Fuzz’s Top Tips with Carole Nash – Planning a classic car road trip

Fuzz’s Top Tips with Carole Nash – Planning a classic car road trip

Welcome to Fuzz’s Top Tips with Carole Nash. A series of videos designed to help you use your classic car more successfully, safely and pleasurably In this video, I want to talk about a few of the things you should take with you when you’re going out for a drive in your classic car So if you’re going motoring in your classic car, there are a few things that you ought to take along we’ve got some of them on the table here and here, I have a basic toolkit. So make sure you’ve got a toolkit with you that will suit your car A jump pack is always good. You can get really small ones now that will actually fit in the glove box And that will give you a boost of a start on to a nearly dead battery Now that may have happened because the alternator’s not been charging anything because the drive belt is broken, so have a drive belt with you And, what’s more, perhaps a wire has broken a connection I don’t particularly like these coloured plastic ones but make sure you’ve got a few connectors there And some crimpers to operate them, and of course, a bit of wire with you as well, so that you can actually attach those on to something. Now, also Things fall off classic cars, things break, it’s always good to have a really good bonding agent. I like this stuff. It repairs plastic and all kinds of stuff. So if you’ve got something like that with you You can normally get out of trouble If your cars not running, maybe it’s got no spark. So a little spark plug tester, that can go on to the end of the spark plug leads that you’ve got in your car but of course you’ve got to have a spare pair of spark plugs with you or at least one And a distributor cap and perhaps a condensor. In fact, if you’re going to get one condensor, then get two Because I’ve known these be defective straight out of the shops before now Also, a set of points if your car is running on points, is not a bad thing to have And a rotor arm to go with that full set Couple of spark plugs. I know that’s an old one but have a couple of spark plugs with you Always gets you out of trouble – some jubilee clips or should I say hose clips Have some of those with you – varying sizes so if one breaks or you need to change a hose then you’re able to do it Set of hoses for your car, or at least a few bits and bobs – that’s always going to be useful and if you haven’t got the hoses, then this self sealing tape is good. You can wrap that around the hoses and within about 5/10 minutes, you’ve got a nice temporary repair Petrol – have you run out of petrol? Have a little bit with you! Oil – have some oil with you! Ditto – some coolant! Bit of brake fluid And also, something to help you get those nuts undone – just in case! Bit of electrical tape – that’s always useful I suppose that goes over in the electrical section there And cable ties. We don’t always like to see them but blimey, these can come in useful! And last but not least, make sure that you have the correct size wheel brace for your wheel nuts If your car’s got locking wheel nuts, make sure you’ve got the adaptor With that little lot, okay, it might take a little bit of space in your boot But you’re going to be okay

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