Germany: Knight Rider fan turns car into cult classic ‘KITT’

Germany: Knight Rider fan turns car into cult classic ‘KITT’

Go on anyway. A friendly wish. Obviously, there are things I have to live with. The most interesting things about my car are the rope winch, the laser, the fire extinguisher, the working printer, the breathing apparatus inside, the oil sprayer, the fog machine and the turbo booster. Put on oil sprayer.

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  1. Sonny, Mamma is most interested in the plate switching apparatus. Mamma is always in a hurry and any help she can get evading the cops will be helpful. That is all.

  2. He said he had also installed a turbo boost system. He showed all other things, but not this main thing. How possibly could it work, if it even do?

  3. este hombre no es con quien Marti Mcfly corre al final de regreo al futuro 3???? siiiiii es Douglas J. Needles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Super gemacht, nur die Armature ist etwas schlecht zusammen geklebt, sieht zumindest so aus, aber ansonsten toll gemacht🇺🇸👍🏽

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