here in the uk is just a foreign owned production line. Also the quality of some after market parts is truly dreadful. I rebuilt my 90 from the chassis up and the number of hours wasted on crap parts was just so frustrating. Things that should have been direct replacement and a simple job took hours and sometimes days to fit. Some days I just locked my workshop up and left to come back the next day as it was so frustrating. I almost fell out of love with my defender 😂

  24. Hi Mike, funny you should post this video today, i have just been thinking the same thing recently. I have owned most series land rovers, Tdi , and most recently TD5 defender's but have been without one for the past 8 years and was looking to purchase another but here in Ireland a good one is like rocking horse s**t. and have come to the realisation that i would probably be better off with a Toyota Land cruiser swb, more comfort, more availability of both vehicles and parts. what should i do? i have spilt much blood over the years owning landy's, can i bring myself to buy Japanese…am i a sell out!

  25. Nothing is built to last anymore, there`s no money in building things that last,
    I have always driven cheap second hand 4x4s until they can no longer be repaired but now I`m running out of options because vehicles are not lasting long enough to get to my price range!

  26. I worked for Fords motor co for 40 years before I retired
    During that time it went over to jaguar Land Rover when we used to get some faulty parts from the company who manufactured them the reps where brought in and where told that the contract would end if the quality of the part wasn’t up to speculation so I am wondering if all of those faulty parts that where sent back where actually used for the spare parts department as I don’t think they would scrap them off I don’t know if that’s what actually happens it’s just my opinion

  27. We get ripped off left right and centre, I ordered a full set of Lockheed brake pads from Craddocks, photo on add were same as my original pads and part N° ending with "G", I paid a premium for these, they sent me Delphi pads with part N° ending in AP, although Delphi are good pads they did not have the rubber backing and fitting springs and pins as advertised and they were twice the price of the same pads on ebay. I have returned them and I am still waiting for my money to be refunded, they said Photos are for advertising purposes only, bull [email protected]#, what about the part numbers. If I wanted the Delphi pads I would have got them on ebay for £18 not £35 Craddocks charged while showing Lockheed pads. I know Lockheed are now no more but looked like new old stock in add. A scam to sell cheaper parts for twice the price.

  28. I like yours and David woods idea of paid parts online consulting service . Genius idea. Knowing what is worth ordering and what to avoid is seriously needed. With your experience with all the parts you’ve used over the years that would be fantastic.

  29. If Genuine parts were sensibly priced and good quality there would be no real market for cheap poor quality parts as you say. If Land Rover had any self respect or desire to make quality vehicles they would & could have made the Series, Defender, Range Rover & Discovery etc the best 4×4 by Far, however Toyota actually did that. I love my Land Rovers, they have character however would like to spend more time driving them than fixing basic design faults. Parts availability in the UK is very good but paying for OEM does not guarantee you will receive a serviceable part. Some good suppliers list several part choices so with experience you can usually obtain parts from a manufacturer of quality parts at sensible prices but this is not always the case. Glad you raised this issue as it has been a bugbear of mine for a long time & I have boxes of parts I will never use because of questionable quality. Btw I do also own a Toyota 4×4 and has only been at garage for Servicing, why can’t Land Rover do that? I would not take a new Disco or RR across Africa unless I was followed by a maintenance team, low profile tyres & unreliable tech have ruined them, at least you can normally fix a Defender at the side of the road but you shouldn’t have to.

