Giant Magic Tracks Swimming Pool Bridge Adventure!

– Welcome to Carl and Jinger, where every day is a new day and today we’re doing
something awesome with… – [Child] Magic Tracks! – [Jinger] Magic Tracks! – What if we made a Magic
Tracks bridge across the pool? This is our big looping Magic Tracks. So far so good, here we
go down the pool slide. Here it goes on the final stretch you guys let’s see if it can make it. Oh let’s see if we can
make it all the way! (upbeat music) – [Jinger] Look at this
huge Magic Tracks track!. Kyle! – [Kyle] It might go up. Whoa! (kids talking over each other) – [Ginger] You can do it little car. Give him a little push. Yeah! Alright Kyle, show me how this works. – [Kyle] Go! – [Jinger] Whoa! – It starts off really smoothly, and then it goes like straight
here and then more squiggly. – Here, I’ll make it more squiggly. There we go! – [Child] Squiggles! – [Jinger] Squiggles! That is so cool! – [Child] Yeah – Whoa you guys dug out
all the Magic Tracks? – [Jinger] Yes! Isn’t this awesome!? – It’s really cool. I forgot that we even had this. We have like a whole bin of it. You know what would be awesome? – [Boy In Grey] What? – What if we made a Magic
Tracks bridge across the pool and saw if the Magic Tracks can make it all the way across the water? – Lets connect this track and
try and make it go over there with a bridge, and then onto the pool. – Agreed. Lets do that. Maybe before we attempt to
do the bridge across the pool with the Magic Tracks cars, what we could do is
build an awesome, epic, like track with all of
the pieces put together with some obstacles that we
go over under and around. – Yeah lets do it! – Don’t you think that would be fun? – Lets get maybe like
bring out all the ramps, and like make it huge! – [Carl Lets try to make the track go up and then go like down the slide and everything that we have over here. We could do a lot of
really fun stuff first. We have a lot of Magic Track left that we could build
something awesome with. Are you guys ready to
build an awesome track? – [Group] Yeah! – [Carl] Lets do it! (upbeat music) Is this the last segment of Magic Tracks? – Yep. There we go! – [Carl] We did it. We got our entire Magic
Tracks track set up. This is our big looping Magic Track. So, we have it all set up,
it starts on top of the wall. Goes down the slide, over the ramps, underneath the Power
Wheels, under the bridge, over our RC jump, up over the lawn chair and back up the wall. We’ve got a whole track up here. We’re gonna take a first
person test run, right now. Kyle, we have a whole
bunch of Magic Tracks cars that we got from all of
our Magic Track kits. Do you wanna pick one
out for our big test run? – Yeah. Uh, the police one! – The police car, I like that one. It’s bright blue. Which car would you have choosed? Would you have chosen a
green one, an orange one, or a police car? Tell us down in the comments below, which of the Magic Track
cars you would pick. Kyle, have you got your car
all ready for the test run? – Yeah! – Alright, lets get a countdown. Are we ready? – Yeah. – [Everyone] Three, two, one, go! – [Kyle] Look out it’s going fast! – [Carl] Aw so far so good. Here we go down the pool slide. See if we can make it! (all exclaiming) – [Carl] Here it goes up over the hill! – [Jinger] Whoa it’s doing so good. – It’s so awesome!
– Lookout! – [Jinger] Oh, made it! – Whoo picking up some speed
underneath the Power Wheels. Underneath the bridge. Up over the RC car ramp. Aww it made it, yay! Here it goes up over the pool chair. – Okay is it gonna make it up here? – [Carl] (screams) Can
it do the big climb? – Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! – You got it buddy! Around the, oh no! So close you guys. – It’s stopped. I think this is a little bit
bigger than the other one. – A little bit, maybe. Lets try it one more time. See if we can make it all the way around. – [Jinger] You guys
all chose a car, right? – [Boys] Yeah. – Are you guys ready to race em’? – Yeah.
– Totally. – What colors did you guys get? – So I got green. It’s super cool, like clear you
can see the engine in there. The batteries. – I got red and it has a
kissy face emoji on the front. – [Carl] That looks orange to me. Is that orange or red? – It looks red to me. – I think it’s red. – You’re color blind. Gage is actually color blind. – Don’t. Don’t. – [Jinger] We can’t trust Gage. – Is this orange or red? I see orange. – I see down in the
comments what color it is. – [Jinger] I see red. I’m sorry. – His shirt’s red, but I don’t know. Tell us down in the comments below. That’s funny. Should we do this race? – Yeah!
– Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – [Jinger] Are we ready for the race? – [Boys] Yeah! – [Jinger] Give us a countdown! – [Boys] Three, two, one, go! – Oh no!
