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  1. Kamboja tidak jauh berbeda dengan Indonesia, masih negara berkembang. 5th coment by the way😏😏

  2. That looks like a great trip :). We are planing to go there soon as well. So great inspiration. Thanks.
    When are you guys back in Jogja?

  3. i look out for your video's every Day love Indonesia en been in yogya afew Times goodwill memories God bless you andere all the People you love

  4. Pak Martin forgive me this question has been asked..But why did you guys stay in two different Hotels0r Apartments?I notice the second one was much better suited for a famly.

  5. Pak Martin, I've been watching your videos every day I never miss out your vlogs keep up the great work. ; )

  6. Suasananya sangat nyaman untuk turis berkunjung, tidak crowd, tidak terlalu banyak vendor di jalanan, tidak bising dengan musik … so soothing, dan rest area juga terlihat tertib dan nyaman, definitely on my list for my next visit since I have some fellow Cambodian friends in the US, thanks for sharing.

  7. if i were you, i would like to skip all the trip in phnom penh and directly go to Angkor Wat, nothing interesting enough to see around the city, everything cost by USD which is ridiculously overprice for the souvenir, and the city is such a mess. Go to Vietnam sir, it's much better and cheaper though.

  8. Hi Martin, thanks for the video. Me and my girlfriend are deciding whether to go from Phon Phen to Siam Reap by bus, plane or boat. was the journey by bus comfortable? (i.e. bumpy roads?). we have other experiences in thailand or myanmar where 5-6 hour bus journeys were quite tough. thanks!

  9. wow, hw much does the room cost there in Phnom Penh, the bathrooms showers doesn't have a stall ????
    where all the water go ? thank u for sharing this video…..
    oh,also is it safe ???

  10. Capitol busses and rooms in pp are safe they also offer great rooms very very cheap food to your room if y like and downstairs u can eat very safe to travel with children I take mine stay there first then go other places a lot of buses do crash Capitol all the way πŸ™‚ x

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