Georgia Officer Resigns After Dragging 65-Year-Old Black Woman From Car | NBC Nightly News

Georgia Officer Resigns After Dragging 65-Year-Old Black Woman From Car | NBC Nightly News

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  1. It’s always someone that says something about the video being edited like something actually would justify any male to be physically abusive, verbally disrespectful and mistreatment of a elderly woman. I don’t care what she said or wouldn’t do. The truth is in most states it’s not a criminal action if the individual refuses to sign a citation or summons. This is part of the reason for police units with cameras and police audio mics. Furthermore it’s the professional responsibility of a law enforcement officer to keep the entire event from escalating to the point of physical violence. I guarantee if one of these badge bullies would have stopped for a moment and reset with professionalism, stopped the other cowards from walking around like thugs and one person explain to this woman with professional, integrity and respect this woman would have finished and everything would have been resolved. Everything escalated when that loud coward comes up. You can see his mentality in his posture. How about calling every local governmental and state legislature to get them to reverse this loophole allowing the corrupt badge cowards to resign from the police so that the criminal charges can’t be prosecuted against them once they are no longer a cop, only CAPTIAL crimes or class A felonies can follow the cowards. Also if they resign there file is sealed and they can go get rehired in a different city or state without the new police department ever knowing the truth. That’s pathetic.

  2. If you or I push a elderly person in a way to cause physical harm or aggression. That is a felony assault against the elderly. Definitely multiple Misdemeanor assault with a potential for elevation of punishment without a reduction in punishment by the law.

  3. Can you believe how scared that old black woman was. Remember she grew up probably seeing the KKK and even someone lynched? Maybe she thought that was what was going to happen to her and that's why she was screaming so much in utter terror.

  4. i bet this old woman thought all cops are heroes and are good, think again miss. videos are filtering bad cops out the system but not fast enough this pig just happen to get caught and yes he was force to resign because this way this maggot x-cop could apply for the same job in another county. senior citizens beware he will be back! .

  5. That cop did NOTHING wrong here!! She swerved into another lane for gods sake!! At her age she should know better than to refuse to sign the ticket and demand a supervisor is called! NONE of that should have happened, and if she would have acted mature, signed the ticket, thanked the officer for keeping her and others safe, safely drove away and fight the ticket in court.

  6. When will people realize that any police internal investigation is nonsense? Nothing good comes from them investigating themselves. And by the way, they never tell you the punishment in the unlikely event someone is slapped on the wrist.

  7. Our taxes dollars at work!!! Not only are we letting them get away with committing violent crimes, talking to us like we are less than human, and even murder, by hiding behind the law, we are paying then to treat us this way. Can someone please tell them it's the year 2018? Can we try to tolerate each other? The few bad apples makes me not want to respect, let alone trust anyone in uniform, especially in regards to my well being.

  8. If this was one of my family's members there would be multiple dead pigs.The most high is against injustice so am I.The devil is being exposed.Let so many devil's devil that their blood create an ocean.

  9. How dare they scare grandma….realize her roots and the reality of what her grandmother and family way back went through among the slavery days….. ignorance sure does breeds ignorance (and exposure!)

  10. Don't worry, this officer may have resigned but we will hear about him again when he kills an innocent man because another Police department "will" hire him.

  11. Nothing new here. It's the same in all southern states. It will never change. You are dealing with a bunch of inbreds from a limited genetic pool

  12. Folks if it wasn't on camera the police would use the same fabricated lies & conjecture to justify their wicked agenda, which is common knowledge when it comes to blacks, Hispanics & other minorities. The courts have given these thugs in uniform the opportunity to carry on with impunity whenever they deem it necessary. THEY SHOULD BE VETTED & PSYCHOLOGiCALLY EVALUATED TO SEE IF THEY ARE FIT & COMPETENT TO CARRY OUT A JOB OF THIS NATURE !!! considering that a lot of them are suffering from intoxication of power, not to mention suffering from delusions of grandeur !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Reguardless of the color of someone's skin . no senior citizen should endure that kind of punishment.That cop doesn't even care about his actions i bet he wouldn't like it if it happened to his family.

  14. People who are mentally ill shouldn't treat other's the way they want to be treated, that needs to be a stipulation to the golden rule. Poor lady, that's disgusting.

  15. Another cop lying to get ticket revenue. Then you called him out on it. And that’s a big crime in America.

    Questioning While Black.

