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  1. Jesus I'm glad I didn't have little girls! Those kids was kinda rude if you ask me! Excuse you!!! I wanted to slap that kid

  2. Thank you for teaching everyone here who wouldn’t be able to learn about snakes. Your the bob ross of today 🙂

  3. Still would like to see longer better shots of the hatched baby snakes. I guess more close ups and maybe as you are talking about the different genes point them out on the snakes in the close ups.

  4. Was an amazing time at The Reptarium! Thanks for doing such great things like showing Crawl and having Savannah come for a visit.

  5. My four year old granddaughter would totally love you animals. She has a fascination with reptiles, specially snakes.

  6. I really wish I could travel to the reptarium, but I’m only 15 and live in New Hampshire so it’s hard for me to travel. 😫

  7. Have you guys ever thought about showing off the babies you've hatched in previous videos? I think it'd be so cool to get a real good look at them after. Maybe it'd be something fun for you to do while you're not cutting eggs? You just seem to really enjoy it. And I personally love seeing all the different colors and patterns.

  8. Awesome as always. And Savannah is always amazing,can watch and listen to her all day. I usually have your kind of energy and slow days are actually harder than work days. You both make me want to just do something. Again,great vid and keep it up!

  9. I'm totally grayscale color blind so I could not see the colors on my snakes but I still love them all the same and that appreciation started the day I started watching your videos 2 years ago

  10. If you wanna own reptiles don't take medication.
    My psychiatrist told me my whole collection will die.
    So that's what happens if you take meds.
    So do not take them

  11. I love snakes. I have 2 ball pythons. I would love to have a Tegu like Taz, but, my husband, Brian, thinks I'm already crazy. Plus I'm pretty sure it would outlive me! Thank you, Brian, for your vlog.

  12. Brian I handled my first venomous snake the other day (water moccasin) I’m striving to have something like the reptarium when I grow up I’m starting off next breeding season anyway thanks for the videos keep it up

  13. Hey Brian! I’m Madison. I’m planning on getting my first ball python! I’m not looking to spend a TON of money on the snake, but I was wondering where I should get it. Would morphmarket be a good choice? What is your opinion on morphmarket?

  14. Hi idol you really inspire me by your vids and can i have a request can u make a vlog on how to make ur incubator for gecko eggs

  15. How funny. My name is Maria, my fiancé’s name is mike and I only ever wear black and he’s tall and blonde…. 👀👀👀

  16. Savannah: I went straight to the alligators swung there door open and they where all like ROAR!!
    Alligators: it was not a roar it was a REEER

  17. My dream is to visit your Reptarium. Just to go see you it would be like 500 dollars but it would be so worth it. I’m currently saving money, hopefully I get to go next year.

  18. So I’m just replying to everyone talking about the child’s “attitude” towards Savannah. I don’t think she was being rude. For instance- my stepdaughter came home from school upset and her teacher had hurt her feelings. The teacher was saying “I can’t believe everyone got that question right,” when my stepdaughter spoke up and said “everyone didn’t get it right. ____ and ____ missed that question.” Her teacher immediately scolded her and said “I can’t believe you would say that, Cheyenne. Why would you put them on blast like that?” in front of the entire class. Cheyenne (she’s 10) had no idea why she had gotten in trouble, or what her teacher meant by that comment. All she knew was she was treated like she had done something wrong and that her teacher was very upset with her. I explained to Cheyenne that we should never point out others flaws, especially by name & that it would hurt her feelings & embarrass her if someone had said that about her. In her 10 year old mind, she was being literally correct. Some people are just very literal. And kids need to be spoken to in a way that they can understand it. So shame on everyone for talking about this little girl, who could & probably will see this and have her feelings hurt. They aren’t old enough to know what is socially acceptable to say & what could be perceived as rude.

  19. Hey Brian another great video just curious was that crawl movie any good and by the way I love all your animals you always bring positivity to my day and I appreciate it keep up the good work

  20. Savannah truly is a lovely person – I was sticking up for her on Instagram because someone was being really rude about her on a video comments section and she actually took the time and effort to private message me and say thank you. Such a sweetheart and I love seeing her pop up in Brian's vlogs 😊😘

  21. I watch almost all videos and love your chanel . But youshouldn't have music playing throughout your vid. Maybe just intro.and turn it down please if you have head phones it blast your ear drums.

  22. Good Looking "Blond Girl",,, She's Kind of Cute… Not Like That "Ant Eater" That Is Usually On This Channel,,,, "The Ant Eater" Could Scare Fresh Paint Off The Walls,,, and Scare The "Duckst Off The Pond",,,,, Never To Be Seen Again,,,,

  23. Can you come to South Dakota Sioux Falls and I am in fifth grade currently am and I was wondering if you can come in my school is BVI us

  24. Hi my name is Clay I'm a YouTuber and I do reptiles like you I'm wondering where your place is cuz I live in Florida Sebastian and I'm wondering where you are so I can come there and collab and make a video about the reptiles I'm just new to doing YouTube videos and I my YouTube channel is reptile people alive

  25. Shout out to mike for wearing that 🔥🔥🔥 Canes Jersey!! I’m taking my son to the Canes Red Wings Game on November 7th!! My Mother got us Box Seats!!! 😁 Great Vlog by the way and I Love seeing Savanna and Lori in the the Same VideO 😏 Way to Go B!! ✊Heavy Salute 💯

  26. This vid was wonderful!!! As a fellow reptile lover/service industry employee it was very relatable & would love to see more like this!!! Keep it up and love your work Brian 🙏

  27. My ears are bleeding now. Ouch. Lol that snake trying to escape was kinda funny. I’d like to go to your repterium and play with some snakes. Only problem is I’m in PA and I’m 23. I think I might be a little old for a reptile birthday party.

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