– Mine’s not going! – [Carl] Get it! There we go they’re going now. Oh no they’re all bunched up together. Lets see if they can make it. – [All] Oh no! – Mine’s going off the ramp! – [Carl] Oh it’s still goin’. (laughs) – [Jinger] Okay, lets try that again! – Lets try it one more time, and then whether it works or not, we will try to go across
the swimming pool. – [Jinger] Alright, ready
for your second race? – [Boys] Yeah! – [Jinger] Alright let’s give a countdown. – [Boys] Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] Whoa, here goes Kyle’s car. It’s coming around the turn. Oh Gage’s or Luke’s is
catching right up behind it. – [Kyle] Oh man! – [All] Oh! – Wait wait, let’s see. – [Kyle] Wait wait wait. Oh look at that! – The police car is making it. Oh it got hung up. (laughs) they all failed, so I think it’s time that
we set up our bridge across the pool and lets see if we can make it across the swimming pool. This Magic Track, it just clips together. You can see right here how it just like snaps together in
the middle like that. Every little segment comes
apart or fits together so you can customize the
whole thing, however you want. The only problem with that is that when we try to do our Magic
Tracks bridge across the pool, we’re gonna be putting a lot
of tension trying to stretch it across so it doesn’t
sag down in the water. So we have an idea for that. Good old reliable Duck tape. Our plan is that we put
one long strip of Duck Tape on the bottom side of the Magic Tracks so that the Duck Tape can
take up all of the tension. Hopefully this keeps our
track from just popping apart in the middle and the whole
thing falling in the water. That’s the plan anyways. To wish us good luck guys,
don’t forget to subscribe and smash that like button
and turn on notifications if you haven’t already. so you can be part of
our notification squad. We’ve got the Duck Tape almost done. Hopefully this stays
together and actually works. We haven’t had the greatest of luck with these types of
projects in the past. Right? – Oh come on lets be optimistic. (laughing) – I think we’re gonna
have a good chance here. This is like a giant suspension
bridge right now, isn’t it? The Duck Tape is all the
way across the bottom and now I just have to stretch it across, and try not to let it
drop down into the pool. And then we gotta tape
it down on both sides. Here, I’ll show ya what we’re doin here. We got this whole side
taped down really good. I think this is gonna
work because we can attach the bridge right to the bottom there. We can take that and hook it
on and even make it part of our complete track. But so far so good. The whole thing’s holding up great. And now we’re just taping
down the other side. You guys, we’re all ready to go. We have our bridge across the
pool with the Magic Tracks. The cars are all ready. I’m gonna show you guys
what we’ve done here, ’cause it’s really awesome. We have all our Magic
Tracks cars lined up. We have our track, it runs along here. It goes all the same as usual. Down the slide, over the jumps, underneath the Power Wheels ride on car. It’s gonna go under the bridge this time. And then over here, over this jump, up over the pool furniture right here, and then instead of going
back up and around the cone, it’s gonna make a hard right
turn, turn around here. And then we got a long straight stretch over the bridge and then oh my goodness across the swimming pool. You guys think it’s gonna make it? – Yeah! – [Carl] Alright. – It’s gonna be awesome! – [Carl] Let’s do it. – [Jinger] Alright Kyle, are
you ready to start the car for the bridge across the pool? – Yeah – Alright let’s do it! – Alright I’m all ready.