  16. There is a real reason why police are not punished and it has nothing to do with guilt.

  17. The cops have tased an 80+ year old woman, because she didn’t want to leave her house to move into a nursing home.

    They claimed the 80+ YEAR OLD WIDOWED WOMAN charged at them in a threatening way which justified the use of the taser.

    That could be your mom, your grandmother, or even you as time goes by. Eventually, we will be at the mercy of someone else during our life. So FR, let’s treat each other right🖤

  18. Every last one of them cops should be fired. Not one of them intervened and said you are being a bit aggressive. They all probably laughed off of taking down a 65 year black woman. This is a disgrace, and they shouldn't call themselves MEN.

  19. The officer was right about one thing, an that is that HE WAS TRAINED that way.
    Maybe it's time to train our officer's to pick an choose of whom really deserve such treatment.

  20. wow she gets special treatment. follow what they say or get dragged out! like shes never heard a cus word before my god

  21. Talk about China and Russia the American police probally worst in the world for this type of behavour and no education on fundemental law shame on you disgrace in setting a standard to the free world

  22. So the police chief tells him, just resign, just to satisfy the public,……… don't worry, we will employ you again elsewhere

  23. The most disturbing part is that the offending officer sees nothing wrong with how he handled the situation except the use of profanity. That’s definitely somebody’s grandma/great grandma maybe even great great grandma. Clearly and old woman though.

  24. Sigh…. grandma could have broke a hip! They would be dead if that was my grandmother. My uncle is crazy! He will not play with you over his mother. They got the right one because they still breathing!

  25. Y’all need to watch the whole clip. She was acting poorly. She should’ve simply signed the ticket and gone on her way

  26. So he claims he acted appropriately as he was trained. Really? When someone acting in that manner is not really too stabled. But he dedends himself after he cowardly resigns instead of taking his punishment like a man. His mouth was way too big for his brains.

  27. “Treat others how you would like to be treated”????
    Maybe you should have treated the officer with the same respect.
    He asked you to sign the ticket.
    You refused.
    Signing the ticket means you will show up to court.
    Don’t sign it, you then will be arrested. You then resisted arrest and he needed other cops there to make sure you didn’t act a fool which you did anyway. My grandmother would have respected authority, signed the ticket and went on her way to fight it in court. Not on the streets playing your bait game.
    Oh I’m black. Someone help me.
    So pathetic!! So sick of the same booboo bs!

  28. You don't man handle no grandma. And it doesn't take 5 backup cops to arrest a elderly woman who could have been issued a warning or a ticket and sent home.

  29. Here's the issue.. when a police officer resigns, that officer cam then go to another dept. For hire… the officer resigned, wasn't fired.. fired officers likely will not be hired , bcuz fired for cause… a resigning officer was never fired no barrier to prevent hire somewhere else.. to do this to someone else.. this is a hot head cop who is in the wrong profession.. this is the type of cop who will end up in criminal court due to assault or murder while on duty. Hot head thug with a badge and a government issues gun

  30. If anyone would have done this to my mother or grandmother they would be dead Point Blank no matter if they have a badge or not

  31. You need to come out of the car if a cop tells you to. The woman was in the wrong at first for not signing the ticket and not coming out. The officer shouldnt have used profanity on her but other than that it was fine.

  32. It's so crazy that they give him the opportunity to resign, that way he can just be rehired from another department, and the fact he believes he did nothing wrong shows his mindset.

  33. F*** that grandma pity party.. they should have beaten her to a nice, frothy pulp. ENTITLED RACIST AFROGYNA

  34. That old woman should be utterly ashamed of herself. What a disgrace to the older generation. Lady practice what you preach, treat the cops with respect and you'll get respect on return. Shame on you!

  35. My grandpa was a police officer back in the day, and growing up I wanted to be just like him! But now that I’m older and have witnessed first hand the way some officers can act and treat people it makes me sick and I don’t want anything to do with them, I used to have faith and feel safe around them, now I just see the bad.. Smh

  36. Wow. They all should be fired because they stood by and allowed it. If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  37. She quotes an old saying describing how to treat people so why didn’t she treat those officers the way she would have wanted to be treated during that vehicle stop???

  38. Why she screaming..police wont attack without any reason…if they ask any questions answer it and follow what they say…I don't know why all the african American women keep on defending..and make sound..

  39. The defending tendency is more prone in black women…They won't listen what the cop is saying…some white women are more poisonous than king kobra in Blacks are agressive but not poisonous. Inorder to run a country in good condition the people should wipe the racist mentality first….

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