Funny Chinese Knockoff Cars that are Better Than the Real Thing

Funny Chinese Knockoff Cars that are Better Than the Real Thing

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about Chinese knockoff cars and are they coming to a store near you anytime soon
now understand Chinese knockoff cars that are visual copies of famous cars like
Jeeps you have to understand a little bit
about the Asian copying scenario overall now the first big copiers in Asia were
actually the Japanese and they aren’t like these modern Chinese knockoffs they
didn’t make things that look like the other vehicles they made things that
were the other vehicles as an example in the 1960s I was into motorcycles went to
a motorcycle shop a 650 BSA British motorcycle right and it had won the best
motorcycle in the show but the guy that brought it had a wicked sense of humor
it was actually a 650 Kawasaki which Kawasaki had made so exact to the 650
BSA not a one-day Award for Best British motorcycle in a show even though it was
a Japanese motorcycle not sports everything we’re exactly the same
interchangeable and fit it was such a good copy that it fooled the judges who
thought it was a British motorcycle but you might say wow they’re copying
British Motor sucks maybe not such a wise move well they weren’t far beyond
it with their own engineers this was just to get them off the ground floor so
they could start selling motorcycles now we go to modern-day Chinese knockoff
cars they’re made to look like the original cars that they’re making a
knockoff of but they definitely are not copies for example in the past the
Chinese company called Geely they made the Geely GE which looks quite
a bit like a Rolls Royce the ge went for 30,000 pounds so while that was only
thirty thousand pounds the Rolls Royce that was copying that was a two hundred
and fifty thousand pound car and you really couldn’t compare the two when it
comes to how they run and driving their speed but that isn’t really the point
the Chinese we’re making something that looked the same
not the drove the same and cost so much less that they can sell them that look
looks like a Rolls Royce but it’s so much cheaper and you might
wonder how can they get away with doing this well there really are no international
laws on how things look, that’s a real thin line
there to prove what some artistic idea came from hence the Chinese make a bunch
of these knockoff vehicles and sell them now they don’t sell them in the United
States yet they don’t sell them in Canada yeah the talk about moving in the
Canada go but they do sell some of them down the road here in Mexico a company
called byk Chinese company make something call the BJ40 it is an
obvious ripoff of the Jeep Wrangler but strangely enough last time I checked the
prices you could buy two Jeep Wrangler in Mexico for only about a thousand
dollars more than this Chinese knockoff now the Mexican market yes smart small
in the American market and I doubt that they would ever bring that fake Jeep
into the United States I’m sure that Chrysler Fiat would sue the heck out of
them if they sold them here, the Chinese actually make an insane luxury vehicle
that their premier and all the bigwigs drive around it’s called the hongqi l5
and they cost seven hundred sixty thousand dollars so they’re much more
than the Rolls Royce it’s a very limited production run the Chinese are now having
more pride and some of their stuff so they’re making their own ultra luxury
vehicle that costs a lot more than a Rolls Royce but going back to the
cheaper knockoffs the Chinese made a thing called the land wind there was a
direct copycat of the Range Rover but while there ain’t Rover started at
40,000 pounds his Chinese knockoff was 14,000 pounds they never sold in the
United States they stole of an angler cheaper price of the Chinese knockoff
and you can tell by looking enemy look pretty much the same they’re nowhere
near as fast it is the cars that cost so much more money but they look the same
the British sued them and won in court and then Chinese had to take that off
the market not selling anymore but ironically enough here the Chinese is
just taken over and bottom Tata the Indian company bought Jaguar and Land
Rover but now they got a venture with the charity motors in China which is
50/50 they own half of the Land Rover and the top tile owns half of the Land
Rover so the Chinese just I guess they got even by buying half of the company
now the next copycat vehicle is the lifan 330 is a direct copycat of the mini
very expensive parts and they’re getting higher in cost originally they’re
relatively cheaper not getting pretty expensive so the Chinese have a little
knockoff they started copying the minis in 2008 and then when the minis
facelifted in 2013 so did the Chinese they facelifted there 330 to make it
look even more like the new mini but so far they only sell them in countries that
have lack enforcement like Peru and Russia got it they’ll ever sell those
things in the United States now the next copycat is the BYD
company in China they make the BYD i7 which is a direct copy of a Lexus RX but
