Gaz M20 Pobeda (Old Russian car) #1

Gaz M20 Pobeda (Old Russian car) #1

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! You probably have noticed there are often comments, asking about the Gaz M20 Long time ago we got an old car back running and we needed a sequel So.. We’re here today to collect it! Let’s see in what shape it is.. It didn’t get any better.. We have at least one tire which holds some air What a luck.. we don’t need to cut any trees to take it out only a tree grown behind it and not in front.. Door won’t open.. It looks like it has been sitting quite a while what make you think that? Yeah.. this is not good No longer then since 1957 It was new back then I’m not sure if they parked it here immediately It looks like there’s a big chance they did.. This is quite a job.. Exact! This is a good practice for when we get that tank Indeed, then we can warm a bit up with those Russian vehicles Let’s give it a try let’s do it It goes up.. That’s a good start I think we can drive it right away Yeah.. drive it home! Drive it to the MOT directly The score is; 3 inflated tires One was beyond rescue I think we can load it like this I think this is an awesome car! Workout in the morning! This is not bad! a car which has been parked for so long and still rolls most of the times the brakes get stuck Let’s see what’s underneath.. This is satisfying It’s blue! Indeed! I thought green It doesn’t move Nothing.. Let’s get the forklift Now.. That’s it! Long awaited moment; The Gaz in the workshop Where do we start? Let’s get it drivable first! That’s most fun The engine has run before I think it still does now But the brakes… Let’s take a look at those first We didn’t dare to press the brake I think the brake cylinders are so badly rusted If you hit the brake once, they will get stuck and blocked That’s a problem with the disassembly That’s a good advice if you collect an old car like this; Don’t press the brake! If they get blocked, you’re in trouble Let’s check the fuel tank the wheels; tires Tires indeed! We need those These are Russian tires maybe even the first ones That’s the first fix! This doesn’t look bad It isn’t even rusted This is bizarre; look how good this brake drum looks on the inside as good as no rust This makes me happy, not bad Do you see this? I can unscrew this I’m not sure if any of the viewers dare to say; That Russian material is junk But with this the opposite is proven How long has this thing been sitting outside? Very long.. really long I’m curious, does this thing have disc brakes? I think drums The same brakes all around That’s for sure Yes indeed, look at that Looks good too I’ve seen newer cars that were worse What do you have? We’ve got a lot of parts for this car Russian license plate holders Garage54 Nice! This is the ‘holy grail’ a master brake cylinder New brake cylinder Rubbers Dust seals for the brake cylinders We took the brakes off and we’re looking at the master brake cylinder now Nothing happens The master brake cylinder is not under the hood it’s beneath the floor Overthere you need to fill the brake fluid Did you find the master brake cylinder? I found it! Show it! I will show it Where is it? That’s it There’s the sufferer Let’s see if it matches Let’s compare it with what we have here it looks like it That’s identical Look at that This is also a fail for the MOT These are aged, all cracked.. Let’s take it off and see if we can get new ones See this? This one’s stuck That’s one This ain’t brake fluid This smells like Vodka This looks good Despite it was a bit stuck.. it isn’t corroded let’s polish these and reassemble with new seals that will work the other two just fell apart by itself The seals aren’t even that bad It’s wise to replace those now we have it apart But we ain’t get there with brakes only it needs to drive, otherwise it’s no good We used a bottle for fuel tank when we started it Let’s check the fuel tank It looks pretty well suprisingly That’s it on the outside.. No rust on the outside and it’s Russian it has a drainplug! Let’s see what’s inside! I’m curious If it holds fuel from 1960 or water and fishes There’s something in there it’s brown ow.. not bad I didn’t really look forward to start with this project But what we’ve seen till now.. The brakes are good Fuel tank is good this isn’t bad But I’ve spotted some real rusted parts There; No beam left.. at the front an entire crossbeam is gone I think fuel is cheap in Russia They haven’t been lean with this If you’re going to store a car, you just park it with a full tank Of course.. But that’s without joking a good plan that way you don’t get condensation on the inside so it won’t rot away I think it’s almost empty What a pity It smells more like turpentine than fuel did they fill it with that? who knows That red petrol instead of red diesel are you thirsty? It looks good, it came from a good year I think that too Let’s put it in that can, we can used it for cleaning Is this 2 stroke mix? I have no idea.. No contamination another good thing! I think we should check the fuel lines the hoses I think we get it driving tomorrow If we had the parts it would But we need thos brake lines But you don’t need brakes to drive it you only need those to stop Brakes are for losers That’s pretty black No particles or debris No chunks, that’s good That can be worse when a car has been sitting a while We didn’t start it this time it has been sitting for some time again so all contamination sunk to the bottom So we change it first before we try to start it Dirk, what do you have overthere? I think this is the oil filter I think so too, there are a few hoses running down The run to the engine block to some part of what we think it’s the oil pump Watch out! It might a nuclear reactor! It looks like it It’s a Russian car, so you never know It’s a good thing to check that there are all those chunks That’s a very antique part It won’t be that easy to find a replacement quick So we put it in this bucket and I think we might use our old fuel reuse it! Exact, I like that 3 – 2 – 1 Okay, do it! Haven’t spilled any This is the Russian method just wash the old filter but Vodka is prefered for this That’s the best But this is some kind of Vodka Fuel is cheaper than Vodka here That’s different in Russia Happy as we are with that old fuel we almost used all of it.. Let’s get new New old fuel.. Not bad no contamination So folks! The start has been made We can order parts, so we can drive soon So I would say; Thanks for watching! See you next time! I take this part off.. No… Crusty spots! This one’s all eaten This is not good.. You can put your hand through Oh no.. There’s a lot perished Stalinium on the floor.. It used to be car We should have checked first if this car could be saved Yeah.. that might have been better