  30. Had to get a MAF air flow sensor for a 2008 for my 2.4 Defender had a good choice from £27 to £125 i went for the most expensive we will find out tomorrow when i drive from Bolton to Pateley Bridge UK without it dropping speed for no reason wether i have spent good money or not , My partner ask's whilst she laughs under her breath why do i have these motors i anawer like i have you love, I do the best i can for you, sweet talk to you , make you happy but i;m always spending money on you both to keep things moving smoothly and I'd be bored with anything or anyone else

  31. Agree totally with what you say. I support more informed buying which is why I set up I won't buy anything Britpart these days

  32. I have a good mob I buy from here in Oz. (British Offroad) They've been around forever and they know what value for money is. They will sell all brands of spares but will advise you what the best option is in their opinion. It is good insurance to have.
    My Tdi is on it's 3rd Wabco vacuum pump and I doubt they last much more than 60,000Km's. They suck!! (Get it? vacuum pumps suck)

    The last one I bought from eBay was not a Wabco but aftermarket and is supposed to be better quality so, we'll see.
    I recently replaced all the bearings at the front of my engine. Air Con, intermediate fan housing bearings, belt Tensioner etc. Amazon was selling one of the Air Con bearings for $25 but no longer post to Oz so, I had to buy from the Australian version of Amazon. Guess how much from Australian Amazon??? Same brand, same part number???? but they asked $330!!!!!
    They just think of a number and double it.
    I bought a supposed "brand new" Steering Box that was as old as my mother. It was a reconditioned box with hammer marks all over the sector shaft and paint peeling from the rusted outer body. Disgusting! I was reimbursed the difference but you have to be careful because these cats are cats.

  33. Totally agree mike. Recently I've had brand new bushes fail due to the rubber being as soft as putty. It almost caused an accident. I was so angry but the seller just wanted to swap for a new set. No way, would you trust them again! I'm in the UK Midlands and parts are dead easy to find. Quality parts takes a little more detective work.

  34. Spot on, Mike….Land Rover parts are ludicrously expensive but they are the correct fit/part etc…Non 'genuine' parts are a serious waste of money (IMHO) and have made that mistake also…but 'price' is king on so many things as ever…people want a 'deal' and it takes a fair few 'shi7 ones' to change their way of thinking…and this, I am sure lends itself to Land Rovers reliability issues as most who buy 'non genuine' parts would not blame the part but 'the whole'…if you get my drift?? Yes, LR are at fault for 'engineering in' problems but that wonderous machine that some aspire to is, as ever built to a cost….and thats where the second or subsequent owner feels the pain. Remember that many armed forces also perpetuate the image by buying the brand…although many rip out the Land Rover engine and fit something like an Isuzu unit (Australian Defence Force etc)…still says Land Rover on the bonnet though…so that (armed forces purchases) is a big 'recommendation' to others….but sold at a price and politically motivated purchase if there ever was one…

  35. Another great video Mike. Thanks for your honesty. Parts are ridiculously expensive in Australia and you don’t get the quality. It’s always better to go to Paddock’s or somewhere, and get OME. Thanks.

  36. Yes so Tru that's why I never put Britpart on a landy some of that stuff is so bad, I remember them in the late 80is and thay've not got much better.

  37. I try and buy most of my parts from my local non-franchised Landrover specialist, who's main business is servicing and repairs.
    On the one hand, even though hi profit margin is small, he more or less matches Paddock's prices, every little bit helps keep him in business, which has to be good for both of us.
    I also take his advice, and only fit parts that he uses himself in the course of working on his customers' vehicles, mine included sometimes.
    Sometimes that's genuine, sometimes OEM, and for less critical items the better end of the cheaper stuff.

  38. Hi Mike great video, very true words. I repair and restore Land Rover here in New Zealand and being as far away as is possible from the UK We have the same problem with parts, trust me. There are dedicated LR outlets in NZ but I can still buy the parts from those big suppliers in UK cheaper than buying local. I have to wait which is frustrating. I have a Toyota Land Cruiser LJ and apart from oil changes I never do any repairs to it! It’s been going 20 years!! But my point is I enjoy fixing things I enjoy tinkering and learning as I go that’s why I enjoy channels like yours as I’m sure do others. So you are right about the parts situation, but if I only owned a Toyota I would not be skilled at all, I probably would have taken up stamp collecting!! Oh and they don’t sell many LR in NZ but sheds load of Toyota.!

