GeForce Garage – The RTX 2060 Build

GeForce Garage – The RTX 2060 Build

[Dwight Lackmann]: What’s up everybody,
my name is Dwight and welcome back
to GeForce Garage. Today we are going to be building a great
gaming PC, showcasing our new RTX 2060. So, we just announced the RTX 2060
which is the entry point for RTX gaming. And I figured what better way
to celebrate than to build a computer around
a thousand dollars. So, we started with the Ryzan 2600 which
is a 6 core, 12 thread, monster of a CPU for, really, the best bang
for your buck. And to go with that,
we got the Dark Rock 4. And then underneath all of that,
we have the MSI Tomahawk B450. I’ve had some really good experiences
with MSI boards, so I figured this would be
a fantastic choice for that. I got a 16 gig kit of Corsair Vengeance
RGB RAM at 3000 MHz. I wanted RGB RAM but I didn’t want
the ones that had the giant RGB strips and I figured this kit would be
the perfect balance between aesthetics
and performance. For storage I went with a 500 GB 970 EVO,
which is an NVMe drive. So after you install the ten games
that you can fit on it, they will load super quick. And powering it all is the EVGA 550 G3
power supply, and it’s all going inside the Lian Li Lancool One. It’s a case that I haven’t built in yet,
but it has a unique look and it’s not too expensive. This is all going to set you back
around 1100 dollars, but if you want to cut a couple
of corners you can go down on the case a little bit, the RAM,
and even the CPU cooler. Because the Wraith cooler
that comes with these new Ryzen chips
is actually pretty good. So there’s all the parts,
let’s get to building. So there it is,
it’s all put together. Truthfully, I really liked working
inside this case. Cable management on the back is
a breeze, they give you a lot of room to route all your cables
including your big, beefy 24 pin. I really like how the glass
is mounted on the side. They give you a chamber
to slide it into. One thing I didn’t really like about the
case is the LED cycle button on the front. There’s only one button, so if you
go past the thing that you want it’s hard to go back. So you have to
cycle through the whole thing. I would have liked maybe two buttons,
just to go forward and back in case you go over one. One thing that
I really liked about this whole build is this screwdriver.
be quiet! actually includes this very long neck magnetic screwdriver
with their CPU cooler, and it made a lot of things
a lot easier. So, this is going to be a screwdriver
that I now have in my kit. Anyways, it looks great,
let’s go see how well it performs. As usual, we’ll start with a 3DMark Time
Spy Benchmark, which we scored a 7369. For comparison, the 1070 Ti build
I did score a 6822, making the RTX 2060 card roughly
15% to 19% faster. And 3DMark’s Raytracing Benchmark
Port Royal is finally out, and we scored a 3632 there. Now as for video games, we’ll be testing
1080p and 1440p performance. In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at 1080p
and on high graphics settings,
Now as for video games, we’ll be testing
1080p and 1440p performance. In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at 1080p
and on high graphics settings, we got about 72 frames per second,
and bringing it up to 1440p still on high settings,
we got 60 FPS. Shadow of the Tombraider at 1080p on high
settings, we hit 89 frames per second. And at 1440p also on high settings,
we hit 70 frames per second. Over in Far Cry 5 at 1080p
on high settings, we got an average
of 88 frames per second. And when we switched to 1440p on the same
settings, we got an average of 73 FPS. Now I did a few tests in Battlefield V,
first two was with Raytracing on. At 1080p on high settings,
we got an average between 55 and 60
frames per second. Pumping it up to 1440p on medium settings,
we hovered around the mid 50s. You should all keep in mind though that
once DLSS comes out for Battlefield V, we should see a noticeable increase
in framerate with RTX on. Now with Raytracing off,
at 1080p on high settings, we got between 110
and 120 frames per second. And when we crank it up
to 1440p on high settings, we’re seeing consistent 90
to 100+ frames per second. Well, there it is. If you guys
have any other ideas for builds, leave them in the comments
down below. And while you’re down there,
hit that subscribe button. We’ll see you for the next one.

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  1. Hello Sir , you are doing great job , need a GPU for Deep Learning , its very compute heavy on my own laptop , Thanks.

  2. Im currently using an alienware 17R3 with a gtx 970M and 6700HQ….Ive been planning my first build with an AMD CPU /Nivdia RTX GPU….this is filling in some blanks…

  3. I'd like to win one because I'm playing at a radeon graphic card it's not that bad but i cant play without lag at my favorite games in 1980 resolution.If i pick 1980 resolution at better games where need to have better graphic card there will be like 30 fps.Thats why i need that card.I will be very happy if i win one.

  4. I'm pretty much convinced on getting the rtx 2060 but which processor would be better? 2600? 2600x? Or even higher

  5. i wish i could have a graphics card like that for my self cause i dont really have a graphics card in my life cause its too expensive for us to buy and my pc is too old like 10 years of age xd i wish i could get that for my pc

    I really love your videos nvidia geforce keep it up <3 Advance! #Congratulations to the 10 winners !

  6. My concern and selling point is the rendering/streaming capabilities. Would an upgrade to the ryzen 7 2700 be worth the extra 100$ investment, knowing I will be focusing on generating content with the machine?

  7. In real life and the budget we all seem to be straddled with, some pretty good gaming systems can be done on that budget (hello RTX 2060). I do however, still spend early mornings and evenings hunting the elusive RTX 2080 Ti. I thought I saw one last week but it turned out to be a GTX 1080, still good but not as tasty.

  8. i wanna win give away cause i dont have any graphics card and i want one
    :).but pretty sure i won't win one :(. good luck guys liked the video
    anyway :).

  9. Honestly these videos make pc building look too easy. I have only managed to watch a friend building his and it was painful to watch

  10. An open lie being sold about RTX 2060, according to the announced pricing of the card, RTX 2060 should be roughly around Rs.25000 in India, but we here are being charged minimum Rs.45000 for the same, y fool us Nvidia, or is it that you aren't aware of what your subsidiaries are upto, anyways it's pathetic either way, nowadays it's just about fooling people and making money, that's all that matters, not customer happiness or satisfaction.
    It's the same story for other cards as well, priced 3 or 4 times more than the anounced market rate.

  11. Why didnt you with the i5 9400f? Wouldn't the 9400f give more fps in games? I get that the 2600 is better for multitasking, but if you just care about gaming, why not the 9400f?

  12. Man. I'll get a rtx 2060 in a few days… and i want to ask if it will be ok if I use a 6+2 pin power on it? I don't have a 8 pin on my PSU for the GPU.

  13. Got a prebuilt desktop with the same specs, a huge upgrade over the Acer Nitro 5 laptop (GTX 1050 Ti, i5 Core @2.4 GHz, same 16gb or RAM.)

  14. Hey I bought a evga 450w bronze and I also plan on getting these parts would it be enough for the stock/oc thanks in advance

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