I’m gonna try and keep up. Ready? Three, two, one, go! Oh it’s goin’. I don’t know this green
car doesn’t seem like it’s as fast as the other ones. I’m just goin on a nice
little casual stroll here, but it’s about to pick up speed! (yelling) it made it down the first turn! – Oh my goodness, it’s making it! – Oh it’s top of the… I’m gonna help it just a little bit. There we go. (laughing) – That was so awesome! Whoa! – Underneath the Power Wheel. Here comes our little bridge. It’s goin’ up and over the ramp Woo! Aw yeah! It made it! Here it goes. It’s going up over the patio furniture. Gonna try and make it around
the hard turn to the right. Whoa it made it! Here it goes! It’s gonna make it’s final run. Across the bridge,
across the pool you guys. This is gonna be so cool I can’t believe this! Here it goes over the little bridge. Here it goes across the water! – [Boy] There it goes! There it goes! Oh! – Get it gage, get it! Hurry, you’ve got to dive down. Watch out for the bridge. – I wasn’t able to get it. oh no! – Oh! (laughing) we’re gonna have to try that again. Let’s get another car. – [Jinger] Dive Gage, dive! – [Carl] Oh! Watch out for the bridge! Watch out for the bridge! – [Jinger] Did you rescue our car? The question is, does it still work Gage? (cheering) It’s just It’s just like that – It’s just like that RC
car that’s waterproof. – That’s pretty cool! – Yeah! – So we know that the green
car couldn’t make it across it tipped over right at the very end. So lets try an orange one next. I don’t know, is it orange or is it red? I don’t know, but I picked
this one out special because, listen. (rattling motor) That’s just raw speed and power. (laughing) – [Jinger] Raw speed and power. – Look at that burnout. (laughing) – [Jinger] Are you ready to
try out the orange car Kyle? – Maybe it’s red. (laughing) – Let’s do this. – – [Jinger] Alright let’s do it! – Three, two, on, go! Uh uh… – There we go! There we go! Straight down the pool slide. Here it goes, its gonna
go up the first ramp. Lets see if this one does
better than the green car. Whoa, its coming up and over. So far so good. – Yeah
– Alright! Now its gonna go
underneath the Power Wheels ride on car, under the bridge. We’re coming up on this little ramp here it’s looking good so far. Everything’s going well. Woo! – It’s faster than the green car! – Do you guys think it’s gonna make it? – [Carl] Coming around the banking turn this one’s going a lot
faster then the green car. – Okay, here comes the bridge! – Here it comes! It’s coming across the bridge and then it’s gonna go
across the swimming pool. Can it do better than the green car! Here we go! Let’s find out! – [Boy] Go! Go! Go! Go! – [Carl] Go! Go! Go! Go! (screams) (boys talking at the same time) – Yeah!
– It made it! – It worked. – My dad was right, the
orange car was very fast. – I also saw that Luke was helping balance the track a little bit. So the orange car may be for
the red share the love shirt. We’ll say that this is maybe a red car even though it’s an orange car. Don’t tell anybody. Should we try a police car? – Yeah! – Let’s do a police car and see if we can make
it with that one too. Oh man, it’s like a police chase, right? – [Kyle] Yeah. – [Jinger] The police
cars are my favorite. – These are really cool looking. They look like real police cars, only they’re only little Magic Track toys. Let’s get this one goin’. Let’s get a countdown,
I’ll get this camera the drone flying first person camera goin’ Alright, let’s do this. Ready? Three, two, one, go! There we go. Oh man this one’s goin so much
faster than the other ones. I can’t believe it. Whoa! Spun out off of that turn. Let’s see if we can make it up the hill. Here it goes! Oh, yeah! That’s the real test right there, to see if it can go all the way. Here it goes under the bridge. So far so good, this one is cruisin’. Look how fast this guy is goin’. – Yeah I can’t believe
how fast that’s going. – Yeah. – Smash that like button for
this amazing Magic Track. – [Carl] Yeah! Here it goes on the
final stretch you guys. Let’s see if we can make it! Up over the little miniature bridge. – Here it goes! – Ah! Let’s see if it can make it all the way! Or go a little far, aw no! (laughing) oh it totally didn’t make it. It made it just a little
bit less than half way. But that was an awesome try. – Thank you. – Does it still work? Yep! – [Group] Yeah! – [Jinger] Those little Magic
Track cars are pretty good! – Yeah. – I’m gonna try one final
test to see if this will work on this RC Adventure. Are these considered RC cars? – Um yeah!
– They kind of are. They’re not really remote controlling them but they’re pretty close right? They’re really cool. Let’s do this final attempt
where what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put like
six cars on the track. And we’re gonna see if we
can make it across the pool. All at once, if we send
them at the right timing, and Gage is really good
at balancing the track while swimming in the pool. We might be able to make it across. – Okay guys let’s send these
cars in three, two, one, go! – [Carl] Oh boy, we’re gonna send em. Gage, you gotta help steady the bridge. Lets see if he can do it. Here they, comes the first
car across the bridge. So far so good. So far so good, here they come, oh no! Oh no! They got too close. – [Boy] Oh no! (laughing) – They’re all sinking under the water. – I can’t get ’em.
– Oh no! Oh! No! They’re all down there at the bottom. – No! No! – Thank Magic Tracks. They’re all sunken down
on the bottom of the… – Oh no! (upbeat music) – [Carl] You got em! – Yeah! – Magic Tracks are awesome. Aren’t they guys? We built a bridge across the pool. we had some success. We’ve done a ton of other videos. We’ve even done other
videos with Magic Tracks. So click anywhere on the screen in order to watch one of those, or to subscribe to our channel. And don’t forget to turn
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notification squad, right? – [Boys] Yeah. – Alright you guys, we love you. Thanks so much for hangin’ out with us. and we’ll see you guys next time. – [Boys] Bye!

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