at least it’s not a copy of the new one it’s a copy of the 2008 version Chinese
copycat has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine they look like them the insides
no engines transmissions all that stuff’s completely different but they
look the same now there’s so many car manufacturers in China now it’s not a
surprise that some of them have just copied other people’s designs as far as
I can see the Chinese are designing their own stuff they’re gonna sell to
the public I’ll probably start selling the United States at some point in time
market forces here and they’re not really copying anybody there because
they’re gonna sell internationally they’re gonna realize that they can’t do
that are they gonna get in trouble with lawyers I mean take their venture with
Tesla they’re gonna have the model threes rolling out from China I
guarantee they’re gonna be selling those things in the United States some point
in time so the days of these copycat cars I’m thinking that pretty numbered I
mean really why would the Chinese and I’ll be making copycat Range Rovers when
they’re making the real thing in China now I mean if you go back far off in
time when I was young I already talked about Japanese stuff no one’s to buy
that Jap junk that’s out there it’s just garbage well the Japanese just kept
making a better and better and better and now look people look at Lexus
as a real quality vehicle I can certainly see the same thing happening
in China over time they got new automated factory state-of-the-art they
can build fancier things than other countries because they don’t have a
bunch of old worn-out factories they can build them from scratch and they won’t
have to tarnish their image by making copycats of certain cars because they
know well those are popular will make something that looks just like it will
sell them because really the copy can’t stuff that’s kind of a drop in the
bucket really I read one company they’re hoping to sell 10,000 a year of these
copycat ones in Mexico you know a very small number of cars because really if I
get big enough people would start suing them it’s just obvious you’re not gonna
sue the small guy he’s not even bothering you but when he gets bigger
huh then they’ll get him for all kinds of patent copyrights they’re gonna be
making a Jaguar SUVs in China the Range Rovers are gonna be made in China they’d
be cutting their own throats willy-nilly copying everybody else out there when
they’re making the real thing themselves sure there’s always that tempting bit
the copy somebody I got a customer that’s got a fake Gucci bag is made in
China and she showed me she put it next to her friends that was a real one and
you couldn’t tell the difference the stitching was exactly the same but it’s
got to get to a point where the Chinese are gonna be a high enough level
themselves that they don’t wanna be copying other people’s stuff because
they’ll make their own and they’ll stand on their own so as far as I’m concerned
these copycat stuff that’s just a stopgap for some companies to try to
make some money quick you can put sheet metal on anything you make anything look
like something else if you really want to take my 94 Celica it’s really a
Toyota Corolla it’s got the same engine the same transmission the same brakes
the only thing is it’s not a snazzy or looking body so people like them it’s
not really a sports car it’s a Toyota Corolla can run forever but it’s not a
sports car and really if you look at designs the way in the garden cars
anyways they all pretty much look the same the other day I saw a Mercedes that
look like my wife’s matrix that look like a Ford Escape that I mean they’re
all looking almost exactly the same these days with aerodynamic forces and
making them smaller with cylinder engines they really don’t look
all that different anymore but at least now you know a little more about the
history of these Chinese knockoffs and although I’ve never personally driven
one because they didn’t bring them in the United States they were certainly afraid
of being sued they’re people I know down in Mexico they say hey they’re ok cars
you know cost less we’re happy with them I find it quite humorous I can’t wait to
see what the future comes on it 2 English companies mg and Jaguar
they’re both being made in China now by Chinese companies and the MG they gave
up with a sports car idea and they’re making little SUVs
well Jaguars making little SUVs too in China just like mg is making them in
China the mg’s are gonna be like $18,000 a lot of Jags are starting it like
$35,000 so if they’re both made China and they both have English names on them
I can’t wait to see if one or the other or any of them are successful in the
actual market, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. That's only your actual market! The real market is filled with dumb owners which china is now capitalizing on your economy. Who is laughing now??

  3. I married a Chinese girl – been married for 21 years. Just found out last year that my wife isn't actually Chinese. She is a Korean with surgery to make herself look Chinese. She's a knock-off of the real thing.

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