  39. Had chance recently to be on a trail run with guy from bearmach. I shared similar thoughts re quality and also that increased warranty period is not the answer. Expecting land rover to respond positively is futile. What we need is an aftermarket company to take the lead and work with manufacturers to ensure MATERIALS and tolerances are guaranteed to be of OEM quality or better and be transparent on material and other specs. Let's not forget these are essentially British Leyland vehicles. The later models of some models much better but a whole different conversation. I love the 4.4 jag v8. Runs great and doesnt use any oil even after 140k.

  40. I am lucky to live in the UK with an abundance of land rover spares suppliers to choose from. My profession as a dealer and factory trained mechanic and later as a self employed landrover mechanic means I have come across the best and worst of the landy spares business. 25 years ago landrover parts were still hugely overpriced. This is nothing new! The reason given to me from the factory included… "If it breaks and there is a warranty claim the the cost was covered in the original purchase price". Just like snap on tools! Brand names mean nothing to me! Brit part/bearmach/white box/brown box all have hugely variable quality. There is no trusted supplier anymore! New old stock is the term I search for these days, especially with gearbox rebuilds on series and old RRclassics. Paddocks for cheap and now. Craddocks for more special items but you might have to wait. A whole host to choose from online as possible cheap suppliers. Brake components are purchased but I always get an OEM seal kit as well ever since finding swarf inside brake cylinders. Now I strip and rebuild all brake components before fitting. I no longer run a workshop full time. I found few people can afford the proper job so I have simply stopped except for special one off jobs normally competition vehicles (Ashcroft help here with being just around the corner). For the average joe who has to pay a mechanic, I no longer recommend purchasing a landrover. End of defender was the end of landrover, it is just another car producer and no longer has the right to claim a pedigree of a true off road vehicle producer.

  41. It's not just car parts – it's everything! However, oddly, I don't get too cross about it because if you have a niche market, and people are daft enough to pay through the nose – isn't that actually good business to be in? Obviously as the purchaser you want the best deal, but sometimes that branded box is the very thing that some customers insist on – irrespective of the origin. I deal in products that often get made in one factory and badged for sale in two, maybe three supply chains, and every time, the reputation of the brand owner sets the value. If I need a PCB for a repair, then I can buy it from the other chains, or indeed I can buy direct from the factory. I could be devious and sell the product as the expensive brand or be honest and sell it as the OEM product. There's a moral thing here. I could make an extra 30% and pretend it came from the prestige brand, or be honest. The customer, like the Land Rover bearings would be getting the same product. In my case I offer the customer the choice and go with their selection. I don't object to the difference in price, because that's what they trade on – quality products that everyone knows are more expensive. It stinks that it's the same product, but I envy their ability to make extra margin from moving a box!

