From Opera Singer to Gentleman Car Dealer – Part 3 – Jaguar S-type 420 (Ger. ENG/NL Subs)

From Opera Singer to Gentleman Car Dealer – Part 3 – Jaguar S-type 420 (Ger. ENG/NL Subs)

When I was at the elementary school
the parents of a classmate owned a Daimler A model like this
The same as a Jaguar but… …the Daimler version was far more luxurious The insiders notice the differences
The grille is slightly different. Daimler was also the Queen-Mother’s choice
Not Rolls-Royce British cars are a hometrip… because of the special smell
of the leather So I came under the spell
of these British cars It was a totally different
world to me At home we had a BMW
At the time a very nice car… But nothing in compare with this Daimler
I still remember… …they had an acccident
on an icy road The heavy Limousine slided down on a slope
and was heavily damaged… However, a Daimler is
there to stay So they got it repared.. That alone was uncommon by itself. I was fascinated by these Britse cars. But my mother kept saying:
“This is nothing for you.” “It needs a millionair
to pay for such a thing.” But, as we know by now
These cars came on my path. Because I had a special
opportunity to buy one. Prices were low for a while. By coincidence I found in 1998… …this Jaguar in a shed
in Solothurn. I felt in love with it
and took it home. And so the story started. I sold it a few years later
to my sister and brother-in-law So it stayed in the family. They where devoted to this car. But, when my sister got children,
they didn’t fit anymore Then I bought the car back for
the first time and… …I later sold it to another
family nearby. But, suddenly, they
had 4 children. And because childrenseats are mandatory
these days, it didn’t fit anymore. I told them before,
if they wanted to sell the car… … I wanted to place the first bid. So, I sold a younger Jaguar
again with good timing… …and I reposessed this car. I am very happy with it.
The car is for 19 years in the family now. I know this car was never restored. The other ones are shiny-classics, so to speak. But this car has no shine anymore.
It is all polished off. It still has the original coating.
without any shiny transparant finish. So, the shine is not that bright anymore. The leather is also still original… …I think, if you start restoring a car,
you need to do a complete job. But I don’t want that. So, this car stays in
original condition. But the engine is refurbished. It is completely renovated and
as good as new. That is important.
The brakes are overhauled also. But the patina stayed.
Actually, patina is priceless. You cannot buy it anywhere. This is typical the sound of the XK
engine, built in the fifties… …and all fun by itself. Well, we will see what the future
brings for this car. Maybe another young
family will buy it and maybe get surprised
by a bunch of kids also. In which case I again will buy it back. It starts to be funny,
this car… …never went far from me We will see how where it brings us Sometimes people ask me:
What is Brittishness? To me, Britishness is
not in the first place… …a certain design. It is very practical and
built with all good materials. And the art of joining all these materials… …is where the British are
absolute masters. The German carmanufacturers can
only try to copy this. Bitishness never exaggerates elegance. British cars consists of a
perfect construction. It all is about the right materials… …the optimal construction
should prevale. The famous saying of William Shakespeare: “To be or not to be”.
In German: “Sein oder nicht sein” Look around and see.
Nowadays… …modern cars seem to handle about
the design itself. The design concentrates on the looks
where the construction doesn’t follow. This is why I say:
“Design oder nicht sein” The viasual aspects of a design
is overvalued… …while the construction and
basic quality is forgotten. To me this is:
“Design oder nicht sein” Subtitels: Erik van Gerven

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. It's really interesting to see an outsiders view of British cars and ' British Ness ' . Despite appearances the British aren't as confident with their own image as we used to be , so a compliment from a European cousin is most welcome . Thanks buddy , hope you like a good cup of tea too .

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