Gecko and the Old Tram | Gecko’s Real Vehicles | Trains For Kids | Educational Videos For Toddlers

Gecko and the Old Tram | Gecko’s Real Vehicles | Trains For Kids | Educational Videos For Toddlers

Hello everyone! Gecko here! What a lovely day for a walk, but wooo this
hill’s a bit steep! Mechanicals!! Are you ok?! Phew, I’m struggling a bit too! I should really get out of the garage more
and do some exercise! Hey! The Mechanicals have hitched a lift! How do I get on?! Hey! Wait for me! Hi there, Gecko are you ok? Welcome to Great Orme Tramway. This is the halfway station. Halfway? You mean I’m not at the top yet? WOW! Now this is the way to travel. Put your feet up and get pulled up the mountain. This is a tram. It runs on rails and it’s connected to a
really strong cable which pulls it up the hill with absolutely no effort on my part. Phew! Shot of the tram going up the hill, then reaching
the top station. Wahay! We’ve reached the top. What a view! Up here, there’s a café, a play area and
even an adventure golf course! Now this tramway is very OLD The Great Orme Tramway was built in 1902 – that’s
over 100 years ago. It was before most people had cars to get
around in, and the tramway was used to transport people and their things from the town of Llandudno
below, up to the mountain called the Great Orme. Ahem. Let’s take a closer look at how these trams
work! What do you mean there’s no engine? So how does it move up the hill? Excuse me, James – if there’s no engine
in the tram, how does it move up the hill? Ah – Good question Gecko. Well, as you know, the tram is connected to
a really strong cable. And this cable is connected to a big winch
at the halfway station. Do you want to go and see it? Oooh yes please! WOW This is AMAZING! This big winch is really strong and it winds
the cable in which pulls the tram up. But that’s not the only help that the tram
has! The tram climbing up the hill is ALSO connected
to the tram going down hill. There is always one tram going up hill and
one tram going downhill. An INVISIBLE force called Gravity pulls the
tram down the hill. Gravity is what keeps us on the ground. Oh dear Blue, That’s gravity for you! It’s always pulling us towards the ground,
with sometimes painful consequences eh Blue! What goes up, must come down! Back to the trams – The weight of the tram
going downhill helps to pull the other tram UP the hill. That means the tram doesn’t need an engine
on board! It takes real teamwork to keep the tram running. The winchman controls how fast and slow the
trams get pulled up and down the hill, but it’s the driver on board the tram who gives
the winchman the instructions. When the driver presses these buttons on board,
a message is sent to the winchman to speed up or slow down the winch! AMAZING! Woo, I’m exhausted. All of this learning has made me tired. I might have to leave my big walk until tomorrow. Thanks very much to JAMES and everyone here
at the Great Orme Tramway. If you’d like to watch more videos from
me just tap here. For now, it’s Cheerio from Gecko. Byeeeeee!

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  1. I really enjoy the mechanical characters personalities because they are a nice addition to the story 🤖

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