  42. It is a fact of life that genuine Land Rover parts, that is to say parts supplied by Land Rover Limited (and usually manufactured by outside companies to Land Rover's standards) will cost more than after-market parts will cost.  I worked for several Land Rover dealerships in the 1960s and in the early 1970s prior to starting my own Land Rover parts business in San Diego, California.  McKane's Rover Imports purchased virtually all of its parts through British Leyland in the U.S. (in Leonia, NJ & Brisbane, CA).  When the B.L. U.S. computer didn't know a Rover part number (not at all rare in those days), I would order genuine Rover parts through a shipping company located in the U.K.  On occasion, MRI would sell genuine parts as well as similar after-market parts.  One specific example are the shock absorber bushings on 88" (leaf spring) Land Rovers.  These were $4.80 each (16 per vehicle) using B.L.'s recommended retail price.  My business was given a 35 percent discount on the retail price from B.L. in the U.S.A.  We purchased after-market rubber shock bushings, at a price of less than twenty-five cents each.  These U.S. made rubber bushings would outlast the "genuine" Rover bushings.  We sold these after-market bushings for $.95 per bushing.  We actually made more money on each of these non-Rover bushings than we did in selling the genuine bushing at $4.80 each.Factory (read "genuine" Rover) rear axle shafts were of extremely low quality.  But we sold the genuine articles (p/n 591378 & 591379) and NEVER, absolutely NEVER bought or sold any of after-market rear axle shafts.  Ditto virtually every other Rover part my business sold.  Eventually, after eleven and a half years in the Rover/Land Rover parts business, I decided to "get the hell out of the car business and write a book."  I left that business on 1 January 1986.  But I actually started researching my first book in late 1983 (thirty-five years ago this month).  As I told my wife earlier today, "I've not for a second ever looked back and regretted my decision to leave the automobile business."  While I'll always have a warm spot in my heart for Rover products, these days my wife and I have two Jeeps and a Buick Enclave.  We're now eagerly anticipating the purchase of our third Jeep, which will be a JL Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited with the 3.0 liter diesel engine.  My wife's Grand Cherokee already has the 3.0 liter turbo diesel in it.  My 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon has never leaked any oil.  It has just over 27,000 miles on it.  The only item that failed was the Jeep's original navigation system.  We are perfectly happy with our Rubicon, and we'd give the Grand Cherokee a score of 70 to 75 percent (mainly due to problems with the selling dealer's service department in Utah).  Andy McKane from Molokai, Hawaii, 29 October 2018,.

  43. Mike, as always you tell it as it is, I too am fed up of crap parts, not all cheap parts are bad though, fitted a britpart water pump over 8 years ago still going strong, yes have to say genuine brake caliper AP calipers and properly formed solid pipes make brakes feel good, have you talked to Neil at LR supermarket in Speke Liverpool, they are very good, I stopped dealing with paddocks ….

  44. Great video.
    I think there are those that will pay bare minimum, well good luck with that!
    However, the frustration for me is not always knowing what your buying. I try to buy OEM as you have described Mike (thanks very much for this insight). But as I learned to my detriment when I replaced the crank belt pulley on my 300TDI, I think I ended up with cheap rubbish sold as OEM or quality but at an inflated price.
    After a while one learns who to trust when buying parts and thanks for the 'add a G' advice that's very useful.
    Shame, as you say, land rover dont sell genuine as competutively as possible – it's just not in their business model I assume – shame.

  45. 1970's manufacturing standards timewarped into the 21st century on the back of nostalgia for the oily rag mentality needed to run and maintain the things. It's all part of the adventure – not knowning if you are going to make it without stopping for running repairs. I would have another tomorrow.

  46. Mike, absolutely love your videos. Most importantly your straightforward honesty is superb and refreshing to hear. Please don't get too down hearted!! I agree with your comments but have found that even buying expensive parts is not a panacea for everything. I suspect that there are too many Land Rover owners willing to keep forking out – not just for replacement parts but for new bits and pieces. People will always try to get best value and I suppose the internet makes it easy to shop around – comparing price is easy, comparing quality much more difficult. During production of the Defender, Land Rover cut fractions of a penny of things like bolts – bean counters calling the shots. Consequently, we have galvanised bolts which rust together with wafer thin paint. No wonder we suffer rust problems – what on earth do you do in Canada?? If you have any answers to galvanic corrosion problems would love to see a video. Best wishes.

  47. I admire and thank you for your bravery and honesty in coming forward here. As a lifelong enthusiast myself I am left wondering what they are playing at and where the company is going. Looking forward like many to seeing the "new Defender" but left unsure as to how much as a working vehicle it will resemble the vehicle that started it all back in 1948.