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  1. Мне одному интересно как в Нидерланды Победа попала ?
    Получаеться даже в Западную Европу в своё время экспортировали а не только в страны Восточного блока.

  2. Veel is gebaseerd op de Opel Kapitän van 1939.
    De voorwielophanging is bijna identiek aan die van de Kapitän 1938 – '51

  3. Mijn opa had zo'n GAZ M20 maar dan two-tone wit/beige. Wat was het leuk om met die wagen te rijden! Helaas is ie in 2014 verkocht 🙁

  4. I love how on this channel they just get on with it. It would be good to use as a business motivational video to show what can be achieved if you just get things done.

  5. Ik was begonnen met de gehele auto demonteren en daarna deel voor deel herbouwen omdat je dan alles veel beter kan repareren

  6. Te gek dat jullie contact hebben met Garage54. Bijna 1 op 1 jullie Russische collega's. Ferme mannen!
    Gaan zij ook iets met materiaal en/of ideeën van jullie doen?

  7. Ze lijkt wel op een opgedirkte Russische dame van uit de jaren 50. Moet je die grille zien, lijkt wel op er lippenstift op gesmeerd is. 😂

  8. Garage 54.RU hHHahHhhhHhahahahhaahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha

  9. You just need to buy an oil filter for FSC Żuk in Poland, it's nearly same car (mechanics of Żuk is based on FSO Warszawa M20, which is GAZ M20 Pobieda produced in Poland).

  10. first your video and im saying "wtf this language"…now by sixth im really enjoing this englis-deutch sprache 😀 <3 greetings from CZ 12:40 xD

  11. je heb natuurlijk een ratlook dat je auto er heel slecht uit ziet maar deze hoeft gaz m20 hoeft geen ratlook

  12. 🇩🇪 Sehe Eure Videos sehr gerne. Bin gelernter Motorrad Mechaniker, mache aber generell alle Fahrzeuge. Bin aus Neuss, am Rhein und wir waren früher sehr oft in den Niederlanden. Wegen Tuning Teilen, zum Beispiel in Kerkrade beim Cycle Shop oder auch für Ersatzteile von Fahrrädern. Speziell Gazelle und Batavus Teile. Oder auch für Sturmey Archer Sachen. Habe immer Untertitel in englisch eingestellt aber ich verstehe Euch meistens auch so. Manchmal gab es Reparatur Anleitungen für Motobecane oder Ähnliches, nur auf "holländisch". Das platt deutsch, das hier im Rheinland gesprochen wird, ist holländisch etwas ähnlich.
    Ihr Jungs seit sehr gute Techniker und Eure Tests, Bauten und "Innovationen" sind oft sehr lustig. Aber auch wirklich lehrreich.
    Ga door en ik wens u veel succes, 🙂👍

  13. Such a beautiful car.
    It would make a stunning custom.

    Disc brakes, independent rear suspension, V8 engine, then strip, blast, repair and paint that body.😍

  14. Maak hem helemaal nieuw dan kan je hem voorkopen ik ben imand van de Aude baken nieuwe. Vind ik een beetje lijlek sorry

  15. In Cuba they mix rum sugar and liquid soap for brake fluid. If Russians do something similar this explains maybe the brake fluid smells like spirit of some kind.

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