Fun First Cars for Under 10k!

Fun First Cars for Under 10k!

What’s up guys. This is CarVision back at it again! So today, we’re gonna talk about your first
car. Choosing your first car isn’t easy. I mean, it’s your baby. That’s why I made a list of the top cars under
10 thousand dollars that are the most fun. Check it out. The first car on this list is the 2002 Subaru
Impreza WRX. With it’s 2 Liter Inline Turbocharged 4-cylinder
and All Wheel Drive system, it makes 227 Horsepower and 217 LB/Ft of torque. This car is extremely fun to drive, gets decent
gas mileage, and is reliable. Also, the car is heavily moddable and comes
in a sedan or hatchback. You can buy the car with a 5-speed manual
or a 4-speed automatic, but do yourself a favor and get the manual. Who want’s a 4-speed!? Next up is the 2002-2005 BMW 325i. I own one of these cars and I can personally
vouch that it’s extremely fun to drive. It features a 2.5 Liter Naturally Aspirated
Inline 6 cylinder that makes 184 Horsepower and 175 LB/Ft of torque. This may not sound like much but the handling
is really where this car shines. It has a good exhaust note, it’s rear-wheel
drive, and its wishbone suspension does it wonders on backcountry roads. The car gets decent gas mileage and comes
in a 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual. The cons are the high maintenance costs and
reliability. If you’re on the market for an awesome, sporty
roadster, look no further with the 2002-2006 Honda S2000. It has a 2.2 Liter Inline 4-cylinder that
makes 237 Horsepower and 162 LB/Ft of torque. Weighing in at just over 2800 pounds, its
power-to-weight ratio is awesome. It also has Honda’s VTEC variable valve timing
technology that really gives it an edge in performance. The car has an 8000 RPM redline and it’s extremely
fun to drive. Also, it’s RWD which is very uncommon in the
world of Honda. Next up is the 2007 Volkswagen Golf GTI. This car has a 2.0 Liter Turbocharged Inline
4-cylinder and sends 200 Horsepower and 207 LB/Ft of torque to the front wheels through
a 6-speed manual transmission. This car is very good-looking and handles
extremely well. That’s why I recommend it. The 2006 Acura RSX features a 2.0 Liter Inline
4-cylinder and comes in 2 variants. The regular or the Type S. The Type S makes
200 Horsepower and 140 LB/Ft of torque, while the regular makes only 155 Horsepower and
139 LB/Ft of torque. This car is FWD but handles very well. It has a fair amount of luxury and is extremely
reliable. If you want both luxury and performance under
10k, you’re in luck with the 2003-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan. This car has a 3.5L V6 that makes 280 Horsepower
and 270 LB/Ft of torque. This is by-far the most powerful car on this
list today. It comes in an automatic or manual transmission,
it’s RWD, and handles like a dream. This car is extremely luxurious for the money,
and the 2006 model has features like bluetooth. If you wanna turn heads with your new ride,
but don’t wanna spend the money, look no further than a 1998-2001 Porsche Boxster or Boxster
S. Depending on which model you get, it can come with a 2.7 Liter or 3.2 Liter flat 6,
make 217 or 250 Horsepower, and 192-225 LB/Ft of torque. It comes standard with a manual transmission,
it’s RWD, and it’s a Porsche, so handling is in it’s DNA. Old Porsches have gotten a lot of heat for
being very unreliable, but surprisingly, this one isn’t as unreliable as one would expect. Also, It’s a Porsche for crying out loud!! If you want a cool-looking, Japanese sports
car, take a look at the 2006 Mazda RX-8. This car has a 1.3L Rotary engine, which is
extremely rare in modern cars, it can either make 212 or 232 Horsepower depending on whether
you get the sport model. Across the board, they make 159 LB/Ft of torque. This car has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution,
which really helps handling, it’s stylish, and it’s RWD. It comes in an automatic or manual transmission. The only downside, is that it gets pretty
atrocious gas mileage due to that rotary engine. As always, thank you guys so much for watching. It would mean a lot to me if you could like,
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