  48. I've just had a set of hub bearings delivered,along with associated seals n washers etc.Turns out to be B…..part.They rattle like a tarts bangles.The Timken ones that are on already,are smoother and a better fit.My own fault for not checking the manufacturer,although they weren't specified in the ad.Oh,well.We live and learn

  49. Excellent points! I’m in the USA. So research on parts before ordering is very important to me. I check all American vendors and UK venders before ordering. I only buy parts that plan on lasting or known if I get a few years out of it I’ll be happy. Point of view from the US on American vendors. They do the same thing you talk about OEM parts. They charge twice the price as the UK. If we look at the britparts pricing it would be 3 times more expensive. I’ve had good luck with Bearmach parts that seem to have better quality. Back to my point… I order from the UK for almost all my parts. I make a long list and do a large order to save on shipping. Even with shipping charges the UK prices are cheaper than US vendors. Last order from Bearmach was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA within 4 days!!!

  50. Absolutely agree – I love my land rovers, but it's in spite of their build quality rather than because of it! Land Rover were always lazy and tightfisted, and only got worse as things went on I suspect – the quality of the body panel aluminium alloy, stopping the galvanising of the cappings, not bothering separating the aluminium and steel parts on doors etc… pathetic. But thankfully I do love fixing them or I'd have jacked them in long ago – just need to build up the skills to rebuild all three motors etc! So your vids are super helpful! Thank you 🙂

  51. I own a defender and absolutely love it but i fully agree. Land rover part are rubbish in quality compared to Toyota. A land rover defender cannot compete in terms of reliability and quality of parts compared to for example a 70 series land cruiser. Here in Kenya defenders are becoming more and more scarce. safari operators, big NGO's the UN etc mostly all use Toyota land cruisers nowadays compared to 15-20 years ago where there was quite a balance with land rovers and Japanese 4×4's and I think the main reason for that is people got fed up of having to constantly fix land rovers because of poor quality parts! Its sad that land rover were lazy with their quality and had this it will do attitude. When land rovers work properly they are fantastic but its sad that their parts are a let down! If anyone thinks maintaining a defender in Europe or America is challenging try keeping a defender in good running condition in Africa!

  52. Hi Mike, back again with another question, what do you make of the Discovery 3? their as cheap as chips over here in Ireland and i was just wondering why? i would be looking at the commercial variant here's a link to an example, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated…Dave

  53. Mike, I picked up some sound advise from Chris Higgins on bearings. I don’t buy Land Rover bearings but instead have installed Timken bearings. They are super quality and much cheaper. As for ball joints and tie rod ends, Lemforder has held up well.

  54. I go with wheelbearing numbers to the bearing dealers to get timken or another top brand. Same with seals and other items. I am not welcome at the dealer in Haarlem after they screwed up my order, oil lines for a 19J as they stated a 88 lightweight never had them and it would never fit. When i needed a bit of paper that stated the tow weights for a trailer, they wanted 180 euro for it. I told them to go F them selfs.

  55. Your honesty is refreshing, but nothing more than I would expect from a Yorkshireman. Telling it as it is.
    As a LandCruiser owner, I try to fit Genuine or OEM wherever possible or at the very least, made in Japan.
    I drive a Japanese vehicle because of the build quality, if I start adding Chinese parts, eventually I will be driving a Chinese vehicle, I shudder just thinking about that.
    "South Maine Auto" also shares your views about fitting non Genuine parts, it costs him too much in the long run.
    The market is now flooded with poor quality Chinese rubbish. Eventually the world will wake up to shit China is chucking out.
    "Whats good isn't cheap and whats cheap isn't good." That quote is over 2000 years old.

  56. Counterfeit parts are a massive problem, if possible I try and find equivalent part numbers  for the likes of bearings and seals

  57. Hi Mike, and thanks again for your great videos! If, as they say, Land Rover is making motorist into mechanics for about 60 years, you are the best teacher we ever had!
    I have a question about Land Rover parts: I saw in some web-shopping-LR-parts (as LRdirect), that some parts (Clutch kits, for example) offers in many brands (Britpart, Bearmach, etc, etc) and when they come to "original part", often there are two parts: those called (I mean branded) "Original Equipment", and those called "Land Rover". ussually the brand "Land Rover" it is very much expensive than "Original Equipment". I don´t undertand why the diffrence (??) I supose that some parts that came out in the vehicules from factory, were at the time not manufactured by Land Rover itself (for example the rubber coupling of my Discovery 1 it says that it was made in Germany, I supose it is the original), but I don´t understand the diffrence. May be you know the what is the thing in this case. Thanks a lot again !

  58. hi i got a 2a 1971 i had land rover track rod ends from bl they lasted 3to 5 years paddock one last a bout 3 years .so i think midrange works cheep Chinese one last about two years may be when i lived in gb the thing that had was as a land rover turned up you had the thought the first thing the owner will say how much"""" the land rover owner is a tite ass am the same .that why farmer love them .you were hard on you diesel my 24lt diesel engine copes will with -21 it spits and farts into life most of the time .but it like a tractor i remember going to sussex one winter with all the heating on i was looking thogh a 6 in hole that all the heater can do at -21 .i use it for local work ploughs though 2 ft pulling a f150 my point is that 40 year on you saying the same and the point of the land rover it does what it say on the box not many brands can say after tdi the germany bought it and it became bmw and look rover .sorry for the rant thay are good work horse not cars ,andrew

  59. Landrovers in general in the U.K.have a very poor record for reliability, the new stuff seems to be full of electronics etc that are overly complicated and are always breaking down, Also take the defender, its out of production now but how on earth can you build a supposedly rugged off-road vehicle for such a length of time with the same faults present. You could drive a new defender from the dealer forecourt to a car wash and find that you have water getting into the interior after it's washed!

    I expect the new defender will be trading on the landrover name, It will undoubtedly look nice and people will buy it but will it prove to be a match for the Japanese stuff in build quality and reliability?… I doubt it!

    Love the channel by the way!

  60. I've recently had front mudflaps from Allmakes which cracked right across within days, steering UJ from Bearmach which had more play in it than the one I was replacing, steering box seal kit from Britpart which appeared to be genuine LR parts in a blue box ! Wiper wheel boxes and series 3 door catches which were laughably badly made, speedo cable with a brittle plastic clip at the end which self destructed during fitting, etc. Britpart Defender calipers with the thinnest chrome possible on the pistons, but they were otherwise OK and cheap, I was replacing the pistons with stainless ones anyway…..
    Wherever possible I try to use decent quality parts and far prefer to repair someone else's cast off genuine part than use cheap junk. I like LR Direct because you can see a range of the same part from different makers, inc. some genuine parts in a plain box at much reduced cost…. Paddocks?? Well, no. Craddocks?? they have the stuff but I've never found them exactly friendly… Ebay for old stock parts, LRDirect for run of the mill stuff and Glynn Lewis for assorted galvanised bracketry and stuff, wonderfully simply front shocker towers at a price that you couldn't make them for….. My pizza is ready :o)

  61. I am in the U.K. and we have exactly the same problems as you do in Canada. As an enthusiast I have been repairing and improving Land Rovers for decades. I mostly look for OEM parts that I know are the same parts used by Land Rover themselves, but at a sensible cost, especially brakes and steering components. I don't like paying for boxes and logos. Some Britpart stuff is O.K. to good and some is substandard. I feel they have been getting better over the years though.

  62. Mike it is the same here in Ireland I fine that the customer is shopping for parts on internet when you give a quote for a job they will tell you that I can get this cheaper and will tell you when it fails that the you fitted it is the reason it failed I am thinking of letting my toolbox gather dust I am sick of working as a mechanic a trade I love

  63. I use Bearings and seals from Engineering firm like SKF NTN Timken ect theas manufacturers supply all car makers. all you need to do is read the number on the old Bearing and seal and get from a Engineering firm OK!!!

  64. Well said Mike,it’s about time not only that but people have to realise the effort that smaller garages put in like you,you do the booking in,the job itself,source the parts on the net probably whilst eating your dinner being parts guy/shop guy,you sir deserve every penny and and admire you speaking openly keep it up mate.👌

  65. Totally agree mike. I comparison. Td5 lights. Brakes side indicators. Lens are ok the plug in the backs crap. Land Rover. £3.50 each just for the plug. Borge and beck. Full clutch. Kit. Crap so as you were saying. It’s the time you have to spend. On doing the job. Then having to replace it with a good quality part. And as you know. Tearing a gearbox out a defender no easy task.
    But Land Rover. Have just. Gone nuts with their prices over the last 5 to 9 years. A front diff seal that used to cost a few quid now retailing at £14. It’s mental.

  66. You will remember the mark 2 golfs. The head lights on these fit defender. Front the golfs have a backing plate that comes complete so you can do away with the l R bowls at the rear.
    Theirs a bit of jiggery pokery. But they work brilliant.

  67. Sound, down to earth advice and comment.
    There used to be a car advert that advocated the use of genuine parts for repair or service. The gist of the ad was something like, if you keep replacing genuine parts on your Rolls Royce, with pattern parts, then you will end up with something that is no longer a Rolls.
    Have owned Landies from Series 1 onwards to Range Rover, and the 110 and Discovery I have now. I prefer old school, hence pre Defender and 300 tdi, as they aren't stuffed full of complex expensive electrickery.
    I do agree that LR are greedy and cynical in their genuine parts pricing. And having sold Jeep and Daihatsu vehicles successfully in the 1980s, I recognise we did so because LR build quality was poor, as well as technically outdated.
    The original argument for owning a Landy, was it's superior off-road ability, reasonable purchase cost, and easy fixing with cheap parts.
    Nowadays, there are vehicles that are just as good off road as most people need, classic Landies, up to late Defenders cost a small fortune to buy, and now, even decent parts are getting bloody expensive.
    My VW T3 and T4 syncros rarely get stuck, and are better built than my 110, but I will admit that parts for a T3 Syncro drivetrain can be expensive. But, I guess when vehicles become desirable, the parts prices always seem to become inflated, justified by the end value of the restored vehicle.
    Keep up the good work.
    Always enjoyable to receive knowledge shared from someone who knows the score.

  68. I'm on a full rebuild of a 27yr old 110, couldn't get Chrome swivels as no one does them any more. Front stub axles had some wear (260,000miles) Bought Britpart stubs with bushes. One went on fine the other had been machined incorrectly, when the bush was pressed in, the hole was to small and reduced the ID of the bush so the half shaft wouldn't fit! Supplier shipped another said to keep the old one, the replacement was the same! Supplier shipped another by different brand which was OK, again said keep the old as it wasn't worth the shipping. Contacted Britpart direct and spoke with someone there who wouldn't believe me as they hadn't had any returned, so i pointed out that they didn't send them back because it cost more to do that than just ship one out again. Stripping the side/indicator lights off, given i had replaced them 18months ago I was amazed that they just fell off, the plastic used is not UV proof so they all just crumbled away. I'm stuck as to what to get as replacements now. Ohh and bearings, i just get the numbers off them and get FAG or timkin from bearing suppliers rather than landy parts places. Like you I dontt want to have to do a job again

  69. I know this video is already six months old butt its the same in south africa i went to delta aka chevrolette and orderd ball joints for my 1998 2.0l opel astra what ive bean driving for 17 years now i paid for origanal parts butt i got parts with no markings on at all so from now on ill rather buy at midas south africa i had to replace my cars brake rotars 4 times already due to it keaping on warping after a few months buy from delta you get cheap parts yet one must pay oem prices

  70. You raise some very good points, especially as I've just spent the best part of 2 days in the workshop trying to figure out why I had no pedal pressure post-fitment of a new Britpart master cylinder. After stripping down and purging the whole system I eventually traced it to a faulty bore of the aforementioned NEW master cylinder.
    I thought hang on, surely "Brit-Part" was an abbreviation for "British Parts", and in the UK the Trading Standards say goods must be "fit for purpose"? Plus, these are safety critical items! If these were baby seats there would be an outcry! How can they knowingly sell something so shoddy and still sleep at night?

    The Far Eastern manufacturing facilities could be tooled-up for high tolerance machining to current standards, functional QA/tests, proof tests, kitemark etc affordable to the end user, which would also gain them a good reputation. So why not? I think because the traditional values of a "good reputation for quality" are seen as time and labour intensive. They are being replaced with "fast turnaround – high volume – low cost" plant.
    I've learned that a typical factory will over-produce the quota by say 10%, knowing that a certain percentage of the batch will be written off as wastage, and say a 5% probability of some individuals getting a lemon. Logistically it's cheaper to reimburse customers with free replacements (from the pile of leftovers) than it is to employ an inspection team!

    It's also interesting how Land Rover are straight on the case when "Genuine Parts" are being sold with fake Land Rover logos, some might say they are protecting the copyright to their trademark – or are they just protecting a lucrative after-market niche?

  71. Same for me in the US. Plenty of parts available, but a lot of them are cheap. My motto is you get what you pay for. A $60 radiator is only worth 60 bucks. It definitely takes some work and research to find the quality parts, and then more money on top of it.

  72. spare parts is a total jungle for land rovers. I wish Land Rover or one of the OEMs started taking some pride in their products with a proper warranty. Sure there are some out there building better and stronger, just wish there were more.

  73. My dad had the same problem in the UK, right back to the 1960s-70s. He couldn't get parts through the motor trade supply chain — he ran the town garage — as cheap as he could buy the exact same item from the high street motorists' shops.

    We used to by Castrol and Shell Motor Oil in the supermarket, along with the weekly food shop. It was cheaper than dad's garage could buy them from the oil companies.

    As for your comments on the extortionate price Land Rover charges for their genuine parts. I've always found this crazy, because it is losing them sales AND if the aftermarket or OEM part isn't as good, ultimately, any failure is damaging to the reputation of Land Rover themselves.

    Land Rover are very proud of the longevity of their Defender family of 4x4s. Yet, they're sabotaging our attempts to keep their Flagship vehicles on the road, because we're forced to buy parts with unknown integrity.

    An old friend was a senior Expeditions Training Instructor at Land Rover HQ. He told me that Land Rover would love to kill off the Defender family, but that they couldn't because it was the Defender's rugged image that drove 90% of sales for its luxury off-roaders!

    All of this tells us a lot about Land Rover and the motor trade in general. Perhaps the most interesting thing is how foreign imports took over the UK car sales market. We had 4 small garages in dad's group. One day, British Leyland or BMC or whatever they were calling themselves that week, came along and said: "You smaller garages can no-longer buy new cars or parts direct from us. You'll have to go through the bigger dealers [your No.1 business competitors] in your area." And so, my dad would be buying cars and parts at a higher price than his main competitors! About three months later…

    My dad's garages — along with most of the UK motor trade that'd previously sold British made British cars — were selling Simca (from France), Hyundai (from Korea), followed by SAAB (from Sweden), and Lada (from Russia). And the British motor manufacturers went into decline and, ultimately, extinction.

    Richard in Aldershot, UK.

  74. Land Rover – turning ordinary people into mechanics longer than anybody else. Recently replaced a brake pressure reducing valve which lasted about 6 months and 5000km before failing. The o-ring sealing everything about half the size it should be. And when I called the agents, about $400 and no stock in the country. Sometimes you are forced to buy this crap.

  75. Hi from England, I have to say that I bought a disco 2 metropolis v8 thinking I would have some fun. I have spent many thousands replacing Brit parts and other aftermarket parts with OEM/g and landrover parts because after market parts have let the LR down. I’ve compared the parts as I’m replacing them and the difference is massive. I love my LR now and I will only by LR parts. I hate the price but I hate doing the same job twice even more lol. I’ve also found by the time you cost your time and the replacement price your cheaper going direct. I now get a discount at LR too happy days lol

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